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A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern)

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1 A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:06 pm

Viridian Sierra
It wasn't unlike Viridian to walk rather than take any sort of public system of transportation, something he's not taken advantage of in some time. It felt nice to know that he was independent enough to do this. He remembered some directions to the nearest airship posting from the quartermaster down at the docks, so he relied more on his memory than attention to landmarks or map usage.

Though, he did wonder what other passersby must thing of the young man open-carrying weapons, clicking the sides of his cheeks with his tongue, and walking down the sidewalks of the city with the telltale pale blue eyes of a blind man. Nonetheless, he whistled a cheery tune as his suitcase dragged behind his gait down the walk, only pausing from his tune to click whenever there was any silence, which was staggeringly rare in a city.

The magnitude of noise and density of people made his little slum back in Vacuo seem painful by comparison. Honestly, thinking back was enough to make him stop his cheery tune, as his time back then was littered with problems that he was too weak to face. Even now, any attempts to chase it away only seemed to make him feel more depressed than before, as though he was trying to forget some massive piece of the puzzle of his life.

From then, he walked in silence, following the directions as best as he could, despite his dogged mood.

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2 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:05 am

Fern Sukusa
Fern was thinking. Now, for Fern, that alone wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was that she was out in the middle of town. She’s not one to be very social at all, so seeing her in public was certainly out of the ordinary. She had a reason to be there, though. She was at a place that was quiet, unlike most of the area around the town.

Of course, the place was unusual, being a graveyard.

Not just any graveyard, either. It was the one where her parents were buried.

Fern would never tell. You ask her why she’s there and she’ll simply say it’s peaceful. Her true reason was to see her parents’ graves. No matter what she said, no matter how she acted, she really did miss her parents.

Fern closed her eyes for a moment, holding back her emotions, before turning and leaving the graves, walking quickly towards the airship docks, paying very little attention to her surroundings.

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3 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:30 pm

Grimm within the city wasn’t too abnormal on an island like Bellmuse, while the city HAD defenses there were times when there was a crack, a camera without enough maintenance, or other holes within the security caused by various causes.

Whatever the case, such things were far too complex for the Boarbatusk to contemplate, it merely was following its instincts. The feeling it got when it sensed a human experiencing negative emotions, though the specifics of this were not understood by the beast. It knew that this instinct would lead it to prey, and that was all that truly mattered to the Grimm in question. A second presence only served to bolster the Grimm’s fervor, and as such it began to charge down the street towards the first presence, planning wanting to take it out quickly, so it could then move on to this new prey.

The human in question was a female, and the boar only stopped for a moment to sight it’s target before charging with a loud bellow, preparing to ram the human. Regardless of if it succeeded it would then attempt to gore them with it’s tusks in the follow-up.

HP: 200/200

Actions taken: Two attacks on Fern, a charge and attempted stab with tusks 55 damage per if hit, defenses not include.

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4 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:33 pm

Viridian Sierra
Viri's ears twitched ever so slightly as a noise was occurring nearby, only slightly out of place. Something akin to a bicycle? No, it was hooves clicking, which wasn't too unusual considering the fairly minor size of the island, and the proximity of the city to the surrounding farms and ranches. Still, something felt off about the whole deal, and his ears twitched again as he heard a squeal from a pig of some kind, followed by much more rampant clicking of hooves. It was charging, and a charging pig could seriously hurt someone.

He ran toward the noise only to be met face-first with a chain link fence, he could hear the pig behind it, but the fence itself was hard to make heads or tails of for someone like him. He drew one of the revolvers from the holster in front of him and clicked his tongue against his cheek. From there, Viri could spot the creature more clearly given the noise it was outputting as well.

He levied the barrel through the fence and fired a round off at the pig and then another as soon as the recoil normalized. Both shots reverberated through the air, and the bullets themselves grew in size as they flew, eventually becoming cannonball sized boulders from the dust rounds that Viri always had loaded.

Regardless of if they hit their mark, Viri could hear that the creature had not been felled yet. So, he hopped up onto the fence and swung a leg over the top bar, falling onto the other side and rolling on the ground.

