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Sakura's Mental/Shield Training (Training for Shield Upgrade)

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The Training Arena of Syne Academy. It has been a place where Sakura has been spending progressively more and more of her mornings in over the last couple of weeks. During these training sessions, Sakura had been focusing on refining her shield techniques and shield fighting style. This training was coming along very smoothly for Sakura as she was now able to incorporate her new shield fighting techniques into her style. In addition to this, Sakura was able to perform these techniques almost flawlessly. Despite of this, Sakura had noticed that there was a bit a tinge of doubt and reluctance which lingered in the back of her mind. This doubt and reluctance was causing her to hesitate a bit during the Combat Simulation that she used as part of her morning training.

Due to this, Sakura had decided to cut the physical part of her training out of this morning’s training regimen. Instead, Sakura decided to focus on inner reflection. To do this, Sakura decided to sit down in a very secluded corner of the Training Arena with a thermos of tea and some light snacks. Sakura had decided to sit down in this corner as it was the quietest part of the Training Arena.

After sipping her cup of tea, Sakura then leaned back against the wall before closing her eyes. As she did so, she began reflecting on everything she had experienced and gone through throughout her life. Her most recent memories were mostly happy and mostly revolved around her live with her family. Sakura knew instinctively that her recent memories weren’t the cause of her hesitation. Despite of this, Sakura had a hunch on what might be causing it

“My failure to protect Nyx keeps haunting me.” Sakura thought quietly to herself as she clenched her left hand into a fist. It has been more a decade since the event, yet it still haunted her. Even now, she still felt very guilty every time she looked at Nyx.

“However, I must move on from this. My team needs me to do my best.” Sakura thought determinedly to herself as she wiped away some tears that was forming. Sakura was now part of Team Goners. Due to this, she was determined to make sure that that her teammates were safer and sound. Sakura then got up and walked over to Combat Simulator. Once she did this, Sakura then set the simulation to Hard before waiting for the simulation to start.

“This guilt will always be with me. Maybe I should learn to let go.” Sakura thought quietly to herself as a Simulated Deathstalker materialized in front of her. This Simulated Deathstalker quickly attacked Sakura with its stinger. Sakura barely had time to dodge and block the attack.

“It looks like I am still thinking about it. However, I need to learn to let go.” Sakura thought to herself determinedly as she closed her eyes before calming herself by giving a deep breath. The Simulated Deathstalker then launched an attack with its claw.

As the attack came close to Sakura, she relaxed a bit before letting her body respond to the impending attack instead of forcing her body to act. As the attack was about to hit, Sakura’s gracefully moved to the side before slamming the Aegis MK 10 on her right arm down to pin down the Deathstalker’s claw before slamming the pointed tip of the Aegis MK 10 straight into the Grimm’s eye. The Simulated Deathstalker reeled back from the hit. Sakura was surprised at how much smoother her movements were. Sakura then opened her eye and smile after realizing that she had taken the first step towards moving on from her guilt. Despite of this, she still had a long way to go.

Using this, Sakura then fought the Simulated Deathstalker with renewed determination. It didn’t take long before the Deathstalker was dead. After completing the simulation, Sakura then looked at her shields as she returned to get the rest of her stuff.

“Looks like I have taken the first step in a long journey.” Sakura commented to herself as she finished retrieving the rest of her stuff. Soon after, she walked out of the Training Arena was a smile on her face and renewed determinations.

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