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First day on the job [Closed]

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1 First day on the job [Closed] on Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:25 pm

Evelyn Roseburg
Early morning, the sun had yet to show itself through the branches of the surrounding trees and through the glass of the wall-covering windows of the room. While it was still too early for anyone to be awake, there was one soul wandering the hallways and the many rooms across the academy. Evelyn, who had just started her job as the resident maid, was already doing some early cleaning in the classrooms of the school, making sure that they were ready to welcome the many students that would use them during the day.
It was not the easiest job nor the most prestigious one, but it was what Evelyn enjoyed doing the most and as always she would carry on her duties and complete everything by the time that classes would begin. It was obviously easier for her to do a job like this one since with her power, her semblance, she could control brooms, mops and other cleaning tools to make her cleaning go all the more faster. As long as they had wood in them that is. Because of this, Evelyn usually found herself cleaning the windows by hand while the brooms were sweeping the floors, using a nearby chair or table as a platform to lift herself higher when confronted by tall windows.
After a couple hours and most of the classes cleaned up, Evelyn was finishing the last one, a large classroom that seem to be a regular one used for the normal lessons with all the desks that were lined up everywhere. When all that was left was for the brooms to finish sweeping the place, Evelyn sat down at one of the desk, taking a short break while looking around the room for a bit. Sitting near the door, she had a nice view from all around the class. Thoughts flooded her mind as she wondered how it was like to be a regular student, studying, taking exams and answering a teacher. She was used to follow directives from someone in charge, but not in a learning environment, so it was a fun thing to think about.
Her sword has been laying on the desk Evelyn was sat at all that time, her blue eyes looking at the crimson weapon that she would carrying everywhere. It was in its sheath, a pretty leather one with accents matching her current clothing causing the bright red metal to contrast with the blue and cream colors of her attire, yet matching the ribbons in her hair. While not one to really follow the trends of fashion, Evelyn was not one to wear mismatch clothes.
Looking at the time, students would begin shortly to leave their dorms in order to attend classes and thus Evelyn's next assignment would begin. She was given permission to enter each and every student's dorm that she had gotten the approval to enter, permission that was given by the students themselves so that their right to privacy would be respected. Some students preferred cleaning their own rooms, which was understandable, but for those that were alright with someone else cleaning it, Evelyn was there for that. Gathering all her things and tools when she was done, she slowly headed towards the door in order to head for the dorms.

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2 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:10 pm

Viridian Sierra
Viridian was still getting used to the new setting. Being in an academic environment was something that he was far from used to, and even more than that, he was so far away from the familiar land of Vacuo. From what he'd heard, this place actual had seasonal weather changes, which was something that he'd not prepared for nearly as much as he should have. Viri had not gotten any clothes to match the climate around the island, so he spent even the rainiest of days in fairly thin or non-insulated clothes.

Today, he was dressed in his ordinary semi-dressy attire. His dress shirt had a few buttons down and the sleeves were rolled up. His vest had nothing particularly odd about it, and appeared to be in exceptional condition. As usual, he had his guns with him, locked into the holsters on the front and back of his belt. He was walking down the hall right now, keeping his hand against a wall for safety as he clicked his tongue against the inside of his cheek. His footsteps against the linoleum were enough to let him find his way around, but he just felt much more at ease using his echolocation like this.

Eventually, he found the room he was looking for, running his fingers along the room number to verify that he was in fact correct. When he was certain, he opened the door to the room and walked in. He clicked again, the room was empty save for one who was sitting at the front desk. Viri must have been the first to arrive to class this morning. He looked at the desk and smiled, waving as he tried to make himself as normal as possible, even despite his trademark greyish eyes that gave him away.

"Mornin' Professor. Hope ya slept decent." He spoke in his slow drawl as he walked on, clicking a few times as he neared his own desk and sat down. He didn't really have anything with him, nor could he think of much to say, instead he kicked his legs forward and leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms and humming a bit of a melody.

