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To Bean, or not to Bean (cooking class, open entry)

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Gluton Lamesy
Gluton stands at the prow of the airship as it descends through the clouds, standing semi-stoically with his hands on the railing. Many had come to the prestigious academy to protect the cities below, to fight monsters, and make friendships among the fellow huntsmen.  Not him.

No, Gluton had come for one reason, and one reason only. To cook delicious food. His chin rises a bit higher at this thought. To Gluton, fighting monsters was only a secondary concern, on his radar simply because it interfered with people eating his food. Say what you want about him, Gluton had his priorities SET.

When the ship lands he strides off the ahip, and into the kitchens. He surveys his new domain impassively, watching the would be cooks scurry this way and that. Suddenly, he grabs the nearest cook, dazzling him out of an admirable reverie. gather your associates, sir.

Within moments, the kitchen staff stood before Gluton. He walks up and down the line, considering each in turn. He turns aND smiles at then all, issuing a collective sigh of relief. Then he turns and asks in a very serious, and somewhat deadly, tone. [color=#660000]can anyone explain to me why there is no chili in this kitchen?/color]

They turn to each other in confusion, one laughs nervously. what's wrong, none of you know what chili is? the staff laugh at this, and one begins to speak, but gets a face full of chili. His arm extended, Gluton sprays the whole lot of them with chili. He speaks again, in a somewhat bored tone. you are all fired.

As they wipe the chili off their faces to reveal stunned expressions, Gluton goes around the school putting up the posters he had made. Gluton Lemesy, head chef, will be hosting a half class, half competion, in which the top two students will become honorary chefs and be invited to work in Lamesy's kitchen.

That night, everyone had chili for dinner.

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Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte and kitchens had a peculiar relationship. While she wasn't the best chef in the world she'd never really heard any complaints about her cooking. Having a body like hers, being so large, she had to eat a lot; portions are restaurants were expensive and designed for a different body type; thus more often than not she'd cook for herself. Portions she knew how to manage, meals she knew she wouldn't finish hungry. However, kitchens were also usually quite cramped. Her home was an exception, with its conjoined kitchen and living space, but in those cramped School cafeteria kitchens or smaller houses... well.

She hadn't been interested in winning the competition, she has mostly wanted to check out the Academy's cafeteria and get in some practice. Yet now she found herself, quite perturbed, in a tight fit kitchen with numerous rows of stoves and drawers for utensils. Hardly space for her to fit, let alone fit and cook or open a drawer. She cautiously squeezed her way through the doorway, back four legs struggling as they always did. As she entered the smell of spice did hit her, she wasn't one for such foods; preferring something big and filling over spicy. In fact it had been some time since she'd had a curry, last time it hadn't gone particularly well. She was unsure of her system's ability to handle spice.

Quite unsure anyone would be able to get in passed her she attempted to resign herself to a corner, at least until the room filled up.

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Akio Marigold
Most would assume Puer was not the type to be at all interested in anything that could be involved with cooking, and normally they would have been correct prior to just before his enrollment into the academy, however there was one fact that would evade those skeptical of the childish boy. That being that he’d been kicked out of his home, and despite his body needing less than others-due primarily to his size- he still needed to eat, just like anyone else.

As such he had begun teaching himself out of necessity in order to survive, and he decided it might be better to just continue to learn. As such he’d reluctantly decided to sign up for the weird competition thing, he spotted the spider faunus first, as she was rather conspicuous considering she barely fit in the space, and had to struggle not to stare. For Puer it was practically a reverse of Charlotte’s issues, with the area feeling too spacious for him to feel like he’d be able to really work easily, nor would he likely be noticed easily over the stoves. As such he found himself floundering near the spider girl, feeling a bit awkward in the kitchen especially given his appearance, as though he were some lost little kid rather than an academy student at a huntsman academy.

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
Cooking and Baking. These were two passions Sakura had always had ever since she was a young kid. She had always enjoyed the process of cooking and baking for her friends and family. This proved to be quite the godsends as her parents' were "not-so-good" cooks to say the least. Most of the time, it was Sakura and her older sister, Violet, who handled most of the cooking at home. Despite of this, Sakura had always enjoyed learning new recipes and developing new recipes in her spare time.

Due to this, Sakura decided to join the cooking which was being taught by the academy's Cooking Instructor, Gluton Lamsey. The class was currently being held in the academy's Cafeteria. This place was very familiar to Sakura as she did help out the kitchen staff from time to time. As she approached the spot where the class was being held, Sakura saw a young woman and a young kid waiting in the kitchen.

"Good day to you all. I hope that this day fines you well." Sakura greeted in a very polite tone as she walked over next to the young woman. Sakura felt somewhat sorry for the young woman as she looked extremely uncomfortable in the corner due to the spider-like lower body. Sakura decided to make a mental note to make a suggestion to the instructor about moving the class to a spot which was more comfortable for the young woman.

