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Of fire and swords [Open]

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1 Of fire and swords [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:22 am


Crux stood in the middle of a training hall. Staring down a dummy with those cold and intimidating eyes of her. The thump came from the butt of the axe smacking against the metal tiling. She pulled the weapon up again, holding it close to her chest. And slowly moving up to the dummy, predatorially slow, even. There was a moment when the clunking of her armour ceased, a soft wave of flame travelling across her arms. Before she charged forward with an overhead strike, feinting it and going for a sidewards strike.

Before pulling the strike and moving in a shoulderbash. Which was once again feinted as she turned on her feet to smack the dummy in the face with her elbow. Continuining the momentum to get a knee in before trudging backwards.

And once again, she closed the gap towards the dummy with a swift dash, before raising the axe again to deliver a massive overhead blow, before once again feinting into a swift strike with the polearm. It was then shemoved in range again, slamming the shaft of her axe against the dummy's chest. Before once again backing off. If this dummy was an actual person, the concussive force would've been enough to kill. Though Crux was intent on practicing feints and controlling the tremendous weight of her axe. The clunking of her armor, the creaking of metal as she tightened her grip on the shaft and pulled it back, was clearly audible.

Again, she recited to herself mentally. A dash closer and again came one of those overhead strikes, before feinting that in an overhead strike, in turn, using the momentum to deliver another swift strike with the butt of the axe, rather than with the massive blade. She grabbed at the fabric of the dummy and tore it from the ground while throwing it behind her, before turning in a rather graceful piroutte on her feet. Bringing the massive axe above her head. Grabbing it near the end to have a wider arch and better leverage. A laborious grunt audible due to the sheer power of the blow. And she brought the axe down into the dummy's chest, going easily through the cloth and contents, then through the metal sheat underneath. Fire billowing from her shoulderblades as she did so, reminiscent of a set of wings.

She moved over to the dummy and with a rather sadistic streak, pressed her foot down on her throat, wrenching the axe up from the floor, before lifting it to rest on her shoulder A soft breath escaping her. She picked up the dummy and dragged it back over from where she had broken it off and propped it against the wall, glancing around the training room. Mostly to look for a new target. She had already gone through four training dummies, counting this one as well.

Though she didn't really feel like stopping just yet either. She had an itch, one she could only scratch by battle.

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2 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:28 pm

Most would assume a lot about somebody like Rika Titania. She knew people often thought she was stupid, something she found annoying but there was more to it than that. Most would assume she was the type to slack off, goof around rather than train, possibly not commit to classes or work simply because she’d rather be having fun or simply because she would have gotten distracted. This was partly true, though Rika would never admit it even to herself, nor was she particularly aware of that fact, however she did not in fact slack off on her training.

The pigtailed girl had been training in martial arts from a young age, mostly due to her mentor trying to instill discipline in the energetic redhead. While the intended goal was mostly a failure, it had provided something for the cat faunus to do rather than simply sitting around all day, as the middle of the forest often lacked stimulation for a hyperactive cat faunus to entertain themselves. Still it had become a part of her, and the Faunus hadn’t dropped her training while at Syne, though she hadn’t been dedicating near as much time for it. Mostly because she had other things to do now and had dedicated a large amount of time to learning about all the new things she’d been exposed of.

Still she’d come here mostly to practice her kata, both to keep her technique up, and using some her more mobile forms to practice her agility. Rika had long since known she wasn’t a fighter that could depend on physical strength to win a fight, being rather petite, and while her semblance let her close that strength gap mostly, it wasn’t something she wanted to depend on if she could help it. Her fighting style was more based on speed and finesse anyway, rather than power and durability. There was another girl in the training room she’d entered though, who seemed to be absolutely destroying one of the combat dummies.

Both the girl, an armored titan of a woman and her weapon were huge…Rika had to wonder what she ate to get that big. She watched the girl brutalize the dummy before commenting. “Ya know, I think ya got it…” She looked at the brutalized dummy again, a bit confused. “what’d it do to ya anyways….”