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3 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:20 am

Chapter 2: New Classes & Friends

After the events prior to the wondrous day that was today, so many events occurred which made the sleepy ambered lock lass ponder quite a bit, first that detective girl and now her new roomie Math, Amber was quite content with her new place in Syne. After roaming around the school with her bestie and somewhat getting use to exposing her Semblance form, she held a more happy face when the unexpected happened, as she awoke from her messy bed which was covered in throw pillows and puffy soft sheets; she got up. Heading to the shower and getting clean, she took her sweet time as it was about six-thirty in the morning, after twenty or so odd minutes past she got dressed, putting on her "Bad but Cute" t-shirt on with some jean booty-shorts on, her kitty-cat thigh high leggings and some comfy pull on shoes that she could quickly kick off encase a change. She grabbed her armlets, which where in their passive state, her box of pens and pencils, her note books and quickly trekked off with her scroll and coin purse (wallet) in each back pocket, it took quite some time as she wandered around until it was time for classes to begin, her earbuds in each ear as se strolled through the halls lightly singing to herself.

"Just like fire, burning up the way, if I could light up to world for just one day..." She sang the lyrics to her favorite song, echoing like an angelic opera singer, perfect pitch, tone and rhythm, her hips swaying as the music filled her body, only stopping when she pulled out her scroll to look at the agenda of the day. Seeing she had to attend a class and it gave her the room number, which she just followed by each room labeled with the according numbers until she found the room she was to be in. After putting the scroll away and turning her music off, she quickly opened the door, pulling the door lightly as the gentle clanking of her armlets filled the air, and upon entering the room noticed two people which a cheerful smile appeared upon her face. "Morning you two, lovely day isn't it?" She inquired as approaching one of the free desks, setting her note-books down along with her box of writing utensils, the amber locks dancing about with a slight damp appearance to them, her emerald green eyes locked onto the female behind her round glasses.

"Names Amber-Vera Picard Genesis, pleasure to meet you madam, and hello there." She said upon looking at the male student dressed in a very classy attire, her very relaxed attire showed she wasn't going to be taking today all to seriously, despite her rather workaholic mindset, she had to learn that this place wasn't the Atlas Military Research Center. It was a school to help people help others by any means, her main goal was to help others by getting a official license to be a mechanic to operate with Nano-bots and other machine like items, not like she wasn't already using them, but for proper use to the public, she wants to make peoples lives better, and if she had to go through the long process of getting a degree to do so, she would. "So, what we learning about today ma'am?" "Anything we need to take notes on?" She inquired, her peaceful and beautiful voice ringing out like a welcomed summer wind on a blazing day with no clouds.

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4 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:55 am

Evelyn Roseburg
On the moment that Evelyn was standing in order to head out for the section of the school where the dormitory was, the door leading to the hallway opened with a young man entering the room. He looked towards her, greeting her before heading to what she assumed to be his desk. Evelyn did not answer right away as she was taken aback by a detail, albeit a small one as she first thought. She did not feel as if this man looked at her as he entered, but looked simply in her general direction. Something about his gaze felt blank and not just the grayish color that was in them. It was somewhat obvious to guess as to what was the current situation and while Evelyn's immediate thought was to pity the poor soul, she instead smiled, thinking that he had to be someone capable to be able to enroll in a huntsmen academy with such an handicap.
Smiling to the man, Evelyn slowly stood up from her seat before making a few steps in his direction, making sure that he would hear her move by ruffling her dress a little with each movement as well as hitting the floor with her heels. She then bowed towards him while welcoming him into the class. "Good morning to you. While I am not the teacher you are probably waiting for, I appreciate your concern and I did sleep well. I hope the same went for you." Speaking as she bowed, Evelyn's voice would noticeably shift around, making it easier for the young man to determine her gesture. Raising herself back, she smiled once more while her brooms moved behind her as they finished their job.
The second after, another person entered the room, a young woman with short amber-colored hair. She had a bright smile and a radiant presence, obviously in a good mood on this morning. She introduced herself as Amber-Vera, although there was no way for Evelyn to know that it was a composite name and would refer to her as simply Amber until told otherwise. The school's maid bowed to the girl as she made her way to a desk and would then ask what was to be learned during today's class.
Evelyn waved her hands dismissively while smiling before explaining the situation. "Like I just said to Mister here Miss Amber, I am not the teacher for the class you will be attending. I am but the new maid that the academy hired. I was just about done with cleaning this room and was about to head for the dorms when you two entered." At the mention of cleaning, the wooden brooms behind her began to dance around, proudly showing themselves for praise of their good work, albeit Evelyn was the one making them move at all time. Turning around and reaching for her weapon on the desk, she strapped back the sheath to her belt on her right side, a little bit to the back to not hinder her arms.
Looking back to the two students, Evelyn found herself taken by a sudden curiosity. It was the first time she was confronted to students and by the fact that they are the first ones to show up, it had to be because they were not the type to dislike school. She wondered what it was like to study, to attend class, all that is related to a student's life. She could not bear to leave without at least asking one question to them. "Say, would you mind answering a little question for me? How is it to study? Well, not just study, but to be learning here at Syne among like-minded people for a common goal." Genuine curiosity was shinning through her eyes and resonating through her voice. Evelyn was still but a child in age even if she was built to look like a young woman. There was still much that she did not know about the world, still so much she wanted to learn. Maybe this was a first step to learn those things, but even if it was or not, it was a step that Evelyn would take.

