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Evelyn Roseburg, Syne's Maid [Done]

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1Evelyn Roseburg, Syne's Maid [Done] Empty Evelyn Roseburg, Syne's Maid [Done] on Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:53 pm

Evelyn Roseburg
Enrollment Form

Evelyn Roseburg, Syne's Maid [Done] B76032862c4d70bb2c4808ac66d33880

Basic info
Name: Evelyn Roseburg
Age: 5 years old
Birthday: May 10th
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 164 lbs
Face Claim: Violet Evergarden

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 50|250 HP

Major: Professor/Janitorial Staff
Likes: Cleaning, Cooking, Music, Fencing, Reading
Dislikes: Dust (both kinds), Driving, Losing her things, Lightning
Fears: Being above sea either on boat or plane, Swimming, Ghosts stories
Talent: Multitasking
Weakness Vehicles
Overall Personality: Evelyn is the kind of servant anyone would dream of. Kind, courteous and caring with her good looks being nothing short of a bonus. She is always ready to help those requesting her help even if means putting herself in danger. It does not mean that Evelyn actively looks for dangerous situation and would gladly prefer staying behind doing what she loves and does best: attending a house or an establishment. Being trained as a maid, cleaning and cooking are her forte.
Evelyn is not really what you would call a cleaning freak, put if you are looking for a way to be on her wrong side, all you need to do is dirty one of the room that she just finished cleaning. You may then find it hard to make amend as she is not one to easily forgive.
But if there was a way to make her less angry at you, Evelyn is quite fond of small sweet things done towards her. Gifts, cute nicknames or gestures like headpats, she adores those and is not one to think of them as romantic unless told so, so be sweet to her without fearing her falling for you. She will react bashfully nonetheless but that is about the biggest result you will witness.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Blue
Semblance: Wood Manipulation: Allows Evelyn to control most wooden object around her, mostly employed with her cleaning tools to do more than one thing at once. When required, she uses her power to control her sword during battle.
Item 1: Weapon: Scattered Petals, a rapier of crimson red that was custom-made for Evelyn. The sword splits in four parts at its center to allow her to have four swords at her command. The core of the handle being made of wood allows Evelyn's semblance to be used.
Scattered Petals:
Item 2: Armor: Being an android, Evelyn's body is made with a sturdy chasis that can take quite a beating before needing any major repair.

History and Sample
Born on May 10th, or rather first awoke on that day, Evelyn was part of the first publicly available domestic androids that were for sale. While at the time of her creation there was still many debates on the rights of man-made being, there was not a single time at which Evelyn found herself yerning for said rights as she was always happy to do the one thing she was built to do. Being bought by a respectful owner, a woman that was old and alone, there was not a day that Evelyn thought of herself as a mean to an end.
Tending everyday to her Lady's needs, Evelyn had a purpose, even many as she was not only cleaning and cooking for her Mistress, but serving tea and enjoying conversation everyday. But all good things have to come to an end and that end came sooner than later with Evelyn's Mistress falling victim to an illness. Heartbroken, Evelyn was left to herself but would never forgetting the time she spent serving her Lady, feeling like she was part of a family until the very end.
Promising to stand tall and walk towards the future, Evelyn searched far and wide for a new place to call home, new masters to serve and consider as family and she would hopefully find those as she offered her service to the huntsmen training school of Syne Academy. Evelyn was quite surprised that she was welcomed so quickly and warmly into the establishment and she hope that its students would be as welcoming as the fellow teachers.
With Syne Academy being in the middle of Finnek Forest which is renown for its Grimm population, Evelyn made sure to be trained properly in the art of battle in order to be of help in any situation like a sudden attack on the school or something similar while also being able to help any students that could require her help. Evelyn was to be part of Syne's staff, even though part of the janitorial team in title, she would not bound herself to only cleaning when so much more could be done. Serving others was the reason of her creation, helping others was her reason to live.
RP Sample:
Large bag in one hand and a long list in the other, Evelyn was walking around town, running the last of her errands before she would leave for Syne Academy later that day. She will probably be on the school's ground for quite some time, so it was now or never if she wanted to get anything in particular. The most important stop that she had to make was to a local blacksmith who took a commission from her a while ago. Since she was to be among huntsmen and huntresses, Evelyn did not want to be a burden to anyone and thought that it was logical for her to have a weapon fitting of her capabilities.
The day was bright with the sun shining above her head, which made her smile as she slowed down her pace, enjoying the day a little bit more as she made her way to the blacksmith's shop. When she entered the forge, Evelyn was greeted by a large man, the one who had taken on her commission, and presented her with a magnificent red blade that was exactly as requested. Grateful to the man, Evelyn was now finally ready to begin her journey that would hopefully be full of surprises.

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Yuri Rastenov
Your papers check out, I declare this application...

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