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3 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:08 pm

Early Morning Training. It was a personal tradition Sakura took part after waking up every morning. Sakura's training regime consisted of strength training and cardio. This allowed Sakura to keep her strength and endurance at their peak. As a user of two heavy shields, this focus on strength and endurance allowed her to wield her shields effectively and to take strong hits without budging. Despite of this rigorous training regime, Sakura actually enjoyed this training. It didn't take long before Sakura had completed her exercises at a bench press. After completing her exercises at the bench press, Sakura then decided to take a break. Sakura then took a towel and a bottle of water out of her duffle bag before taking a long swig from her water bottle.

After taking a swig from her water bottle, Sakura then walked over to the stand which was located nearby. As she approached the stands, Sakura caught the sight of an extremely tall woman who had just finished destroying the training dummy with an extremely large axe. A few moments later, Sakura saw Rika approach the woman and ask her about the poor dummy. Instead of saying "hello" to Rika, Sakura decided to sit down in the front row of the stands.

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4 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:28 pm

Moving one hand through the intricate, red cord with golden stubs at each end, attached to the axe, she let it drop behind her back, before scowling and rolling her shoulder momentarily. A clunking and a soft scuffle as she turned on her feet again, now face to... Lower abdomen with Rika. Both hands moved up to slick back and tighten the black ponytail once again, adding to her sharp and rather harsh features. It seemed Rika's comments didn't warrant her any warmth or welcome from the oversized Android. "It was a training target," she snorted. "It fulfilled it's use." She stated, before glancing at the second girl, making her way to the tribune, taking a seat and watching.

She had never seen the girl infront of her, but vaguely recognized the woman. Wasn't she the one running around with two shields? Her steel gaze altered from Sakura back to Rika. "What do you want, then?" She questioned with an arch of her eyebrow. Both hands now deciding to hitch on her belt, shoulders setting with a soft clunk.

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5 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:52 pm

Rika frowned, looking up at the larger woman. She WAS HUGE. It was even more surprising up close considering Rika was considered petite by normal standards, she probably looked downright childish next to the large woman. She looked angry too, was she always so easy to angry? She glanced back at the training dummy before looking at the other “victims” of the woman. “Well ya don’t gotta go breakin it, aint like ya were gonna get’em a new one after all.” As far as the pigtailed girl was concerned, training dummies really weren’t much good for training anyways, short of some practice to sharpen one’s technique. After all they didn’t fight back, and just stood there and took the attacks.

What type’a fight was that? It never made sense to the pigtailed girl, but that didn’t mean the woman had to go breaking them or anything. “Ya ain’t gonna get no better from fightin’ those anyways ya know, aint that kinda exc- “she paused trying to think of the word before giving up. “ya know it ain’t like they fight back or nothin’,”

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6 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:48 pm

After sitting down in the stands, Sakura watched the interaction between tall woman and Rika carefully. This was to make sure that Rika didn't say anything or do anything that would get her into trouble. From their very first meeting, Sakura knew that Rika had quite the penchant for either getting into trouble or causing trouble. Due to this, Sakura made sure to keep an eye on her cat Faunus friend. It was a pretty hard job for Sakura due to Rika's extremely enthusiastic and energetic personality. However, she didn't mind at all since Rika was her best friend. Sakura always made sure to keep her close friends and family safe. After this, Sakura then looked over at Crux and began wondering what her fighting style was.

Sakura already knew that Rika was a Duster since her friend could never keep her mouth closed whenever she was talking about Dust with another Dust Major. On the other hand, she had no knowledge of how the tall woman fought and the like. All Sakura knew that she had a big axe as her main weapon. Besides that, Sakura was not sure what to make of the rumors that she heard about the tall woman. Despite of this, she decided to wait patiently and watch events unfold with interest.

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7 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:39 am

The remark of not needing to break it brought a smirk to her face. An agressive one, mayhaps even egotistical? Though it felt like a compliment. "I checked, the university takes charge of damaged dummies," she answered with a roll of her shoulder. Before realizing she was explaining herself to a girl that was far smaller. And by extension, had not really any position to criticise her warming up. "I do as I please," Crux answered with a shrug. "T'is not harming you. I fail to see why I should cease warming up." As the words left her mouth, she glanced over her shoulder. And the dummy she just finished with lit up in a massive roar of fire.

Then was reduced to nothing. Not even ashes left in the torrent of flash fire. Just to prove her point further.

