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Thomas Graham's Tragedy. (Solo / Open to one)

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1 Thomas Graham's Tragedy. (Solo / Open to one) on Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:20 pm

Thomas Graham
OOC:  Don’t worry about where I am, you’ll probably get small details later, but I can’t say anything that’ll get me in trouble for a while, so all I can tell you is that this is the last post I’ll make for a long time.  Probably.  I dunno.  Also, yeah, Thomas, the nicest character I’ve ever written, is going through a pretty big change here, and I’m pretty sure I told Ishi about it?  I contacted Flash about the uh… details… but keep in mind if I break the rules here, it’s because I didn’t bother waiting.  Keep it real guys.  Hope I can talk to you all soon.  Oh, also, this says SOLO / OPEN because I can make Tom meet whoever happens to be in the forest, but don't feel like you guys have to join.  I might not even reply in a long time.  Of the people I want joining, I'd prefer if either IQ, Flash, or Varialis joined.  Alright, for real, see ya later.

It took an immeasurable amount of pleading, persuading, and attempted bribes to make it happen, but today was the day that Thomas finally gained permission to go and visit his family for a few days.  As one could expect, the masked titan of a man was practically glowing.  He walked to the airship with a skip in his step, giddily humming his youngest’s favorite bedtime song and with his luggage at his side.  When he hopped onto the ship, he didn’t even bother to look back at the school before it took off.  How could he?  Tom had no reason to look back, and if he was forgetting anything, it was far too late now.  Now, he had way too much to look forward to for him to even consider turning back.

As the airship took off, a sudden feeling of horror surged through Tom, and he practically tore his suitcase open as panic set in on him.  After a moment of searching, his panic subsided, and he held up the sweaters he sewed for all three of his daughters in victory.  He was still a great father, and he didn’t forget the gifts he made them.  Tom quietly packed his things away and sat down, getting comfortable for what he thought was going to be a long flight, only to be startled when the flight ended in around an hour, which was about how long it took for him to get over his excitement to get some sleep.  He was far from upset, however.  This just meant that it felt like he waited less for another amazing moment in his life.

When the airship landed, Tom burst out of it, his excitement from before he boarded the ship coming back just as powerful.  The car ride over felt like torture.  He’d called a friend to do him a favor and drive him home, and he agreed immediately, but his friend had no idea Tom was going to be in such a great mood.  The car ride consisted of what most car rides do, but with a man that could hardly fit inside the car talking nonstop about how much his kids must have grown, despite him being gone less than a year.  His friend did a great job allowing Thomas to talk, despite the obvious fact that it pained him to have to listen to somebody go on and on without ever stopping, not even to breathe. However, the mood changed incredibly quickly and drastically when they arrived.

Around Thomas’s house was what appeared to be enough cops to watch the entire town, and the door to the place was slightly open, but a large amount of police tape prevented easy passage regardless, and there was even more tape on the outside of his property.  Tom quietly exited the car, saying nothing, doing nothing.  It was only when a police officer walked to him to question him did he finally bring himself back to reality.  “Sir!  Is this your home?  Are you Thomas Graham?  The neighbors told us a masked man lives here.”  Yes.  He was.  It’s his job to protect those that live under his roof, it’s his job to make sure everything is alright.  Without a word, Thomas walked past the cop and toward his home, walking through the tape as if it wasn’t there.

One of the officers tried to stop him, but his words fell on deaf ears.  Thomas grabbed the man stopping him from moving by the shirt and pulled him violently to the side.  He had to see what happened.  He had to know they were okay.  The other cops tried to get in his way, three went to check on the one he tossed a moment ago, but none of it mattered to Tom anymore.  He started running straight at them, bowling over anybody that didn’t jump out of the way, stomping on one of their throats accidentally as he went.  He walked up the steps to his porch, approached the doorway, and walked through the tape.

