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Abnormal Improvements (Weapon Upgrade)

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1 Abnormal Improvements (Weapon Upgrade) on Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:57 pm

Puer had a problem…he was concerned about how well he could actually face the creatures of Grimm. It wasn’t like he specialized in front line combat, but a huntsman, or huntress was still expected to face the monstrous beings when they encountered them. His recent encounter with the Grimm had been what had brought this whole line of thought up. His weapon was less than normal, he’d had it made for him by a family friend, one of the few that had actually supported the decision to enroll in the huntsman academy of Syne and figured the weapon would be one he could carry without the obvious problems any normal weapon would give him.

This was what had brought Puer to the weapons shop of this family friend, one Hog Carston. The man wasn’t the most well-known weapon smith in Bellmuse, but he was skilled nonetheless, knowing his craft well from over three decades of business, and specializing in ranged weapons varying from more mundane weapons like firearms and projectiles. To more specific stuff like whips or other similar types of weapons. “Don’t know what else I could do with it…guess I can replace the string with something similar, change the core on the yo-yo...” The large bearded man said, looking at one of Puer’s yo-yos with a critical eye as he seemed deep in thought. Trying to find a way to make what looked like a toy into an even more efficient weapon. “You sure you don’t want a normal weapon?”

“You know what will happen, most people aren’t going to like the idea of what looks like a kid carrying a gun.” Puer answered, a bit annoyed at the repeated topic. “And most close-range weapons have similar problems, besides I’ve already learned to use these so…” The middle-aged man gave a shrug before conceding the point. Even with most of the locals of Springwood being familiar with Puer’s youthful appearance, tourists would probably pitch a fuss about him obviously carrying. Then there was the other issue that had been left unspoken…Puer wasn’t exactly strong, nor did he have the reach to use a lot of weapons effectively. He might have been good with a knife, but the kid didn’t have the guts to run around stabbing and cutting people, let alone getting close enough to use it.

“It’s going to take some tinkering, but I’ve got some ideas…I can give you a better batch tomorrow, but it’ll take some doing to get them as good as they could be.” The middle-aged man scratched his gray-speckled beard in thought as he considered the kid he’d seen grown up…or stop growing up rather. “Yeah Uncle Hog, I’ll take what you can get for now, I’m sure you’ll figure out something.” Puer replied, his normal cynical nature tampered somewhat by the presence of someone close enough to be family. He was confident in Hog’s skills and knew the old man probably could figure out how to improve the abnormal weapon.

“So how much is this going to cost?” Puer asked, narrowing his eyes at the family friend. Hog grinned in response.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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