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A fated return (open, but ask to join please)

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1A fated return (open, but ask to join please) Empty A fated return (open, but ask to join please) on Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:36 pm

Sky Richardson
Sky's shockingly blue eyes fluttered, as if trying to escape the clutches of his dreams, which had held him for so long now. At the new motion, birds took flight, and squirrels ran, which, to anyone who was a hunter, and not just a huntsman, would be like a trail straight to him. Feeling returned to his body, slowly, sensations drifting through the filter of sleep.

Then, all at once, his eyes snapped open, and he returned to himself. Blue... finnek forest blue. At the sight, memories return, of his times at syne. He wondered if he was destined to forever come and go, leave and return this place, as if he were a rock, skipping over the lake of Syne.

Not that he was dissatisfied, really, but the moanings of depression were a hard habit to break. He felt at his sides, then, in at sort of panicked rush, which calmed only when he found his swords, Wind and Rain, hanging dutifully there. Some had called him superstitious, but he really did feel like his weapons were an extension of him, his soul.

Certainly they were the extension of his duty, and a grim reminder of his resolve. For he could never think of his swords without seeing the faces of his fallen team, burdening him with the weight of their deaths, though he knew they would never burden him so by choice.

There, now he had assessed his mental state, clarity returned, and with it the cool sense of detachment he had learned to maintain, lest he be rendered catatonic by the weight of depression and grief. Now, he assessed his body, checking for any damages by flexing each part slowly. Nothing to note, except that he was feeling very rusty. Who knew how long he had been out this time.

He climbed to his feet, using wind to lever himself up. He nearly fell over, as his legs threatened to collapse beneath him. Resolute, he started to hobble torwards bellmuse, using his swords as crutches.

It was a long walk to Bellmuse on creaking groaning legs. Sky set his face to that of a small grimace which did not do his pain justice, and hobbled on in spite. He used to have fun climbing up the rocks and the trees to Syne, which was said to be reachable only by airship, but such a feat was completely beyond him at this point.

Don't think it... don't think it... a big believer in luck, especially bad luck, he was trying his best not to jynx himself by thinking the only thing that could make this better is if a grimm showed up... Shit. Damn exposition.

He felt it, first, a small prickling on the back of his neck a weight not unlike fog curling about his shoulders. Then the growl pierced through the clearing, and ushered off the sounds of life. He turned, weary and resigned. So, this is where I meet my end, huh? After all this time, it ends like this.

He knew he wasn't in any condition to fight, yet he couldn't simply lie down and die, so his mind was already formulating a plan. He could dodge, sending sparks under the plates in his boots, and use the roll to slash. That would work if it was one Grimm. Maybe. That dead tree there might provide a solid opportunity. He sheathed wind and readied himself to try and defy fate.

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
It was a rather calm and peaceful day for Sakura as she walked through Finnek Forest. Sakura had decided to take a walk in Finnek Forest since she didn't have any classes today. Sakura had been in Finnek on various other occasions. However, she never actually had a chance to explore the forest at her own pace. Most of the time, Sakura was usually rushing through Finnek Forest during hunts and other situations like that. Finally, Sakura had a chance to explore the forest and enjoy the flora that is possesses. However, a loud growl soon resonated through the forest.

"That sounds like the growl is coming from over there." Sakura thought quietly to herself as she took a deep breath to clear her head. Soon after, Sakura began walking towards the area where the growl came from. It didn't take long before Sakura found herself in a clearing. As soon as she approached the clearing, Sakura quickly noticed an injured looking young man who was crouched while using his sword to prop himself up.

"Are you alright, Sir?" Sakura asked in a polite yet concerned fashion as she rush over to the young man. After reaching the spot where the young man was, she then began looking over him for any injuries. The man looked fine externally. However, the fact that the man was using the sword to prop himself up, Sakura made a guess that the man was experiencing weakness in part of his body. Soon after examining the young man, Sakura then looked around for signs of any predators or Grimm. As a precaution, Sakura took out one of her Aegis MK 10 shields and wore it on her right arm. After doing this, Sakura extended her left hand out to the young man so that she could help him up.

