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The fuedal system [Solo/Major]

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1 The fuedal system [Solo/Major] on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:55 am

Crux Harmaa
"Hail, farmer," Crux stated as she approached the man working in the field. She had seen a request for a guard at night to deal with predatorial wildlife, such as weasels or martens, as well as poachers and cattlethieves. The man she greeted looked up to her and spat out a small strand of wheat, moving over to clean some mud from his hand and extend it in greeting. "I presume yer one of them academy students?" He questioned with a soft smile. Crux nodded in response. "Crux Harmaa. T'is quite telling I'm here for that guard job." She grabbed his hand and shook it vigorously. "A pleasure to meet'cha, Miss Harmaa. I'm Roland Roos. Jus' Rolandfer you." She nodded in response, before sighing. "I prefer ser," she gave a lop-sided smirk, before shaking her head. "Not for gender, but for the sake of knighthood." She took her hand back and rested both of them on her belt, watching how the man rubbed his one subconsciously. "Well, yer a bit early, Ser. Several hours, even," he disputed, grabbing his spade and moving on.

Crux shook her head with a smirk. "If there's any heavy lifting to be done," she offered. The spade slammed into the ground and upturned some soil. "Well, I'm upturning this here field for sowin'. If you wanna get the seeds? Three bags o' carrots should suffice," he snorted. "They're over in the barn, 'n pretty heavy." Crux nodded at Roland's request on turned on her feet, trudging over towards the aforementioned barn. She pushed open the large doors with a soft creaking, several chickens scattering past her feet. She glanced up at a shoddy ladder, to a small platform containing several large bags of seeds. And a sigh followed, the ladder would never support her weight. She glanced over her shoulder and noted Roland had his back turned to her.

A soft rumble resounded and a massive wooden cross, set alight by the holy flame she possessed pushed her up to the platform. After which it was immediately turned to ashes again. Controlling the fire with practiced expertise to make sure the barn wasn't set alight.

She grabbed three bags of seeds, lifting them on her shoulders effortlessly. Before jumping down from the platform. Landing with a loud clunk on the hardened dirt. If it were planks, she'd have shattered them by now. She turned on her feet and moved out again, leaving the barn open for the chickens to wander back in again. Crux made her way back to Roland. "Where do you want these?" Roland glanced up and just gestured idly. "Toss 'em somewhere, thanks. Though three's a lot at one time, don't strain yer back." Crux smirked, putting them down on the ground, shaking her head whilst doing so. "Don't worry about it. T'is no effort. I have carried and held heavier." Roland arched an eyebrow, but decided not the question it. Instead he just nodded. "Alriiight," he murmured whilst mvoing to the bags. "Well, that's about it that I need from ya. You can go 'round the property, explore, plot out some kinda patrol route. Most important is that'cha watch the animals. 'S the most risk bein' stolen. I got a gun in the main house 'n thieves are rarely interested in crops."

Crux nodded in response and turned on her feet. "Understood, I will meet you at the barn at eventide, Roland," she stated as she moved off with a with the constant clunking of her armour. She started to cross the property, exploring, seeing where the fencing was damaged or where a tree hung over. Any weak spots in the defense. She murmured something inaudible under her breath and held up a tome. A book molded into existence by bright flames. The chains surrounding it turning searingly hot, before turning to ashes. She slapped open the book. A soft thrum going through the ground as she did. Her finger pressed down in the book, etching several thing in flame, before the trails of her fingers turned to charcoal on paper. And so, she noted as she moved on, making a rather thorough study of the farm and it's surroundings, checking for any kind of predators or their hidey holes. Though she came up empty. There wasn't anything that really captivated her attention. Nothing too risky that it couldn't be left as it was. The animal barns were pretty close to eachother, so it would not be too difficult to patrol them.

As the sun slowly set, Crux returned back to the barn, seeing Roland rounding up the last of his cattle, before closing the barn. "Locking up for the night?" She questioned. And the man nodded. "Do ya wish to come on in fer supper?" She shook her head. "Ti's fine, thank you." The man shrugged, before locking the barn completely, handing her the key, before padding off. "Good night, 'n good luck, lass," he said with a sof tease to his tone. One which went completely over Crux' head. She was only confused by the statement, but shrugged it off. And started her patrol.

The sun slowly sunk further and the moon rose. And soon, it was creeping near midnight. The shattered moon of Remnant however, loomed above and reflected light extraordinarily well in Bellmuse tonight. It was pretty well lit for the time of night. And Crux kept her vigil up without hesitation. Though a rustling caught her attention. She moved over to a barn and put her ear against. Hearing a metal clunking within. A soft sigh as she stepped back and kicked in the massive door. Breaking through the lock and wooden bar that kept it from being opened from the outside. It didn't account for a large android like her, after all. "Cease," she stated simply, before pulling her axe from her back. A plate was hurled at her and she rose a hand to smack it away.

Two individuals chased past her, she grabbed one by the collar and smacked him against the flat of her axe. She shouldered the massive weapon and started to unscrew the pommel, before flinging it over at near terminal velocity. Hitting the second intruder in the back of the knee, causing him to stumble to the ground.

She sighed slowly and grabbed the unconscious man's collar, dragging him along to catch up to the burglar who was crawling away, putting a foot on the shattered kneecap. "Stay here," she stated coldly, between the whincing and crying of the man. She dropped his consort ontop of him, before sighing. Picking up the pommel from the dirt and rinsing it, before screwing it back on.

She grabbed her scroll and dialed up Roland, telling him there had been intruders, before moving over to pick them both up and going back to the barn with cattle. Finding herself a rope and tying the both of them up, whilst still on the phone with the farmer. "I tied them up in the barn. I trust you to deal with them accordingly. I broke one's kneecap, you'll also need a new counterbar," she concluded. Before nodding momentarily and hanging up the call after Roland was done.

The rest of the night went over rather uneventful. Either she had sent a message, or these two were the only two nocturnal visitors they'd get.

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