"I am fully aware they don't fight back," she answered Rika's remark with a sigh. "Though they aren't exactly a waste of time either." She was honestly puzzled at someone coming over to complain about this. A clunk resounded as slammed a hand on her armoured shoulder, proceeding to roll it with a soft grunt.

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8 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:36 pm

Rika blinked have not known about that, the fact she hadn’t bothered to check, and never bothered reading the information the academy gave them because that seemed boring, and she had an island to explore still there was something an ulterior motive to this either way. The large girl looked real strong, especially with how she had been breaking the training dummies in stuff.

Most would think challenging someone as imposing as the woman in front of her was stupid, reckless, or a combination of the two, but Rika didn’t even consider any of these ideas. She did think that the fire thing was cool though. The urge to fight this person and see what they could do was quickly overpowering the few logical parts of the pigtailed faunus’ brain. “Yeah, well dontcha think you’d get more outta trainin’ with someone, I mean.” In part the logic was sound, someone who trained alone wouldn’t be able to notice all the flaws in their own technique, while having a training partner allowed those flaws to be used in mock combat, as opposed to being exploited in a real fight.

Still there was no mistaking the eager challenge in Rika’s statement, and she wondered how this chick would respond to the idea, a mischievous grin had already taken form on her face regardless.

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9 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:52 pm

After seeing the two talk a bit, Sakura soon heard Rika say " “Yeah, well dontcha think you’d get more outta trainin’ with someone, I mean.” in response to the taller woman's reply regarding the training dummies. This caused Sakura to let out a sigh as she shook her head. Rika was at it again with her reckless and tactless behavior. To be honest, she expected this much as Rika and her had been friends for quite some time now.

"It would be a good idea to have my shields on standby just on case things get a bit out of hand." Sakura thought quietly to herself as she set the case which contained her Aegis MK 10 shields down next to her. She was not completely sure the full extent of the taller woman's combat abilities. However, Sakura did know that Rika's fighting style well as she hunted with her once before. Rika's Dust attacks were pretty string yet a bit messy. However, Rika's tendency to never back down was a bit concerning to Sakura as depending on the temperament of the taller woman, this spar could end up to be a messy affair.

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10 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Thu May 31, 2018 8:47 am

"Is that an invitation to a sparring session, li'l un?" Crux asked with a soft chuckle. She seemed to humour the challenge for a moment, before nodding with a grin on her face. "T'is accepted," Crux stated, before extending her hand for a firm shake. "Crux Harmaa, whom am I fighting with?" She knew exactly there was more to a book than it's cover. And she knew while she was imposing, when you saw her in a fight, you knew roughly what to expect. This girl boasted confidence with little to no physical intimidation to back up. It gave her several ideas on the girl's psyche, as well as the level she was at. Most prevalent however, were the fact that she was either not to bright, or had sufficient skills to back her challenge up. She didn't mind a spar, or a duel.

She enjoyed the thought of it and thoroughly hoped it was either the latter, or a combination of the two. She'd love to be able to fight with her on an equal footing.

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11 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:24 pm

“Yup!”  Rika answered, her grin widening as she looked over the giant woman, she probably would be a tough fight. The woman would probably be intimidating to most people, but Rika didn’t even think about that type of thing, She held out a hand to the android, visibly excited at the prospect of sparring a good opponent rather than the dull practice she’d been stuck with lately. “Name’s Rika Titania, good ta meetcha.” She said, assuming Crux would accept the handshake.   Regardless she was glad that she wasn’t just dismissed or anything, like some other fighters she’d challenged before had done.

The cat faunus didn’t notice Sakura’s precautions, and while she would probably get somewhat offended at the implication if she had, even she couldn’t deny that Sakura’s precautions likely would be necessary.  Rika frowned as a thought occurred to her regarding Crux accepting the challenge.   “ya aint plannin’ on holdin’ back or nothin’ right?” She asked, her tone implying her dislike of the idea. Rika wanted to test herself, and she couldn’t really do that on an opponent that wasn’t serious.

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12 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:46 am

Her handshake was exactly as the gauntlets she wore would imply. Steel, strong and firm. A singular shake before she nodded, stepping back. With a grunt, heaving the axe on her shoulder again. Rolling her free shoulder, before letting out a devilish grin at Rika's question. "If I do, see fit to kill me," she answered, tilting her head. sparks of fire dancing around her head. The smirk on her face turning darker. More ravenous. Her eyes positively lighting up in anticipation.

