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Specialised Therapy (Shadow/Major Mission, The Doctor)

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Charlotte Monochrome
The path toward the Doctors was one of the few in Bellmuse that Charlotte felt not only safe but comfortable walking. The effort was almost certainly intended for wheelchairs, smooth and well maintained roads with ramps instead of stairs, but it suited the broad spider woman quite well. It was a small thing, but to feel the world was made for you was certainly a nice thing... was this how humans typically felt? Able to walk freely, comfortably, without worry they would be faced by some insurmountable blockage? Then again... did their lack of experience mean they would feel nothing of this sort on a day to day basis? Probably.

Entering the practice, electric doors parting before her, she was gently directed toward the Doctor's office (just where it had been before). Knocking gently upon the door she was beckoned in, the doctor sat behind her computer chipping away at emails and a printer spurting out pink prescription slips. She didn't look up from her screen, "Todays patients are the typical sort I get for those with healing semblances, the issues that can't be treated with the wave of a hand. I know you've dealt with such things before Charlotte even in reality, but..." She sighed, finally looking up; "I don't want this to be easy for you. It'd be a waste of time to show you the emergencies, people rushed in to have their stitches checked or a broken finger. Eye tests, social issues, general check ups. Utilising medical apparatus and standardised tests. Some of it is going to be hard to stomach but you must do your best."

Charlotte nodded; "I understand and agree, I should continue to further my understanding and experience of more permanent issues."

Dr Venice turned back to her work, simply nodding at her response. She was an efficient woman, even if she was cold, Charlotte had to give her that. Her movements were comparable to a practiced martial artist, nothing being wasted, an embodiment of efficiency... it was probably the reason she could get through so many patients in a single day, though her refusal to take breaks was rather disturbing... it certainly couldn't be healthy. Regardless, she was this well known and practiced as a doctor, she had to know what she was doing.

It would be a good half hour before the first patient arrived, an elderly blind faunus man with a rather impressive set of rabbit ears... they must have stretched a foot and a half above him. He had been using a cane alongside his good ears to get through town, however, in recent months he had been hit by a car. Tests through observation and the use of sound made it quite clear, this man would need to get hearing aids. Already being blind, attaching them and controlling them was going to be difficult; he was fitted for the devices and a special order was placed to have them controllable with a brail remote rather than the typical dial. It was strongly recommended that he stay with family or in the care facility while the earpiece was being ordered, but out of pride... it seemed likely the man would refuse.

This shone a light on a side of medicine Charlotte had not considered, that people may refuse treatment from her for reasons outside their appearance... though, when they did, this would typically be quite obvious. She couldn't exactly force someone to take antibiotics or get bedrest. She had to rely on her patients to do that.

Next was a pregnancy, a flying squirrel faunus with webbed arms and a goat faunus with a set of cloven feet. Charlotte knew enough about faunus to predict the potential issue here... the trait was unknown, they'd have no idea what kind of feature their child would have and (as a result) how this would affect the pregnancy. It was Charlotte's first time performing an ultrasound, lathering the gel on the goat faunus' belly and pressing the sensor against them in an attempt to disern if the trait was visible and whether or not it could prove to be an issue. Watching the foetus squirm and shift as she cast the wand over it reminded Charlotte... she'd been born likely of two different faunus, yet she had done little research into treating their mothers. She'd focused almost totally on the children themselves.

Eventually, as the child turned their head just the right way, it became clear. The infant had a beak, it wasn't so obvious as that of a humming bird, the curvature suggested it was probably that of a seed eating bird. Dr Venice cut in; "You might need painkillers, it's nothing so serious as a reptilian faunus or an enlarged trait as your mother had, but you'll need frequent check ups to be sure. It is fortunate the trait developed so far along, drug work should not have much effect as long as we keep the dosage low." Clearly they were quite happy, perhaps they had been scared that their traits may have resulted in an even more dramatic one? The beak trait wasn't exactly common but... thankfully they were happy about it. There was a short break, Dr Venice seemingly annoyed that one of her patients had been late, but her shift culminated with the arrival of a faunus second in peculiarity only to Charlotte. She had a shell, she was some form of turtle or tortoise faunus. With every step she took her entire body would sway forward, it clearly wasn't the most comfortable of traits to have.  

She was an older woman, likely in her sixties, and with the ageing on her skin came wear and tear to the skin. Their body was beginning to sag free from the rest of her mass, and with it she was becoming prone to blisters and cuts. The only thing that could really be done was prescribing cream and pain killers... it was a harrowing reminder, that she had no idea how her body would age. Would she lose her hair, would she lose the ability to walk? It was quite worrisome. Once she was sent home lunch was called and Charlotte's shift ended. With a swift bow to Dr Venice she was on her way... she had a lot to think about.

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