He’ll never forget the horror that was his own living room.  His father was laid on the floor, legs and fingers twisted, torn, and bent in unimaginable ways, and his face was beyond recognition.  All of this was nothing compared to his treasures, his reasons for being.  Duct taped to the chairs in the living room were his daughters, and not one of them wasn’t mangled.  None of them were spared.  Fingernails found themselves scattered on the floor, and their eyes-

Thomas suddenly fell to his knees, and he couldn’t bring his sight away from the horrible mess that was his family.  Juliet, Alex, Brianna, and his father, all gone.  Every reason he had for going to that god damn academy or even learning about medicine to begin with, every reason he had to be happy and to make others the same, every reason he was alive, gone.  He was alone in this terrible world again, and this time was far more cruel to him than the last.  They didn’t have a choice.  They all deserved better than this.  His father deserved to die peacefully in bed, and all of his kids deserved a happy and long life.  A life away from violence, sadness, and… this.  A pained wail escaped Thomas.  A scream of pain, anger, and mourning.

“D… d…”  Thomas’s breath escaped him as he sprinted for his oldest, Brianna, who started to make a sound.  He could hardly bear to look at her.  Did the cops not even check if everyone was alive or not yet?  Were they all incompetent idiots?  Tom looked over his only hope for a moment, only to feel his happiness stolen from him again.  Looking around, it was clear that she lost too much blood, and the wounds on her body suggested there was no way she’d ever leave that chair on her own.  Brianna started foaming at the mouth, and her attempts at crying out to her dad for help ceased.  In an agonizing act of mercy, Thomas stood behind her, grabbed her chin with his right hand, and the back of her head with his left.  As quickly as he could, he twisted and pulled at the same time, and a sickening crunch echoed through his now lifeless house.

Tom fell to his knees and shuffled himself to a corner, a quiet, nearly lifeless groan emanating from him.  He could only be alone for a few moments, however, as cops made their way into the house as quietly as they could manage.  A woman walked up to him, and he brought himself to his feet.  “Thomas?  We understand that this is a terrible thing to witness, but I promise you, we’re looking for the one who did this as we sp-”  “You haven’t found him already?” The cop froze and looked to the stained floor, obviously unprepared for this situation.  “I’m sorry.  This happened just last night… and… we…”  She shifted her gaze upwards, meeting the masked man’s eyes.  Slowly, he placed a hand on her shoulder.  For a moment, it seemed as if he was forgiving her, but moments like that led to this situation.  His grip tightened gradually, but it eventually reached a point that her bones couldn’t handle.  A loud crack came from her collarbone, and she fell in front of Tom, who kicked her to the side and charged through the cops again, running as far as his legs would take him from this horrible place.

The world hated him.  He had enough proof the decide that.  First, his mother left him alone, and now he was in the same place again.  No family.  No real friends.  Purpose?  If anything he had to have that.  If not, he’d have no choice but to end it all.  But what kind of purpose does he have now?  After deciding he had run far enough, he took a look around him, asked for directions with a shaky, furious, and depressed voice, and started his journey back to Bellmuse.  There were plenty of people around them, and most of them looked content.  Why was it that they deserved to be happy with their lives, but his was such a tragedy?  Tom was kind.  He did his best to be generous, forgiving, gentle, and what did he get in return?  Hardly ever was his kindness returned, despite him giving it to many.  

Nobody deserves to be happy.  If someone like him, after making it his goal to never do harm to another living being, didn’t deserve to be happy, then there’s no way anybody else deserves happiness either.  Thomas eventually found his way onto an airship on it’s way back to Bellmuse, giving him more time to think on what he was to do with himself.  As the ship landed, he settled on an answer.  He hated everything about this cruel place we all call the world, but part of him still wanted people to be safe.  He stepped off the airship and made his way into Finnek Forest.  He’d make a home for himself there.  If anybody made the mistake of travelling too close to his home, he’d end them on a good note.  Who wouldn’t want the last thing they see to be a beautiful forest like this one?  This would be the excuse he gives himself so he can sleep at night.

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