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5 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:09 pm

Viridian Sierra
Viri blew a bit of air through tight lips as he rolled his head back for a moment, taking a bit of the irony from the concept of the statement of a 'lovely day'. He did, however, sit himself up from his nonchalant position at the possibility of conversation, and instead leaned forward, resting his arms on his desk and holding his body up at the elbows.

He uttered a simple, "Mornin'." and was then listening more closely to the people around him, tapping his fingers idly against his desk as he looked to face whoever was talking at any time, and doing his best to maintain eye contact with them.

As he waited for the two women to finish making some introductions and explanations, he tightened his fist and sighed as it was revealed that there was no teacher here at all. This meant that he was either very late, or early.

Only after there was a bit of time after the last individual had finished speaking did he pipe up. "Well, if'n we're sharin' names, then it's only fair that I not leave my own open to interpretation. My mama named me Viridian, last name: Sierra. She also called me Viri, so ya'll can do so if ya like." Viri's drawl was almost sing-song in its cadence, betraying a bit of playfulness in his spirit even more so than the soft smirk he had.

"To answer ya question, I can't. This here is my own first day here as well, and I wouldn't have much comparison neither. I started bein' home schooled by my ma five years after I started goin' to school, didn't feel... safe... I 'spose. So, this'll be my first real experience with 'academia' so to say."

Viri put air quotes around 'academia' and almost seemed mildly annoyed at using the term, feeling as though it mocked his mother's integrity as an educator, or even his own intellect to that same degree.

"Unrelated, but could I get the hour from one o' ya? My timer seems to be off, n' I need to fix that." Viri pulled out his pocket watch and feels around for the hands on it.

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6 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:42 pm

As Amber listened to the woman speak out first, seeing her speak to the young male in the classy attire before bowing to him in a pleasant gesture then turn her attention towards Amber, who simply gave a kind wave to and a smile. Afterwards hearing her call her Miss Amber made her have a rather displeased expression on her face which made her simple retort out towards her. "Just Amber, or Vera, either is fine by me." "Even when I worked at Atlas no one called me Miss Amber." She said, mentioning her past work which made her simple stop talking as she didn't want much about her past brought up, she just listened to the two talk and when the person who wasn't their teacher asked about learning in this place, Amber had to speak up after the lad named Viridian. "Can't say I have, Syne is the first... public school I've been in." "I went to a private academy in Atlas for girls because my... my unruly father wanted me to focus on learning." She said with a rather unpleasant tone that showed plenty in her facial expression that she and her father didn't get along all the at well.