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Sky Richardson
There! The... not Grimm approached through the trees. It was a young lady, who judging from the heavy shields she wore, was either a student or faculty at Syne academy. Dual waves of emotion rose through him and clashed then: on the one hand, despite knowing how much of a disadvantage he'd have been at, part of him still wanted to take on the Grimm all by himself. The other side was relief, knowing he'd have help . She rushed to his side concernedly, asking if he was okay. He assumed she knew that the Grimm was close by, so he turned his sky blue eyes upon her, while still keeping his ears trained for the signs of the looming attack. He manages a weak smile, and says

I've certainly been better. I just awoke from a reeeally long nap. Apparently, my body has forgotten some things, mainly how to support itself. I was just trying to figure out how I was going to defend myself from the Grimm that's prowling around, so I am glad you showed up.

His tone was nonchalant, as if muscle atrophy was something that was a minor inconvenience to him. Whether it was bravado or not, he takes her extended hand, and uses it, and rain still planted in the ground, to rise, though once again his legs slump and he has to lean on her to support his weight. He sighs, and says

really, I'm more competent than I look.

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
"I am relieved to see that you are alright, Sir. My name is Sakura A. Brynhildr." Sakura replied as the young man  took her hand before slowly trying to stand up. As the young man tried to get up, his legs soon slumped which caused him to lean on her as he slowly stood up. Sakura didn't mind letting the young man lean on her as his legs were still a bit weak. As he did so, the young man tried to reassure her by stating that "Really, I'm more competent than I look."

"Please allow me to help you up." Sakura replied as she helped the young man get on his feet by pulling the young man onto his feet slowly using her outstretched hand. Soon after, Sakura looked over at the young man once more to see how he was faring. Besides the weakness in his legs, the young man looked fine. After confirming the status of the young man, Sakura soon let out a sigh of relief before smiling in a very lady-like manner.

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The deathstalker watched the pair of humans from the tree line for several moments cautiously. This was a smaller creature, but despite this it showed a level of caution that had allowed it to survive despite it’s relatively small size in comparison to others of it’s species. It was intelligent enough to understand the need to evaluate its prey before attacking, and what it saw was quite appealing. Like any Grimm, this one had been attracted by negative emotions, and while it had been ready to attack right away, the appearance of the new human had caused it a moment of pause to once again assess the threat, before it decided to finally begin its attack.

The Deathstalker would rush the two, hoping to get the humans before either could prepare at all, it recognized one of the humans to be injured, and so would prioritize attacking them as opposed to the female. Merely attempting a halfhearted slash at the pink-haired female meant to remove her from it's path while it’s tail lashed out at the injured male. The Grimm would then attempt to grab at the male with it’s claw, wanting to capitalize on the advantage it perceived itself to have.

HP 100/100

Actions taken: Three attacks, one claw attack on Sakura, a tail attack on Sky, and another attempted grab on Sky. Damage is 10 before defenses.

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Sky Richardson
Sky was glad that Sakura hadn't minded his weight- when he had fallen on her he had half expected her to shirk away from his sudden weight. More of a fear, really- same as why his reassurance had been as much for his benefit as for hers: he just couldn't stand to be a burden on anyone. Even this was hard, accepting her help. Nevertheless, when she introduced herself, he smiled, stronger this time, and said Pleased ta meetcha, Miss Sakura. And, thank you, for- His next words were cut off as he simultaneously yelped and pushed her with all his strength.

Damned Grimm, he had known its presence, had expected its sudden attack, but let his guard down for two seconds and its halfway across the clearing. Had he been thinking clearly, he wouldn't have shoved her out of harms way- aside from literally being his support, she had by way of weapons two shields after all- but instinct trumps reason, when one is surprised. However altruistic his instincts were, this left him vulnerable- since he had been focused on getting her out of the way, he hadn't been focused on getting himself out of the way. Which meant that the stalker- and its first attack, were already upon him by the time his sparks kicked in- however fast lightning was, it still took so long for him to activate it.

He had sheathed Wind, which mean that his electricity coated Rain only. He took the hit, then flipped backwards from the combination of it and his sparks. A favoured- and well practiced- manuever of his, Rain was already in motion to slash into the grim. The electricity coursing through the blade went into the Grimm, while the force of the spin meant that, despite his atrophied arms, he didn't lack for any damage. He already was twisting his body like a cat, preparing for the landing- moving Rain so he didn't impale himself on it, positioning his limbs to catch himself on the ground.

Once again, instinct moved faster than thought- his muscles, which couldn't even support him, crumpled instantly. Rain, buried point first into the ground was the only thing that prevented him from rolling into a jumble of confused limbs. Once he had exhausted most of his motion, Wind flashed out of her sheath and he rose on his blades, this time prepared to spark his electricity to shoot out of the way once more.

