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The Deactivated Sentry Bot (Mechanic Practice Major Mission/Closed)

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
Robotics. A field that Sakura had been wanting to try her hand at for a long time now. Sakura had always have had a fascination with technology and robotics ever since she was a kid. This was to be expected as her family did run one of the most advanced technology companies in the world. It would be quite natural for Sakura to take an interest in technology and robotics due to this upbringing. In addition to this, this was also the reason why Sakura decided to attend Syne Academy as a Technology Major. She wanted to learn the ins and outs of technology, so that she could help her parents’ company, Caledfwlch Techniques.

As part of the Syne Academy’s curriculum, there were special missions called which were called Major Missions. These missions were assigned so that the students of the academy could pick up some experience outside a classroom setting. Usually, these Majors Mission were not Major specific, so anyone in any major could take any of the Major Missions. Sakura had looked at the Major Mission Board and had decided to take the Mechanics Practice Major Mission. The objective of this mission was to program a simple robot. Sakura was quite excited to be able to learn program a robot. However, she had only basic knowledge of robot programming.

“It would be a wise idea to do some research on the matter.” Sakura thought quietly to herself as she entered the Library of Syne Academy. It was a rather large library which housed thousands and thousands of books which covered almost ever known subject. Sakura was not completely sure where to started looking due to the sheer size of the library. Instead of roaming around the library, Sakura decided to walk up to the Front Desk where the Head Librarian was currently checking out books for some of Sakura’s fellow students. Sakura decided to wait a little bit before approaching the Head Librarian.

“Good Morning. How can I help you?” The Head Librarian greeted with a friendly smile. Sakura couldn’t help but noticed that she was quite young. To be exact, she didn’t look much older than herself. Sakura then introduced herself before explaining to the Head Librarian that she was looking for books relating to programing and Robotics. The Head Librarian listened carefully to Sakura before speaking with a rathe enthusiastic smile on her face.

“Well, Sakura. Please follow me.” The Head Librarian instructed as she got up and walked towards the middle part of the library. Soon after, Sakura was led to a sparsely crowded section which held all the programming and robotics related books were held.

“Here you go, Sakura. If you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask me at the Front Desk.” The Head Librarian spoke calmly before heading back to the front desk. This left Sakura alone at the section. After taking a few minutes to get her bearings, Sakura started looking through all the books that were in the shelves.

“These books are all quite interesting.” Sakura thought quietly to herself as she scanned though the books. After looking through all the books, Sakura picked fived large books where focused on robotics programming and their numerous applications. After selecting the books, Sakura then sat down and began reading them carefully. As she read through these books, Sakura took long and detailed notes in the notebook she had carried with her. After about an hour or so, Sakura had completed taking her notes and scanning through the books that she had chosen. She then stood up and walked over to the front desk where the Head Librarian checked out the books for Sakura. The Head Librarian then told Sakura that all checked out book should be returned on the same day next week.

After leaving the Library, Sakura then head to the Workshop/Garage which was located near the Dormitory. This building was the place where all the Tech Majors could work on various projects without causing any problems for everyone who lived in the Dorms. These Workshops/Garages were well equipped with all the equipment necessary to repair and maintain almost anything. Among all the equipment installed, were a Programming Station that Tech Majors could use to practice their programming skills.

“It looks like the Programming Station has been neglected.” Sakura commented to herself as she walked up to the Programming Station. It was more or less covered in dust. This told Sakura that it hadn’t been used in quite a long time. After approaching the Programming Station, Sakura then cleaned up all the dust off the Programming Station before taking one of the Data pads from one of the racks on the Programming Station. After doing so, Sakura then turned the Data pad on. A

After turning it on, Sakura then went through the tutorial for the Programming Station. This tutorial showed her the basics of using the Data pad and Programming Station. Sakura then breezed through the tutorial with relative ease. After completing the tutorial, Sakura was then prompted to register the Data pad she was using under her name. After thinking about it for a bit, she then decided to register the Data Pad under her name after confirming that it would allow her to use the Programming Station as long as she was a student of Syne Academy. Soon after, Sakura then started working on a practice operating system which she could use in one of the test robot which was located in the Workshop/Garage.

While Sakura was busy working on the robotics operating system, she saw a rather young man who was dressed the Light Blue uniform of BPS or Bellmuse Parcel Services. Bellmuse Parcel Services was the largest shipping and delivery company which is extremely well-known worldwide. This was an indication that someone had sent her a package of some sort.

“Excuse me, Ma’am. Are you Sakura A. Brynhildr?” The young man asked in a polite fashion as Sakura walked up to him. Standing behind him was an extremely large wooden crate which was about 7 feet tall. Sakura was somewhat surprised to see this. She also felt sorry for the young man for having to deal with a package that large.

“Good Morning to you. Indeed, I am Sakura A. Brynhildr.” Sakura replied politely. The Courier responded with a smile before asking her to sign for the package.

“It is nice to meet you, Miss Sakura. I have a package for you. Would you please sign here on my data pad?” The Courier asked politely as he hand Sakura the data pad. Sakura then took the data pad before signing her name. After confirming that the package was signed for, the Courier then handed Sakura a brown envelope which had a stick figure drawing of two people and a badly drawn rose on it. After seeing this drawing, Sakura couldn’t help giggle in a very lady-like fashion. She had instantly recognized the horrible drawing as her older sister’s, Rosalia. Rosalia wasn’t the best artist in the family but she made up for it with her photography skills. Despite of this, Sakura found this extremely endearing. To be honest, she couldn’t have wished for better sisters than Violet and Rosalia.