Lifting the axe from her shoulders and now holding it in both hands, above her head, she took several steps forward, before suddenly lunging out with a swift pommel strike for Rika's head. A loud clunk as her foot smacked down on the floor to brace herself, bringing the head of the axe around. Turning on her feet and lowering the weapon to her mid-section as she did.

She stepped through and fully turned around on her feet. Using the momentum to offer a last strike from the pommel of her greataxe aimed for Rika's midriff.


Pommel strike: Rika's head - 30 damage without defenses calculated
Blade strike: Rika's mid-section - 30 damage without defenses calculated
Pommel strike: Rika's midriff - 30 damage without defenses calculated

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13 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:21 pm

Rika grinned at Crux’s response, regarding the possibility of holding back. While it was a bit extreme she still could respect this chick’s mentality. She didn’t when people underestimated her and being taking seriously. This chick seemed to have the same attitude about things like that she did, and Rika grinned as the fight began, not altogether bothered by the seeming change in the other girl’s behavior.  The pigtailed girl sidestepped the first pommel strike, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a crystal at the same time.  She made to strike the larger fighter just as the crystal activated, ice forming in the same path as her hand, with the pigtailed girl stopping the strike short and the ice continuing forward at her opponent, meant to freeze her in place, however Rika had forgotten the axe, and paid for it when the weapon collided with her just as she  completed the strike, knocking her sideward and out of the way of the following attack even if her dust attack failed to freeze her opponent.  

Rika frowned, before taking out more crystals, activating a thrust crystal to launch her at her opponent in a kick, whether the attack hit home, Rika would then follow the attack up by kicking off her opponent if the attack hit, or simply jumping back from the girl if not, a second crystal in her other hand activating and creating a forward-facing blast, dust and smoking kicking up as a result of the explosion.

HP 125/140   Aura   170/170

Actions:   Three dust attacks.   Ice attack   roll for freeze, thrust-powered kick, and an explosion blast. 50 dust damage each without defenses.

Total possible damage: 150 without defenses.

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14 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:17 pm

Crux felt the ice collide with her plated armour. Frosted tendrils surging up into the plates of her armour, frosting around her. A roar resounded from Crux as she tore herself free of the frost, only to be met by a dust propelled kick for the stomach. Causing her to be winded. Though not at all staggering or knocked off balance. A hand moved to push the hand that was holding the blast crystal upwards, to negate the attack. Followed by Crux enforcing her tight grip and pulling Rika up in the air, aiming to smack her down into the ground by swinging the girl over her own head. Letting go with Rika around fifty centimeters from the ground, Crux pulled her axe up in a massive, overhead swing, aiming to slam down on the poor girl. Pyrotechnics billowing from her shoulderblades, finishing up a beautiful crest of wings.

To add insult to injury, Crux pulled her axe back, before thrusting the head forward swiftly, for added blunt damage.


HP: 190 / 240
SP: 60 / 60

Grapple into ground slam: Rika's body - 20 damage without defenses calculated
Blade strike: Rika's general location - 30 damage without defenses calculated
blunt head strike: Rika's general location - 30 damage without defenses calculated

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15 Re: Of fire and swords [Open] on Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:11 pm


Crux’s assault could have easily been devastating if not for one simple fact. Rika herself hadn’t been immune to the force of the explosion per se, and even if the armored woman managed to avoid actually getting hit by the attack, that didn’t prevent it from propelling Rika back and out of the way of the woman’s grip. Instead Rika would land several feet away from the armored woman, the force propelling her into a flip. Rika pulled out a crystal as she was airborne slamming it into the ground just as she landed. The ground between the two of them shooting out into spikes directed at the larger fighter.

Rika took out her whip, whipping the air above after releasing her first attack, causing shards of ice to shoot out from above at her opponent. Rika’s free hand stabbed at the ground with a dust crystal, vines beginning to approach from ground level, sneaking in through the side and low in a curve around the spikes. The vines would move to roughly where her opponent was and would crawl up the large woman’s frame gripping her tightly. Rika figured the other attacks might be avoided, but the vine attack was much sneakier than what she usually used, and the spikes would have obscured its actual use.

!25/140 AP 170/170

Actions taken: Three dust attacks, at 50 damage each before resistance.

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