He stood up and clicked his tongue again, before taking off in a sprint toward his target, wanting to minimize the chance of accidentally hitting something else. As he ran, he aimed again from the hip, flicking the hammer twice, and letting the large revolver recoil into his waist and hoping that his shots would be enough to at the very least throw off the charge of the pig.


Attacks: 2 Aimed Boulder Shots from range and 2 fanned Boulder Shots as he advanced. (35 + 35 +35 +35, before RES)

HP: 200/200
SP: 100/100

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5 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:59 am

Fern Sukusa
Fern didn’t notice the approaching piggy grimm until it was too late to dodge aside. Instead, she dropped close to the ground and raised her arms, letting the boarbatusk’s charge hit her full-force, going ragdoll and flying away from the grimm. She brought herself to a stop, standing up, albeit stumbling a bit after having taken that hit. Fern grimaced and moved behind a gravestone, taking the wooden box off of her back that contained her scythes. She took them out and hurriedly attached them to her bracers, vaulting over the gravestone. She would then jump over the boarbatusk, slashing it with each scythe once, only to spin around and slash at it twice again. With that, she would try and get out of range to think of a plan to take it down quickly. It was only a single boarbatusk, and by the looks of it another hunter was already here too, but she didn’t want to take any risks. Better to take it out fast so it doesn’t hurt anybody.
(4 attacks, striked with each scythe twice. -- 40 + 40 + 40 + 40, before defense.)

HP: 115/150
Aura: 150/150

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6 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:24 pm

The boarbatusk could tell its prey had survived the attack and would have followed through had they not run off, just before something hit its side. The attack didn’t do much damage, but enraged the pig, who disliked the notion of having rocks thrown at him. A second hit collided with the pig’s armored plating on it’s flank. Making the impact an annoyance rather than anything effective. Still it did distract the pig long enough for the human it had been focused on to run away out of sight, it was no matter, and the pig had turned to the new huntsman, the two shots sent its way being blocked by the armoring on it’s face and doing nothing but annoying the pig rather than anything else.

The human leaping over it managed to get two attack at it, but the spin allowed the Grimm the opportunity to not only return it’s attention to her, but it cut off her subsequent attacks with a headbutt, regardless of the shots being fired, to the boarbatusk’s limited intelligence the human girl was more a threat, as her attacks had hurt it more in addition to the simple fact she was a clear danger to him, as such he would proceed to attempt to trample her without giving her the opportunity to easily retreat, ramming through the gravestone she ducked behind and likely hitting whatever was behind it, whether with the debris or it’s formidable tusks.

HP 165/200 (One shot from Viri, Two strikes from Fern)

Actions taken: attempted Headbutt at Fern and cut off her second wave of attacks, followed her when she tried to duck and plan and smashed right through the gravestone.

Two attacks, both 55 damages without defenses at Fern.

Total possible damage: 110 without defenses.

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7 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:11 pm

Viridian Sierra
The sound of stone impacting bone was enough to reconcile with Viridian that this was not actually a normal pig as he had previously thought, but was in fact a creature of grimm. This was affirmed even more so when he could hear the creature spinning itself into a charge.

"Damn it... Sit still.." he whispered as he rattled out another pair of rounds from his revolver at the creature as it was spinning. He really wanted to flip it over to get a clean shot, but figured that would be much easier said than done with the way that it was moving around. He even cringed a bit when the creature crashed into the gravestone as the sound of shattering stone pierced his sensitive ears.

Viri then simultaneously clicked the cylinder out of the revolver he'd just fired from while drawing the paired .500 from the holster behind him. He aimed and fired two more times when he found the creature at the apex of its charge before throwing the handgun back into his holster while he reloaded his empty revolver with his now freed hand.

He made his way to a different angle, somewhat closer to the victim of this attack while he closed the cylinder of the revolver once more.

"Hey! Y'alright? Get somewhere safe if you're hurt, I can handle this fine." Viri assumed that the person he was dealing with was just an average citizen. He could neither see her weapon, nor was he able to distinctly place the sounds of her attacks on the creature.

