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Zure Rana (Completed App)

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1 Zure Rana (Completed App) on Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:04 pm

Misha Chromia
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Zure Rana
Age: 20
Birthday: January 6
Race: Frog faunus  Frog eyes
Weight:130 IBS
Face Claim:Greninja humanized pic drawn by KamiMei-21

Aura 170|130 HP

Likes: Swamplands, herself, tactics, frogs, bizarre foods.
Dislikes:scars, losing, Grimm, failures.
Fears: disfigurement, snakes, lightning, Death.
Talent: Stealth
Weakness loremaster/writer
Overall Personality: Zure is in many ways what one would expect from a student at a huntsman academy. She’s typically calm and methodical in her thinking, often planning things through and using her environment to her advantage. She’s got a heightened sense of responsibility, often holding herself to a high standard and holding herself responsible for things that go wrong. She dislikes direct conflict, preferring subtlety rather than aggression and is not above pointing out the flaws of others, even if she’ll ignore her own.  She’s a bit on the arrogant side, believing herself better than everyone. She isn’t always the nicest person and tends to be a bit of a control freak. Despite these flaws, she tends to remain levelheaded, rarely showing her emotions to others outside of those close to her, and can be a bit hard to read in general.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color:Azure
Semblance: Mud manipulation   She can control and manipulate mud, however she is unable to create it out of nowhere, as such she’s somewhat dependent on her environment in this regard.
Item 1: A blowdart gun, nothing particularly special about it, but it can double as a tool to breath through when submerged or hidden. Darts can also be thrown at a shorter range.
Item 2: t1 water dust.

History and Sample
Within the swamplands to the west of Mistral, there exists several human and faunus villages, as the area is difficult for anyone to traverse easily, between the terrain and the large amount of Grimm, these villages are required to be somewhat independent. As a result, some have developed stranger traditions, and methods of fighting Grimm.  This is the environment that Zure was born in, and largely grew up in. Her village developed methods of guerilla tactics to combat the Grimm, not having many people with unlocked aura or hunters to defend them they had to learn other methods. Primarily leading Grimm away or utilizing strategies such as traps or ambush tactics to combat the ever-present threat. They similarly took to traveling through the swamps not simply on boats but through the trees and the like to be capable of trading with other villages within the area. She grew up learning these skills and the methods of strategic fighting and skirmishing, a traveling hunter unlocking her aura in her early teens as well as a few others in the village to help them with defending themselves. When her semblance manifested it only proved to make life better for her, as it was most useful within the swamps that they called home.

This difference wasn’t the only one between Zure’s village and others, the village had quite a fascination with snakes. To the point where the worship of a snake goddess and a cult following her appeared. Zure’s family happened to be rather devote members of this cult and growing up she was subjected to more than a few of their bizarre rituals that involved snakes in some way or another, causing her to develop a fear of them and of anything snake like at all. Though she still does believe very much in her family’s faith.  She left home when the village was attacked by a particularly strong Grimm, and spent some time in Haven before enrolling at Bellmuse.

RP Sample:
To most a near perfect score was brilliant, and even getting by was good enough to some. This thought gave Zure no comfort as she looked at the two targets she’d been practicing on.
Her weapon wasn’t exactly one deadly in its own right, meant more to irritate and annoy than to be truly deadly unless supplemented with other substances. Still the three perfect hits were only ruined by the one imperfect attack, and she wasn’t happy at all about it.  It was fine.
“An impressive performance, you mustn’t be so hard on yourself young one. Especially given your eyes.” An aged voice said from her left, and Zure didn’t even need to turn to know the old man was there. She wouldn’t really be able to make out his features to well anyways, he was too still.  While she could see moving objects fine, stillness would always hinder her sight. It was simply a fact of her eyes.
Still at least she COULD see…even if she couldn’t do so in detail if the object in question wasn’t moving. She’d only known that the hits were mostly on target from the grooves in the practice targets.
“I’m still not good enough.” She answered simply before collecting her ammunition. There was still plenty of time to practice.
The old man shook his head before turning away from the young ninja.   “You will always be your harshest critic…” He replied before heading back into the small shack next to the practice range.

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2 Re: Zure Rana (Completed App) on Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:06 pm

Richard Lionheart

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