95/100 hp,
170/200 ap

Two attacks- a sword slash and 20 ap for semblance damage
1 utility  at 10 ap
The stats on my scroll are wrong, 5 str, 3 spt, 2 def and res
I was sure I was calculating wrong so I left those out

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
A few moments after Sakura had helped the young man up, he started to thank her for her help. However, he soon stopped mid-sentence before pushing her back a bit with all his strength. Soon after, a Deathstalker bursted into the clearing and charge at the young man with the intention of attacking him with its tail. The Deathstalker's tail attack managed to hit the young man. However, the young man managed to counter with what Sakura guessed to be one of his weapons. However, the young man crumbled before slowly standing up with the help of his blades.

Sakura quickly quickly regained her footing from being pushed before examining the current situation. Currently, the Deathstalker was about 3 meters from her. This was close enough for her to go in and attack the Deathstalker's side. Soon after, Sakura quickly crouched down slightly before pushing herself forward using her right leg. It didn't take long for Sakura to close the distance between herself and the Deathstalker. After closing the distance, Sakura then slammed her Aegis MK 10 into the right side of the Deathstalker with an extreme amount of force. She hoped that this strike was strong enough to cause the Deathstalker to lose it balance.

"Are you alright?" Sakura asked in a concerned tone as she positioned herself in front of the young man with her shield up in preparation for a head-on attack from the Deathstalker. She was determined to protect the young man no matter what.

Current Status
HP: 300/300
AP: 0/0

Attacks Taken
1. Shield Slam (Deathstalker's Right Side)

Total Damage Done
5 Damage Dealt (Defense not included)

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The Deathstalker was not too bothered by the female being pushed out of the way, and her slam only proved that fact as it didn’t truly cause much damage to the creature. However, she was a pest to be sure, and the creature was somewhat dissuaded by the attacks from the male human. Though the human also appeared weak, the slash that it had received was blocked by its armor and subsequently making the attack far less effective. The electrical attack however, was not so easily repelled and as a result the Grimm was resolved to act somewhat more cautious. It would get the female out of the way first, then it could focus on the exhausted male without interruption.

The deathstalker’s tail lashed out at the pinkette, all the while it tried to grab her with it’s claw, attempting to toss the human to the side. After which it would attempt another tail strike at the male, hoping that the human would wear themselves out, as it still appeared they were in less than good condition, but wanting to avoiding putting itself at risk should, as it had already been harmed by his attack once.

HP 65/100

Actions. Two attacks on Sakura, one tail attack on sky. 10 damage each before defenses.

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Sky Richardson
Sky was ready now, even in his weakened condition, and already had his sparks jolting under his feet, making him vibrate as he hunched over on his swords. With his weight on his arms, he was able to position his feet properly- feet flat, legs tensed to keep from being launched upwards. Just the slightest shift in the position of his feet and he would be shot forward, however. He panted, but remained alert- his eyes were on the deathstalker and he kept his ears trained in case there were any other Grimm lurking about, waiting to strike.

It was when the Scorp turned its attention to Sakura that sky saw his chance. He planted his toes into the ground and launched with the force of pent up lightning yearning for an escape- one step, then off again before the leg crumbled, another step, and then he leapt, wrenching his body around in midair to slash his swords at the base of the stalkers tail. The smell of ozone crackled as the electricity coursing through his swords leapt into the grim with every slash, once, twice, thrice before momentum betrayed him and he crumpled into a heap, unable to plant his body properly in his weakened state.

He struggled to untangle himself, and rise up off the ground, but he was obviously having trouble, and would doubtless present an irresistible target to the deathstalker.

Hp- 95/100
Ap 145/200 +5 recovery, -10 utility -20 semblance attack
4 attacks- three sword slashes at the unarmed back of the tail, 20 ap for semblance damage

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
After positioning herself in front of young man, Sakura quickly braced herself before activating her Aegis MK 10's "Deployed Mode". She had anticipated that the Deathstalker was going to attempt to shove her out of the way, so that the Grimm would be able to get a straight shot at Sky. Sakura was not willing to let this happen. It didn't take long before her Aegis MK 10 completed its deployment cycle. Sakura then smiles slightly before thinking "I am ready for you, Deathstalker". Sakura then looked over her shoulder at the young man and gave him a thumbs up.