“Pardon me. I should be on my way now.” The Courier spoke respectfully after handing Sakura the enveloped. He had successfully delivered his package, so he should be on his way. After this delivery, he had to do a loop around Bellmuse before returning home for the day. Soon after, the Courier turned around and walked away from the Workshop/Garage. This soon left Sakura alone with the large crate.

After waiting for the Courier to leave, Sakura then opened the brown envelope that she received from her older sister, Rosalia. Inside the envelope was a large pile of photos that Rosalia had taken during her adventures. Sakura began looking through them with a smile. She was always happy to see all the pictures that Rosalia sent her. However, Sakura’s interest was soon drawn to the letter that came with the photos.

“Hmm… Rosalia also sent me a letter along with the photos. This is rather unusual thing for her to do.” Sakura thought quietly to herself. She knew her older sister extremely well. Rosalia wasn’t the type to write long letters. Sakura began reading the letter with this fact in mind.

According to the letter, Rosalia was currently in the Kingdom of Mistral. She was greatly enjoying the culture and the people over there. The letter then went on to describe all the experiences that Rosalia had in Mistral. After reading this part of the letter, Sakura thought about visiting Mistral one of these days.

The second half of the letter caught Sakura’s attention as it was directly related to the large crate that Sakura had moved into the garage. This part of Rosalia’s letter told Sakura that the crate contained a deactivated SB-9999 Series Sentry Bot. Sakura instantly recognized this model of Sentry. The SB-9999 Series Sentry Bots were a series of Sentry Bots designed by the Atlas Military with some assistance from Caledfwlch Techniques. A surprised look appeared on Sakura’s face as she put the letter down and used a crowbar to open the front part of the crate.

Inside the crate was a six-foot-tall robot which had three legs which end in metallic wheels, two arms which were equipped with two miniguns and a set of two cluster missile launchers in its back weapons mounts. It was mostly painted a Jet-Black color. After seeing this, Sakura had a rather surprised expression on her face. Sakura had always wanted to program a Sentry Bot.

However, Sakura was a bit concerned about the fact that this Sentry Bot was still armed with it standard weaponry. Due to this concern, Sakura started checking every weapon on the Sentry Bot to make sure that they weren’t loaded. Luckily for her, all the weapons were empty and not loaded. Sakura let out a big sigh of relief after confirming that all the weapons on the Sentry Bot were empty. Sakura was a bit apprehensive about being around a heavily armed robot. However, the deactivated Sentry Bot provided her with an opportunity to practice her programming skills.

“Okay… It is time to get started.” Sakura thought to herself as she plugged the data link cable from the Data Pad to the Sentry Bot. A few moments later, the Data Pad booted up before giving Sakura three options. These options included; Reactivate Robot, Boot Robot OS (Safe Mode), Run Error Test. After thinking about it for a bit, Sakura decided to run the Error Test to see if there were any issues with the Sentry Bot.

After selecting the Run Error Test option, the display on the Data pad flickered for a bit before green binary code started scrolling from the bottom to the top of the screen. After a few moments, this scrolling code disappeared before a list of errors appeared on the data pad. Many of these errors were critical system errors which could have led to it deactivation.

“Oh, my. This Sentry bot has been running on a severely corrupted Operating System.” Sakura commented to herself as she handed back to her dorm room where she retrieved her laptop. After getting her laptop, Sakura returned to the Workshop/Garage where she plugged it in. Soon after this, Sakura turned on her laptop. She then scrolled over with her mouse and clicked on the Advanced Robotics Programing Suite.

“Okay, the next step is to run the Error Diagnostic Program.” Sakura commented to herself as she ran the program. After a few moments, a full detailed report on all the errors appeared on the screen. Sakura quickly scanned through this report and she soon got the impression that someone had tried to hack the OS of this Sentry Bot. However, whoever did the hacking did an extremely horrible job of it. The hacker had corrupted the activation routine for the Sentry Bot which led to its currently disactivated state.

“The best course of action would be to entirely wipe the Sentry Bot’s OS and rewrite it from there.” Sakura thought to herself as she opened up the Command Window via ARPS on her laptop before typing in the command /System Wipe. Sakura the pressed “Enter” which caused the command to run. Soon after, the data code began scrolling up and down the screen of her laptop and the data pad before turning black. Once this was done, Sakura then started the long process of reprograming the Sentry Bot from the ground up.

“Alright. I think this new OS should work.” Sakura commented after about four hours’ worth of work. The books that she had extremely helpful to her. Without them, she would have taken a lot longer to reprogram the Sentry Bot. After completing this task, Sakura then rebooted the Sentry Bot’s OS before setting it to Run in Safe Mode as a security precaution.

“Sentry Bot systems: Reinitializing. All Systems: Green.” The Sentry Bot reported in a loud robotic voice. Sakura checked the status monitors on both the data pad and on her Laptop. After confirming that the program was working fine. Sakura then programmed a test route for which it would follow. After doing this, she rebooted the Sentry Bot and switched its OS to Standard Mode.

“Patrol Mode: Engaged.” The Sentry Bot reported in it robotic voice before it began slowly following the programming that Sakura ha programmed. Currently, it was working fine. However, Sakura decided to let the robot run the route a couple of more times. After the test was completed, the Sentry Bot returned to the Workshop/Garage. After seeing this, Sakura let out a proud smile as she had successfully programmed a robot on her own.

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