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Rika's Training Trip (Day One) Major Mission/Solo

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Rika Titania
The Finnek Mountains were typically rather peaceful, with the obvious exception of the occasional Grimm attack that may have occurred towards hikers or those whom may have strayed into the mountains of the small island nation.  The mountains contained some plant life, as well as noticeable populations of creatures such as sheep, rabbits, and mountain cats. With a few hiking trails going through the mountains as well that were oft used by those wanting to get closer to nature as it was.

This was the environment Rika Titania found herself in right now, on a far more rugged area of the mountains than the relatively safe and easily travelable established hiking trails that would often be used by the resident and visitors to the island alike.  In fact, at the moment Rika was well and truly off the beaten path, as her current reason for being her was more than simply being close to nature. In fact, such concepts would be lost on the redheaded faunus, as she never really considered the divide between the confines of the city as opposed to the open wilds of nature. At least not the philosophical context many others may see in the distinction, though that wasn’t to say she didn’t understand some things regarding this.

She knew she’d needed to get out of the city, for one specific reason above everything else.  That of course was that she was worried she would be getting soft. It had used to be that Siegfried would take her on a training trip once a month, going for days at a time into the wilderness to better train themselves and hone her body through both physical conditioning, as well as the natural harshness of living rather spartan life for these days at a time, surviving purely on her own skills. It was something she’d looked forward to at times, though in the beginning the pigtailed faunus hadn’t understood it, nor had she particularly liked being dragged out to the wilderness.  It would seem stupid to most people, especially given she was a dust user, but Rika considered herself first and foremost a martial artist, to the point where she merely incorporated dust use into her style of fighting, rather than completely abandoning the style all together. To great effect as well she thought, especially after gaining her second-tier dust, she had been thinking of several ways she could use dust to great effect in martial arts.

It was on her list of things she wanted to try on this training trip, the fact she hadn’t remembered to tell anyone where she was going was forgotten by the redhead, as she had more important things to worry about, like making things explode and training better. She needed to better her conditioning as well, since she had been slacking in that regard, her recent training focusing more on technique and developing ways to use dust in combat rather than the pure physical aspect of her art. Both of which were still rather important to combat and would probably be.

Still Rika didn’t like the idea of neglecting training, and she also somewhat liked the peace getting away from things allowed her. The training trip would serve to improve her conditioning, as well as allow her to focus on new techniques. In her opinion it was a great idea, even if she had neglected to tell anyone from the academy about it. She was at least going to accomplish a couple major missions while out here, so it wasn’t like she was completely slacking off. The impulsive girl had at least gotten the permission of the academy to go before coming out here, even if she hadn’t told either of her teammates about it.

Currently she was training for the more physical aspect of the art. And had decided that what better way to do that than to climb one of Finnek’s many mountains until she reached the top. Afterwards the pigtailed cat faunus would climb back down before returning to the campsite she’d set up, she would still need to catch her dinner, but first she needed to conquer this mountain,

She’d already decided to go up the tougher rocky path, and the fact she wasn’t hiking up it unburdened only intensified the workout. Sure, most would think it silly to hike up a mountainside with a pack full of rocks, but Rika wasn’t most, and she wanted to get tangible results from this training. The added weight would only serve to help her training. Though at the moment, close to the mountain’s peak and rather tired from the trek upwards she was questioning the decision, wondering if she should just use her semblance to complete the journey before shaking her head.  No, she needed to strengthen her body, and depending on her semblance to do that wouldn’t do, she’d dump the extra weight when she got to the top, but for now the pigtailed girl knew she needed to finish this.

Despite this, she wasn’t distressed, nor did she even complain, no instead the pigtailed girl was grinning ear to ear. This was what she’d wanted after all, the whole reason for training trips was to push yourself, particularly outside of the relatively safe confines of civilization in conditions you couldn’t normally do. While the more important aspects of this were certainly lost on Rika, she could understand that this was her reason for being out here, and despite the complaints of her muscles from making the trek, as well as carrying the weight she was enjoying herself.  There was only a bit left, though the rest of the trek looked to be mostly rock climbing, rather than the simple hiking through rough terrain it had been before.   Rika didn’t let this dissuade her however, being rather stubborn by nature.

The climb up the rockface was difficult, and Rika nearly fell half a dozen times, before she reached close to the peak. Though her own mortality or the fact she’d likely nearly died would never have crossed the pigtailed girl’s mind.  No, she was far more concerned with finishing her climb, and the end of the trek was celebrated by an unceremonious dumping of the rocks in her pack, and enthusiastic cheering that would likely perplex anybody else below that might be able to hear her.

The trip down was far easier for the pigtailed girl, and a few hours later she stumbled into her camp, her stomach rumbling, and body exhausted.  Despite this, the pigtailed girl had a smirk on her face, satisfied so far with the results of her training trip. Tomorrow she’d do a bit more conditioning, but the bulk of the day would be dedicated to the real fun part, tomorrow she would be focusing on techniques, and the pigtailed girl had a lot of ideas for how she could use dust that she wanted to try.  But first thing was first, she needed to get some dinner darn it…she went to where she’d left her supplies, a separate pack from the one she’d used to make her trek to the mountain and pulled out some materials for trapping.  She’d seen rabbits around, and those were something she could eat, for now she also had collected some berries on her trip back.

This trip was going great!

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