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For Adventure! (Solo/Major Mission

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1 For Adventure! (Solo/Major Mission on Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:24 pm

Rika Titania
The Graveyards of Bellmuse were an interesting area, while many had the tombstones, shrines, or grave markers of other types filled the place. Bellmuse being a small island, forms of burial like cremation were oft times more necessary than a typical burial, as the Grave sites primarily had to be utilitarian to take up less space to allow for it to be better laid out. Bellmuse was after all a small island and having a vast graveyard that took up a large amount of land was counterproductive. Oft times people opted for having their bodies burned instead, or even burials at sea for some of the fisherfolk and sailors of the island. Still there were a small number of families that stuck to the tradition of normal burial, many from other countries or those of the more important families of the island.

There were exceptions to this, large mausoleums of the islands oldest families, nobility, and even royalty. As a result, Bellmuse did have a graveyard, though one much smaller than one would assume for an entire kingdom, albeit one as small as the island was. Much of this logistical information could be lost on some, newcomers or those whom merely didn’t think on such issues as what is done after death. Some didn’t even really think of the concept of death at all, and as such the graveyard would normally visit, especially if they were not from the area anyway. Rika Titania and as such it was a rather unusual sight to see the cheerful redheaded faunus in such a normally sad or gloomy place. However, had they known her reasons for being there they probably would have simply rolled their eyes at the childish girl.

Rika was there mostly for adventure. She’d heard stories about the tomb at the heart of the graveyard and wanted to know what was inside. Supposedly it was the tomb of the royal family, with chambers for every king and queen the small kingdom had had. The founder of Bellmuse said to have been included among their member within. This wasn’t what interested Rika however. No, she was here because of some other stories she’d heard.

Specifically, the adventurous sort, there were stories about ghosts and monsters surrounding the tomb. As well as a supposed curse or two that apparently befell any unworthy soul who entered it. The story seemed to change rapidly from person to person, as though nobody could decide what made it such an ominous place, however this didn’t deter Rika. No, she wanted to figure it out, and wasn’t really deterred by stories of monsters and curses. If anything, the stories of the large tomb only made her exploration of it more interesting, after all she had grown up spending time not training reading adventure books largely. After all there was little else to do on the homestead, especially as her guardian had not been a fan of things such as technology. Sure, there were a few other things she’d done to occupy herself, but regardless the pigtailed faunus loved the idea of adventure and this was an opportunity to have one without even becoming a full huntress yet.

The entrance to the tomb was a large iron gate, a wall around the property to keep out intruders. Rika decided to forego trying to open the gate, climbing up the wall instead and jumping down to the grassy area below. After that it was easy to get into the tomb which had not had any real lock on it. Maybe it had once, but time had worn out any sort of method in which could be used to seal intruders out of the old burial site.

The inside was all stone, and very dark, though this did not bother Rika. As a faunus she was able to see in the dark much easier than a human would, and while she wasn’t aware of the difficulties a human could have with the dark, she was still unhindered by such things. It was also dusty, the air tasting stale and the whole place looking rather neglected. Which wouldn’t be surprising to anyone, old tombs weren’t supposed to be well taken care of and Rika was on guard for traps that may happen. Taking comical precautions as though the old tomb would be filled with traps. Precautions that were completely useless as there were no traps to be found, apparently, which was disappointing because ancient tombs were supposed to be filled with them. No arrows, no boulders, and no pitfalls met the pigtailed faunus, disappointing as it was.

Rika wasn’t dissuaded though, after all if there really were man-eating monsters why would they need traps, and ghosts wouldn’t really be able to set them up either! She nodded to herself, happy with her line of logic and continued through the staircase until she came to a central chamber that split into three burial chambers, the center area had a lot of carving of things she didn’t know about. As well as a statue on either side of the middle chamber of a guy she didn’t know. The pigtailed girl figured that was probably where the important stuff was, since that was usually the case in books. She was disappointed at the lack of resistance as there had been no weird skeletons or monsters in sight. Maybe they were shy? Or maybe she had to find whatever treasure was inside first! Yeah that was probably it.

The pigtailed girl entered the central chamber with wide eyes, looking around for cool stuff. What she didn’t know was this was in fact the burial chamber for the royal family, or at least it once had been, prior to the creation of the castle, when Bellmuse still had been a much smaller country. All she could tell was that the stone carvings looked nice and appeared to have been fashioned all from stone. Which sounded right in her book, except there was no real treasure. No mass of gold or jewels or magical weapons nor any trinkets that could make a cool monster appear.

There did seem to be statues of men and women lining either side of the chamber, stone coffins behind the statues which had obviously been carved to denote who was buried where. The whole thing was old though, and some of the statues had begun to crumble Rika noticed. One statue stood above them all, a man that looked as though he’d been someone important, in one hand was a crown, carved unfortunately and not at all real. In the other an equally not real piece of parchment. Rika frowned as there didn’t seem to be anything particularly cool about this room…maybe one of the others?

It was an hour later that the pigtailed girl came out of the tomb, a disappointed look on her face after having her hopes for an adventure dashed. There had been no traps or chases through the tomb, no giant monsters to fight, not even any treasure. The other chambers just had more cobwebs, a bunch of stone and bones mostly there were carvings and stuff, but the pigtailed girl didn’t really get them, nor did her limited attention span note them as worthy of any real attention. She’d spotted a few rats that had taken up refuge inside but nothing else of note. Really who made an old tomb place without any of the cool stuff. The pigtailed girl would have to find some other way to find some adventure. For now she was going to go get some ice cream instead, that sounded like fun.

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