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Gluton Lamesy
The three students could see that there were various pots simmering, and that a few of the ovens were on. But there was no one in the kitchen! This might be slightly disturbing to note, as it might lead to the conclusion that there was slacking happening in the chef department. This was, however, not the case. Gluton was in his office, little more of a closet really. Sitting at his desk watching the students file in through the one way mirror. He thought that was weird, that his office had a one way mirror. Who the hell had needed it for their chef duties? A true chef, even if he had chefs underneath him, would never just relegate his duties and sit down, no. Not just for the sake of the food, but because his students would never improve if he did.

Anyway, the mirror was useful enough for his current purposes, which was obtaining a preliminary assessment of his students without his presence affecting their behaviour. About 10 students had filed in, but only three caught his attention in any way. A girl, a spider faunus. Extremely shy, he suspected she would have made her way to that corner even if the space had not required it. Probably due to the extreme manifestation of her faunus traits. If his assessment was correct, his style of criticism might leave her in tears. He hoped he was wrong. The second, hardly more than a boy it seemed. The hat would have to go, it remained to be seen if such would be a problem. Gluton's first thought was that his criticism would be met with umbrage by this one. The third student to catch his eye was deemed "a people pleaser".

Having thusly identified his initial biases, Gluton then eradicated them. Now he could treat them impassionately and with regards for only their skills of cooking. His first order of business out of the way, he grabbed his great axe, called the Kitchenmaster, and walked out to greet them.

Hello, I am the famous "Iron Chef" Gluton Lamesy. Please follow me to a larger cooking area.

Then, looking at Puer. Also, hats are not worn in my kitchen that are not chef's attire, so kindly remove it.

As they walked, he spoke. The first order of business is to assess your initial skill. So I will ask you to begin preparations for the toughest or most complex recipe you know. Supplies will be provided, and there should be more than enough room for you all.

This new area held several different cooking stations, and each one had an oven, a stove, and all the cooking necessities they would need. Behind them were shelves and fridges, presumably stocked to the brim. Gluton looked at his watch.

Time begins now, you have 30 minutes. Don't worry if it's not finished.

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Charlotte Monochrome
A child seemed to wander into the classroom, however the way the lecturer addressed him made it clear to Charlotte that he was no student. Rather, had some form of genetic issue most likely; the type of issues she'd frequently discussed with Dr Venice. She deeply curtsied to a pink haired girl; "And the same to you, hopefully all goes well today."

Charlotte was a might perturbed by Mr Lamsey's chosen test. Thoughts began to well up within her, hurriedly making her way to the closest kitchenette but making sure all had passed before she arrived. Starting the timer so promplty rather than giving a starting time... he wants to assess skill... but we don't have to finish? If I just say I was doing something tough, is that all he wants? What if the preparation itself takes most of the time, he'd never get to see any of us actually cook. Half an hour for a complex meal isn't nearly enough. Let alone the meals I create. I could perhaps make the most basic of cheese soufflé in my own kitchen, but here? In these cramped conditions she'd be lucky to get it into the oven. I might as well go for something harder if I'm not going to finish, an Orange and lemon desert soufflé should do. He hasn't even allotted time for hand washing... this is foolishness.

Charlotte began by shifting the pre-heating of her oven, lowering it to 190 degrees Celsius, and selected a small pot on the hob; turning the other flames down but not off. If she wanted to even begin the cooking process this was her only chance. Next she pulled on her hairnet, keeping her hair in it's typical bun. She turned, legs loudly staving on cabinets as she did so, and immediately washed her hands with soap. Making sure to get between her fingers but stoping short of cleaning beneath her nails, though she held the brush for a moment she felt there would be no time. She forced her way toward a fridge, knees rattling of cabinets; this was a trip she was going to make multiple times. She drew forth butter, milk, double cream, three large eggs, dark chocolate and liqueur flavoured with orange before fighting her way back to her station. This was only the first trip however, now making for the cabinets she acquired corn flour, plain flower, coco powder and casted sugar as well as oranges, orange juice and lemon juice.

She began to measure out her ingredients, first cutting 25 grams of butter before putting it in the pot to melt.

Recipe Used:

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Akio Marigold
Puer froze when he realized that he’d wound up stuck in the competition aspect of the class. While that wasn’t necessarily a problem if he were dealing with other people that didn’t know what they were doing, the spider girl at least had some idea, as opposed to him. He hadn’t come here with much genuine experience in actual cooking, why would you attend a cooking class if you already knew how to cook?

The short boy looked around, embarrassed at the situation. He had no clue what he was doing after all, his embarrassment turning to irritation before he decided to just follow the letter of the roles. The kitchen was supposed to be well stocked, and he could probably make one of those deli sandwiches. Remembering a time a few years prior where he’d had to help an uncle who owned a deli. At the very least the place was well known locally, and Puer did remember how to make several of the sandwiches there.

Nodding to himself he began working, deciding it best to get out the ingredients he could find first. After all this wouldn’t be nearly as complicated as some of the other people’s creations. He just had to hope he was remembering right, especially given while he knew he’d finish, the time limit did seem a bit short, even if what he was making was simple in comparison to what others did. He didn’t really think he’d win, and this whole thing was just unfair, but it was better than having nothing at the end of the time limit.

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