"This is my second or third day at Syne, so; so far I am loving it, it is quite a pleasant place" She said with her tone changing to a pleasant one as the emerald gemmed lass leaned forward, adjusting her chest so it wouldn't get in the way while grabbing her scroll when Viridian asked for the time after pulling out a small pocket watch. "It's... seven twenty-five Viri." She stated before placing the device back in her back pocket, the subtle sound of her legs shifting as she crossed them and the tapping sound as she used her feet to pull her shows off, showing that she was in a more relaxed state since no teacher was around. "So Viridian, are you a Human or Faunus, I am quite interested in knowing." "I'm a Gecko Faunus, but unlike other Faunus I don't have any physically seen traits like eyes, ears, or a tail." She said, clearly interested in knowing more about Viridian considering that he gave off a rather odd aura, and considering that she needed more friends other than Math, she needed at least one male friend so she wouldn't be overwhelmed by Math and her rather doll like self.[/color][/color]

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7 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:33 pm

Evelyn Roseburg
It came to a surprise for Evelyn hearing that both Viridian and Amber had barely started as student themselves, especially since it was so late in the educational year. Maybe here at Syne it worked differently and school began in the Spring rather than fall or maybe those two students began school late which was also an option. Either way it seemed like she would have to ask other students in order to know how things were around here which in on itself was not a bad thing, it meant that Evelyn would have a reason to talk to more students and get to know them too.
With the two students having introduced themselves, it was only fair for Evelyn to do the same while also thanking them for their answers however short they were. "I am quite surprised that both of you started studying here recently. I do hope that you will have a good time here among like-minded huntsmen and huntresses. By the way, I am Evelyn and it is a pleasure to meet both of you." She elegantly offered them a curtsy, her left hand holding her doll-like dress while her other angled her sword so it would not hinder her.
Evelyn had noticed the tone and expression that Amber had when talking about her father and would not pry to know more on the situation. On the other hand, Viridian seemed quite happy when he talked about his mother, which contrasted Amber's emotion. It was somewhat of a weird thing to have such opposing opinions on each of their parents, yet it was not something that Evelyn could totally understand. She was built with a purpose to serve and the one person she served was an old lady that had bought her years ago. She was not her parent or even a relative for that matter, that role would have been given to Evelyn's creator but she never met them. Yet, despite all this, that old woman was the closest to what she could call a family. Not one of blood, but one of feelings. She wanted to share her thoughts but she figured that it could come across as disrespectful, especially on a first meeting, so Evelyn held on that thought.
Right then, Viridian suddenly asked for the time which Amber gave him an answer after looking at a small pocket-watch that she had. Evelyn herself was surprise at how early it was, thinking that it was nearing more closely to eight meaning that she had finish her cleaning faster than she thought which meant she had some time to kill before resuming her work. She decided to stick around with Viridian and Amber until either class would start or one of them would think that her presence was unwelcomed for a reason or another. Amber had asked about Viridian's race, clearly out of curiosity rather than out potential hatred for humankind. It was an interesting question, not the kind that Evelyn would ask herself since for her race was like someone's upbringing: something you were born with and that did not determine what kind of person you would become. If you wanted to act upon those things you had the right to, but it was not mandatory in her opinion. She herself was born to serve, either a single master or a family yet she took upon herself to follow her wishes and applied to work somewhere she would not be under someone's authority. Clearly all those opinions were taught to her by her late Mistress, but it was the way to think if the world was to one day be at peace. Not that it would happen anytime soon with the current state of Remnant, but Evelyn could dream. Being neither a human nor a faunus; by being an android, as long as she could repair and update herself she would be able to live. Not that she would openly mention her origin without leaving it at some kind of playful mystery.

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8 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:03 pm

Viridian Sierra
Viri suddenly had a face that gave off an aura of horrid distaste. He ran his hands across the pocket watch once again, only to confirm, before he began to twist the knobs on it to fix it.

