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Daffodil Planting (The Gardener Shadow Mission/Closed)

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
The Courtyard of Syne Academy. It the very first place that potential students and students alike would see upon their entry to the prestigious hunter academy. Due to this, the upkeep of the Courtyard was a main priority as the academy wanted to give a very good first impression to everyone that arrived on campus. As the refection of this, Syne Academy had a lot of staff dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the Courtyard. Among these staff members was a man by the name of Barry Garde. He was somewhat elderly man who had been working at Syne Academy for decades. He was well-known by most students for his jovial demeanor and green thumb. Barry Garde was so well-known for his green thumb that he was put in charge of Syne Academy’s Gardening Staff.

As the Head of the Gardening Staff, Barry Garde was an extremely busy man. His duties include; Giving orders to the other members of his Gardening Staff, managing the Gardening Budget that Syne Academy has granted to his department, and maintaining all the gardens, flowers, and trees that were located in the Courtyard of Syne Academy. Despite of the all the task that were piled upon him, Barry Garde completed them with a jovial smile and a lot of passion. However, the thing that provided Barry Garde the greatest amount of joy was the act of working the land, planting flowers and trees, and the sights of all the beautiful flowers.

It has been a while since Barry Garde had gone out and planted a garden. Due to this, he felt a hankering to get out there and start working in Syne Academy’s gardens. In order to satisfy his hankering, Barry Garde had decided to get out of his desk job, so that he could do what he does best. In addition to this, he had placed a Shadow Mission request on the Shadow Mission Board so that a student could come and learn the art of Gardening. Barry Garde felt that the next generation needed to reconnect with nature, so this would provide him a great opportunity to do so. Instead of working on the garden, Barry Garde waited patiently for a student to arrive.

It didn’t take long before Sakura had arrived at the Courtyard of Syne Academy. She was here to take part in a Shadow Mission that was posted on the Shadow Mission Board. This was the second Shadow Mission she had decided to take this month. Sakura the thoroughly enjoyed the Paladin Patrol Shadow Mission she had done last Saturday, so she decided to take on another Shadow Mission. This time, she was going to meet up with a man by the name of Barry Garde, the Head of the Gardening Staff.

“It has been a while since I helped out in the garden. It has always been and very enjoyable and relaxing pastime. I have always enjoyed the act of plating flowers and trees.” Sakura thought enthusiastically to herself as she approached her mentor for this Shadow Mission. The last time she helped out in a garden was at home where she helped her Mother maintain the garden prior to her leaving to attend Syne Academy.

“Good Morning to you, Sir. I hope that this morning fines you well.” Sakura greeted to her mentor who was sitting on the bench waiting for her. A few moments later, her mentor let out a friendly smile before jovially inviting her to sit down.

“Hmm, it has been a while since I have been called “Sir”. You are quite quaint for a young lady like yourself. Please sit down.” Barry Garde invited. Sakura soon sat down next to her mentor where they introduced themselves. After they had introduced themselves, her mentor handed her a pair of Kevlar work gloves before motioning for her to follow him to one of the very large gardens that was located in the Northwestern part of Syne Academy’s Courtyard. As soon as Sakura and her mentor arrived at the garden in question, they then started planting the Spring flowers that had just arrived at Syne Academy.

“So, Sakura. Where do you come from?” Her mentor asked curiously as he handed her a Daffodil that was still in its flower pot. Sakura then took the Daffodil from her mentor before taking it out of its pot. Before planting it, Sakura then massaged the root area so that some of the dirt could fall off which allowed the roots of the Daffodil to fan out a bit. This trick allowed the flower to spread it roots which meant that it had the ability to absorb more nutrients from the soil around it.

“I live with my family in the Kingdom of Atlas.” Sakura answered politely as she delicately placed the Daffodil into the hole she dug in the soil using her towel. As she did this, her mentor couldn’t help but commented on how skilled that she was in the art of gardening. However, this was not so surprising to her mentor as he could tell that Sakura was from an extremely well-off family due to polite and lady-like demeanor.

“I see. I came from the Kingdom of Vacuo.” Her mentor replied with a jovial smile before speaking. Sakura then smiled which told her mentor that she was listening. After seeing that, her mentor started telling Sakura his story. Sakura listened carefully as her mentor spoke while keeping her concentration on the task at hand. After about a half an hour of work, Sakura had managed to complete her half of the garden. After seeing that her mentor was getting a bit sidetracked with his storytelling, Sakura politely reminded him that he was falling behind in his task.

Her mentor replied with a jovial chuckle before thanking Sakura for reminding him about his task. Sakura then moved over to his part of the garden so that she could help him catch it. With Sakura’s help, they had managed to complete planting all the Daffodils in the garden. After finishing their task, her mentor handed her a water bottle to drink.

“You have done extremely well, Sakura. I haven’t seen a teenager with such skill in gardening in such a long time.” Her mentor commented with a jovial smile. To him, Sakura had a natural green thumb that rivaled his.

“I greatly appreciate the compliment, Sir.” Sakura replied politely to her mentor’s compliment. She was always the type who always tried her best in everything she does.

“I see.” Her mentor replied with a smile. Sakura and her mentor then spent some time talking about the passion for gardening. After about an hour of talking, Sakura kindly excused herself as she had plans for the rest of the day. As Sakura walked away, Barry Garde looked at his mentee once more before heading back to his office so that he could finish up some paperwork.

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