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All the Fools Sailed Away (Shadow Mission)

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1 All the Fools Sailed Away (Shadow Mission) on Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:45 pm

Rika Titania
Sunshine and sea breeze. This is what would greet someone at Kompress Beach within the country of Bellmuse. The beach had its own dock and harbor and one would notice a familiar site in the form of a certain Cruise ship which frequently found itself in this harbor. Rika looked over the ship, and the name on its side before looking back to her scroll to check if the name was correct. The ship wouldn’t be leaving for a couple hours yet, set to depart at noon and return at midnight, but Rika had been asked to come early by the man she was supposed to be shadowing. There was a rope over the entrance, obviously meant to signify the ship was currently being prepared before guests could arrive.

Unfortunately, the man must have been busy, and as such Rika decided to just go ahead and go up to the main deck of the ship. She could hear someone moving around the upper deck, and figured she’d take a few minutes to explore. She walked over to the main outdoor area where was a pool as well as an outdoor area for food and refreshment. Several chairs and the like as well. She could see the upper deck from here, which included a shmancy looking area likely meant for formal occasions.

Rika walked over to the side of the ship, looking out at the sea with amazement. She’d only seen it a few times, having not lived near the coast during her childhood, and still being a relative newcomer to the island of Bellmuse. A sudden sound caused the redhead to jump, nearly over the railing in fact as somebody cleared their throat behind her, someone who should not have been there at all. The redhead’s arms shot out to grab the railing and a hand met them, catching her and pulling her back onto the main deck.

The man standing there had a mop in one hand, showing that he’d been cleaning…But Rika distinctly remembered hearing someone above deck, and the description of this said that the captain was the only one onboard usually. He had a sleep mask on his forehead, and appeared to be wearing some somewhat fancy clothes, with a vest and tie. “Sorry, you wouldn’t be the first to fall overboard though.” He said, going back to his cleaning after Rika was safely back on deck. She blinked, wondering if this was the right guy. “Er…cap’n Briggs?””

The man didn’t even turn to her, though he did continue to recount the story. “One time I had a couple, the man fell over first, drank too much, but he’d pulled his wife off with him, both were livid when I pulled them out. All red-faced and shouting.” The man continued to drone on a few seconds longer before answering the Redhead’s question. “Yes, I’m the captain, I assume you’re from the academy.” The man continued to clean as he spoke, seemingly doing so automatically. The man then began explaining what was expected, and a few hours later the cruise had started. Rika had primarily been tasked with keeping the guests happy, solving problems and taking drink orders when necessary. She couldn’t mix the drinks, since the captain had said she was too young for that but delivering them was a different story.

She’d been given a uniform, to better be flagged down for concerns of the passengers. As it stood however she wasn’t really needed much at first, except to help an old guy get up the ramp to the ship, and a few other minor issues. The captain had explained, while doing some other task that normally there would also be luggage to help with, but as their journey was a short one around the island, this was not the case. A few hours later however, Rika had found herself much busier, as the guests began to start ordering food and drinks. Captain Briggs watched from the bar as the pigtailed girl balanced a tray on either hand with drinks, a separate try of food stuffs balanced precariously on her head. The pigtailed girl wasn’t too hampered by this, and apparently her decision to multitask had gotten Captain Briggs approval, as he had smiled when he’d seen her, just as she’d been leaving the bar area. She offered the drinks to the people in attendance, a notepad clutched in her teeth, so she could continue taking orders. the pigtailed girl didn’t know how she’d do that without her hands, but she would figure it out somehow!

A man called out to her, wanting her to take his drink order, and only for Rika to get distracted by other things she needed to do, and didn’t notice, Eventually the guy got impatient and grabbed the faunus’ tail. Rika spun around at the sudden tug, glaring at the man. “Whatdja do that?” She asked annoyed, having been busy. The man didn’t seem to notice her annoyance at this and instead just went on. “I’ve been waiting for my drink for twenty minutes!” He demanded, annoyed. Rika frowned at him. “Maybe if ya weren’t such a jerk.” Before she could say anything else however a hand seemed to appear on her shoulder, pulling the redheaded faunus away before she could say anything else, apparently Captain Briggs was handling the situation and she found herself in the bridge of the ship. Captain Briggs sat in the pilot’s chair, operating the ship by doing things the pigtailed girl didn’t understand at all. This didn’t stop him from talking to her however. “Sometimes it’s best not to say anything…I recall there was a wedding here once, the groom was a real talker, and ended up causing the whole event to be canceled, apparently insulted the bride’s father. The point is, sometimes it’s better NOT to say what’s on your mind.” The captain hadn’t even turned from his work…and while Rika didn’t completely get it, she did know she’d messed up. The captain didn’t hold it against her however, and merely continued working, eventually showing her the basics of operating the ship.

The Pigtailed girl really didn’t have any reference for the more complex operations, and the captain kept disappearing and reappearing to check on her progress and help run the ship. The rest of their time going by without incident.

The two found themselves standing on the deck after docking, with Rika still thinking on the earlier incident as well as the captain’s words. “So…. guess I’ll be seein’ ya then.” She said, feeling a bit awkward. The pigtailed girl always found goodbyes awkward, not having much experience with them. “Perhaps next time you’ll come as a guest?” The captain responded, still working on cleaning up, the guy didn’t even seem to ever stop working strangely enough. Regardless, Rika nodded before going on her way.

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