"It will be alright, I'll keep the Deathstalker off of you. You can just focus on killing the Deathstalker." Sakura spoke calmly as she braced herself as the Deathstalker closed in and attacked her with a tail strike. However, the Deathstalker's stinger impacted Sakura's shield before bouncing off. This left a minor scratch on Sakura's Shield. The Deathstalker's second strike met with similar results.

Current Status
HP: 290/300 (-5 minimum damage from the two strikes.)
AP: 0/0

Actions Taken
1. Activates her shield's deployed form
2. Block Deathstalker's Tail Strike
3. Blocks Deathstalker's Grab attempt

Total Damage Taken
10 Total Damage (-5 minimum damage from each blocked attack)

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The deathstalker was somewhat annoyed by the pink-haired human’s defensive efforts It made one final attempt to strike, before it’s attention was redirected by the attack on it’s tail. The first two strikes hit, but the creature moved before the last could connect, the Grimm decided to abandon its assault against the female in favor of attacking the male. It was beginning to get weak, the battle having worn it down significantly due to the damage it had sustained thus far.

The creature would lash out at the male human with either of it’s claws, hoping to grab him and make him less able to fight back, the female didn’t do too much damage, being mostly more of a nuisance. The male however was different as he’d managed to damage the creature significantly. It knew that it’s only chance was to eliminate him, and as such dedicated it’s efforts to that task. It would attack the male with it’s tail, an attack that if he were grabbed would be difficult to avoid, though.

HP 5/100

Actions: Avoided last hit in combo, tried to strike/grab Sky with claws and then attempt to sting with tail.

Three attacks 10 damage each before defenses.

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Sky Richardson
On his hands and knees, sky was unable to move enough to dodge the claw descending on him, having exhausted most of his energy. He did attempt a feeble roll, and managed to get a sword in between the first pass, though it still drove enough force to push him a few inches into the ground. The second grab attack landed solidly, and the Scorp gave him a shake that sent his weapons flying. A combination of exhaustion and outrage slowed time for him then, as he watched his weapons float to the ground.

Abruptly, time resumed its normal pace when the stalker drove its stinger straight into his chest. His aura flickered and strained, but just barely held; if it weren't for the breastplate that strike would have drawn blood. His eyes flared and he grabs the stinger with both hands; the hair on his head standing up as he flooded his body with electricity that veritably poured into the deathstalker.He smacks the floor, still encased in the death grip of the oversized scorpion, his eyes fluttering like the dying jolts of electicity coursing through him still. Then, everything went black.

Hp 80/100
Ap 130/200
3 attacks taken at 5 dmg per
1 attack, 20 ap for semblance damage
Status: unconscious

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The Deathstalker had been pleased to see that the human was successfully grabbed, and additionally so that he seemed vulnerable now to it’s attacks. Now all it would have to do is maintain it’s grip and continue to strike the human, his weapons having already fallen and it seemed that the already poor condition of the human was catching up to him. The Deathstalker would likely not have to work much harder despite it’s injuries. The fight had been surprisingly difficult for the Grimm, but now it merely would have to kill the other human or escape with its current cat-

The Deathstalker didn’t even have time to react before the electricity course through it. Finishing the job, the rest of the fight had setup and putting the damage the Grimm had sustained over the edge. It slumped as its legs lost strength, falling before the creature began to disintegrate the way all fallen Grimm did.


Actions. Died.

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
A few moments after the Deathstalker had charged at the young man, Sakura soon heard the sound of flowing electricity and the sounds of a dying Grimm. These sounds caused a sense of worry to build up in Sakura. In response to this, Sakura quickly disengaged her shield's "Deployed Form" and quickly rushed over to where she heard the sounds. it didn't take long for her to see the young man passed out on the floor.

After approaching the young man, Sakura then instinctively pressed her index and middle fingers against the side of the young man's neck. After a feel tense minutes, Sakura felt a pulse. It was somewhat weak and thready. This caused Sakura to let out a sigh of relief. However, Sakura was a bit concerned about the young man's condition.

"It would be a good idea to take him to the Academy's medical center just to be safe." Sakura thought carefully to herself as she set her shield case down and carefully picked up the young man and slung him over her shoulder. The man wasn't that heavy at all.

After grabbing her shield case, Sakura then cautiously walked out of the clearing with the young man draped over her shoulder.


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