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Camping Basics (Open to 2 students. Class)

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1 Camping Basics (Open to 2 students. Class) on Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:57 pm

Most would assume that with Survival it was one extreme or another. While Yoren had seen many a hunter fail to return for neglecting their skills in the more extreme aspects, not packing properly for a journey was one thing, finding one’s self in a survival situation out of the blue was quite another. However, there was one aspect Yoren knew he needed to cover early, as it was perhaps the most practical of his course. That of course being how to set up camp.

It may have seemed trivial, but huntsmen and huntresses often needed to travel, and shelter was often not easily available, nor were there always inhabited towns or safe structures to take shelter in during these times. It was a basic skill ALL huntsman needed to know at the end of the day, whether they were living off the land or surviving from prepared supplies. While some of his students would undoubtedly have known such, it was surprising in his experience how many would be huntsmen had never so much as learned to start a fire on their own, especially without the aid of dust. Likewise pitching a tent, and the basics of camping were lost on many students who never had a need for such skills before. Such a skill was one every hunter utilized, and could be applied whether traveling on relatively safe roads between towns or in the harsh wilderness to varying degrees.

This was something that Yoren knew needed rectifying, it was more remedial than some, as he knew many students would already know the basics of setting up a camp. But there were students that obviously did not, based on their files and records. As well as going out of his way to get permission both from the Mayor of Springwood, and the academy at large to host a class there, giving them a clear outline of what could be expected. Any hunter needed to know how to set up a camp if they hoped to operate outside of the relatively small area of Bellmuse, and even within the island it could prove a useful skill.

These were the ones that Yoren Ragnvaldr, the Northern Wolf sent notices to for them to meet him for a small class in the clearing of Skylight woods. He could not let this ignorance of the basics stand, for the betterment of his students. Now he merely had to wait for these students to arrive.

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