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Animal Link Semblance?

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1Animal Link Semblance? Empty Animal Link Semblance? on Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:41 pm

So, out of curiosity, I was wondering if a semblance that linked you with an animal would count as summon or would it be something else entirely? E.G. A character's semblance links them mentally and spiritually to an animal like a fox. Their semblance does nothing else and the fox is an ally they have constantly.

(I'd ask on Discord but can't really access it right now)

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2Animal Link Semblance? Empty Re: Animal Link Semblance? on Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:13 pm

Richard Lionheart
That would come under Summon, there are things you could do with this though an issue I foresee is that it couldn't be an animal that is a pet in the pet shop because the systems would clash completely. Having a pet outside that though which you can grant your aura to, giving it power in exchange for you having control over it, could work but it would be an animal you keep rather than "Oh I came across a bird, I'll take over that." As summons are the creation of a specific creature/being, not even like... a species of them. It would be a fox you can control. What happens when the summon breaks is curious and I guess is up to you? It could be explained that your link to the animal allows it an accelerated period of recovery, meaning that following summon hp dropping to 0 it can get back up as per the rules.

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3Animal Link Semblance? Empty Re: Animal Link Semblance? on Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:28 pm

Hmm... interesting. Thank you! :3

The intent was to have a single animal that you would keep contact with, and it would be only one single animal-- basically like having a companion that is linked to you/your aura through a mental connection made by a semblance.

To clarify, using my earlier example, the fox would be one fox and only that fox.

A character-- we'll call her Silva-- bonded to a white arctic fox-- we'll call her Noelle-- at a young age. Silva and Noelle have a bond that is shared only between them. They share aura, and share what would be sort of a third conscience-- they each have their own sense of self, but they are linked and can act as one. What I was thinking was Silva and Noelle would be two characters as one-- acting together, but with separate minds.

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4Animal Link Semblance? Empty Re: Animal Link Semblance? on Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:15 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
The only immediate issue with that I can see is that semblances have a limited range? what would happen when the summon exceeds that range would need discussed by the staff.

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