For now, he cocked the hammer on his freshly reloaded revolver while drawing the second, assuming that he's be riding this trail solo.


Attacks: 2 Aimed Boulder Shots from mid-range as the creature was charging and 2 more aimed Boulder Shots when the creature either stopped it's charge or turned. (35 + 35 +35 +35, before RES)

HP: 200/200
SP: 100/100

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8 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:47 pm

Fern Sukusa
Fern swerved away from the headbutt of the pig, cutting off her other attacks. She then ducked behind another stone to analyze the situation, but was interrupted by the grimm charging through the gravestone. She grunted as she was knocked backwards from the force of the blast. She once again stumbled to her feet, now running towards the other hunter as he called for her to leave.
”No,” she responded calmly to the other’s request. ”I’m not going to leave a fight. If you could maybe distract it, though, that’d be great.” With that, she pulled her right arm back, as if to punch, then her right leg. She extended her other arm and concentrated her semblance into her muscles. Four pale green, transparent swords appeared around her, slowly starting to circle Fern, moving slowly up and down in a rollercoaster pattern as they did, as she attempted to increase her strength with her semblance.


HP: 70/150 (Boarbatusk’s charge, not protected by her bracers)
Aura: 140/150 (Activating Swords Dance (STR buff semblance); will complete next post)

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9 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:46 pm

The Boarbatusk let out an annoyed grunt as more cannon ball sized boulders struck it, just as it managed to hit the annoying female human. Only to be hit by two more boulders from the side, enraging the boar further it turned to face the source, a male humanoid, holding some type of weapon. The other human was wounded and as such the pig dismissed her threat for the moment, particularly because the last attack on it had come from the human. His third and fourth shots simply struck his armor, and only served as an annoyance rather than doing damage.

It wasn’t intelligent enough to comprehend what the female may possibly be trying to do, but experience taught it to recognize the weapons in the male’s hands vaguely. The boar dove at the humans in a charge, jumping to tackle the male this time. If it hit, it would try to continue going, trampling over him as a secondary assault, attempting to crush him with its armored hooves. At the moment the female wasn’t a threat it appeared, and the boar was angry with the rocks being shot at it. It would try to gore the male humanoid on it’s tusks regardless of if it’s previous attacks had it or not.

HP: 135/200

Actions Taken Three attacks on Viri. Tackle and subsequent attempt to crush. Then tusk attack.


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10 Re: A Warm Welcome (Private /w Fern) on Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:59 pm

Viridian Sierra
Viri looked confused for a moment before coming to the realization that this woman was fighting too. Habitually, Viri flipped his gun around his finger with a smirk as he mentally regarded what appeared to be his companion for the coming skirmish.

"Hmph. My, my, my. Lucky me to catch myself a fighter in this chance encounter, but make no mistake, you'll be the distraction here. I'm wantin' to kill me this one." Viri clicked his tongue after finishing his retort, only to catch the Boar mid-charge. He had no time to think as he was tackled down and reacted instinctively. As the pig ran him down, he directed his gun at its gut and tried to put three rounds of rock shards into it while recoiling his legs against his chest.

He didn't what to let the thing get away with the direct attack without a bit more punishment, so he kicked his legs up and pressed the Boar up as it trampled him, trying to flip it onto its back. After he was clear, Viri would roll up on his heels, hopping forward then and rolling a few meters away in a crouch.

He had his pocket watch in his hand then, having drawn it as he rolled, and clicked the pin on the side. He felt the gears begin to spin rapidly until they clicked into place. Then his aura would pulse across the ground at his feet, seeking out the Boar and enshrouding it in his aura, hindering its movement as long as it was withing 10 meters of him.

"I told ya to sit still..."


Attacks: 3 point blank shots from below  (35 +35 +35, before RES). Attempted to roll the creature (Skill used: Athleticism). Used semblance to Debuff its speed.

HP: 110/200
SP: 100/100

-90 HP from attacks
-10 SP from semblance

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