"Two hours fast, how in the dune's name'd I forget to change my clocks when I got here..." His irritation was noticeable, but after slipping the watch back into his vest, it rapidly dissipated. Viridian quickly went back to listening to everyone speaking, awaiting a moment for himself to answer while thinking heavily on each phrase and clause that was said by his conversational companions. It seemed as though Amber had her own issues, if her verbal intonation was any indication, and it was remarkably interesting to meet someone from a kingdom which could only be described as a polar opposite to his own. Evelyn on the other hand seemed incredibly normal, almost too much so to a certain degree which really made him think.

Eventually, he was posed with a question about his lineage, to which he thought for a moment before letting his ears unflatten from the top of his head and twitch about as they parted the hair which they were buried under. "Faunus, if ya needed further explanation. Specifically, I'm a 'flying fox' faunus, so basically a bat." He pursed his lips as he flattened his ears against his head again rather quickly, covering them with his hair by hand before anything particularly loud happened.

"My ma's side... dad was human... My ma was just like me though, 'cept she inherited claws on her feet. Always said she got weird looks at the pool." Viri laughed a bit to himself at the anecdote that his mother had told him when he was younger, but it wasn't exactly hidden that he was trying to glaze over his father as quickly as he could. He clicked his tongue again before facing Evelyn.

"How 'bout you Miss? Anything interestin' you care to 'share with the class'?"

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9 Re: First day on the job [Closed] on Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:15 pm

Amber listened in on the two as they spoke, hearing the female maids name was Evelyn made her smile, it was a beautiful name while Viridian seemed to begin messing with that pocket watch of his, adjusting the time perhaps as he twisted the little nut at the top of it. Then when he spoke out about his mother and his faunus trait, Amber could only giggle slightly before speaking out to the flying fox faunus before her. "I bet, I've actually treated a few Faunus like you and your mother beforehand." "Some had the same feature as your mother, very interesting to be honest." She said before stretching forwards somewhat, and leaning back in her chair, trying to stay away as all this relaxation would surely put her to sleep which she didn't need currently. "Anyways, I agree Eve, do you have anything interest...." She quickly stopped talking before feeling a familiar tingle all over her body only meant one of a few things, her Semblance was kicking in or she suffering form a heart-attack, and seeing hoe her chest wasn't hurting, she knew what was going on.

"AII!" "BLOODY HELL!" Her voice range out as she felt her body changing which caused her to slip out of her chair as the crashing of not only her chair filled the room, but a few behind her as well, her once peach-pale skin now shifting to milk white, red pulsating veins covered her body, legs altering into anthropomorphic raptor style while a enormous tail slipped through the slit in her booty shorts. Thankfully all her lower region clothes had that slit, her hair grew in length to her shoulders while becoming feathery and as quickly as the situation happened, it was over, as Amber slowly rose up from her cluttered pile of chairs ad desks around her, she poked her head up which held the now crimson hued gems instead of her emerald ones. "Ummmm... d-don't be alarmed or anything... but my Semblance may have just activated on its own." She said upon standing up, her form was much different, she was shorter than before her bust was smaller but her behind was slightly larger, accompanied by a long reptilian like tail that had some primate like qualities as she began cleaning up the mess, using her tail along with her hands to pick desks up and chairs, and before long everything was back to normal as the woman shyly sat down before speaking out again.

"Sooo... funny thing my Semblance... I can't control it at all yet." She said before speaking out once more, her armlets clanking gently as they shift, clearly Amber was slightly upset and nervous while in this form. "To be blunt, I have a transformation Semblance, but mine targets my Faunus traits, focuses on them and accelerates them by inducing a forced evolutionary status on them, making me... well... look like this." She said before looking away from Eve and Viri, hoping that neither of them judged her for the look she had, clearly this was sudden and was going to be quite a shocker for most whom have never seen it, nor stayed around long enough for Amber to explain it, typically she was met with fear and hate whenever it popped off. "It's just... people usually don't stick around when this form pops out, and it makes me nervous whenever it does happen, hell I had to have all my clothes custom made to fit with this form while also for my human form to." She said before leaning on her desk, crossing her arms and burying her face in them, trying to hide her face from them both, the pulsating red veins all over her white skin increased in speed as it seemed almost mechanical how they moved about.

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