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Sakura and Yuki's Day out (Private w/ Rika)

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1 Sakura and Yuki's Day out (Private w/ Rika) on Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:59 pm

Sakura A. Brynhildr
It was 8:00 AM when the alarm in Sakura's Dorm Room rang loudly arousing the sleeping pink-haired teenager. Soon after, Sakura rolled over and set her alarm to "snooze" before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Sakura had spent the whole of yesterday training so she was still somewhat tired. However, this tiredness soon disappeared as a female rabbit jumped onto Sakura's lap. As the rabbit did so, she looked up at Sakura with a happy look in her eyes.

"Kyuu..." The rabbit stated in a very cute fashion as Sakura petted the rabbit's head gently. Sakura had adopted the rabbit from the Petunia's Pet Palace after seeing the rabbit was up for adoption. According to the pet shop owner, the rabbit was female. After learning this, Sakura decided to name her rabbit "Yuki" after seeing that her fur was as white as snow.

"Good morning to you, Yuki. I hope that this morning fines you well." Sakura greeted the rabbit in a polite fashion. In response to this, Yuki tilted her head to the right before saying "Kyuu" once more with a smile on her face. Sakura then smiled before getting up and brushing her teeth. As she did so, Yuki followed closely behind her. After brushing her teeth, Sakura then put Yuki outside of the bathroom door so she could change her clothes. Soon after, Sakura was ready to go out for the day.

As she exited her dorm room, Yuki followed behind Sakura as she headed out to the Courtyard where Sakura liked to hang out. After a few moments, Sakura then led Yuki to one of the nearby gardens which was packed with flowers. The flowers soon attracted Yuki's attention and it didn't take long before she began hopping around and sniffing the flowers. Sakura couldn't help but watch as her pet explored the garden with a lot of interest. A few moments later, Sakura caught a glimpse of red hair out of the corner of her eye. She quickly identified her friend, Rika.

"Miss Rika" Sakura called out with a smile as she waved in the direction of her best friend.

Pet Info
Name: Yuki
Gender: Female
Age: Child
HP: 55
Aura: 20
Damage: 15
Defense: 30
Semblance: Fluff Expansion. By channeling it's aura this rabbit can briefly increase the amount of fluff on it's body tenfold to buff either it's defense by ten... or just be better for cuddles. The extra coat will shed if it is not maintained with the bunny's aura.

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Rika Titania
Rika wandered around the courtyard bored, seemingly not noticing the kitten on her head, the pigtailed girl had only adopted him recently, naming him Hermes, because that name sounded cool.  She’d been planning to head back into town, having only recently returned from her prolonged training trip. She’d adopted the kitten the previous day. Apparently he had gotten out of Petunia’s pet store somehow, and Rika had found the cat just as Petunia showed up, she’d decided to adopt the kitten herself, because the little guy was kinda cute, and apparently had taken a liking to her rather quickly.

At the moment though she was bored, and the kitten seemed to share her sentiments, sleepily yawning from his perch on her head as the pigtailed girl walked towards the airship, planning to head into Bellmuse. Hearing her name being called though distracted the redheaded faunus, and she whirled toward’s Sakura’s voice, one hand moving up to stabilize the kitten on her head. “Sakura!” She recognized immediately. Nobody else would put the “Miss” infront of her name.

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
After hearing her master call out to someone, Yuki's attention was soon drawn towards a red haired girl with pigtail who had a kitten perched on her head. Soon after, Yuki hopped over to the red-haired girl and looked up at her with her big eyes while tilting her head to the left in a very curious fashion. After seeing this, Sakura then walked over to Rika with a smile on her face.

"Miss Rika. It looks like Yuki has take a liking to you." Sakura commented as Yuki hopped back to Sakura where she began hopping around her for a bit. Sakura smiled at the sight before taking out one of Yuki's favorite snack, a yellow carrot. Yuki's eyes sparkled at the sight of the carrot. Sakura then handed Yuki the carrot. Yuki happily took the carrot and began nibbling on it. However, this smile soon disappeared as Sakura turned her attention back to Rika. She still had to talk to Rika about something.

"Well, Miss Rika. Where have you been for the last week? You had me very concerned as you haven't answered any of my scroll messages during the last week. You didn't even bother to at least leave me a not." Sakura spoke with a slightly angry/disappointed look on her face as she put her hands on her hips.

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Rika Titania
Rika looked down at the fluffy creature that had landed in front of her, blinking at it for a moment before Sakura caught up with her pet. The pigtailed faunus gave her friend a grin at the comment about the rabbit liking her, as well as being just genuinely happy to see her. “’Course she does, I’m great.” The pigtailed girl boasted. The cat on her head yawned sleepily before sitting up, looking at the rabbit with a sleepy expression.

The small kitten jumped off her head just as Rika kneeled to pet the rabbit and seemed content to continue give the rabbit a lazy look before sitting down next to it. Rika wasn’t sure what to think about that, but the two seemed to be getting along, so she didn’t pay it much mind. Instead she was distracted by the somewhat uncharacteristic mood. It took Rika a minute to realize what Sakura was talking about, before a look of realization came upon her. “Ah right…forgot ya didn’t know…” Rika answered, seemingly oblivious to her friend’s anger for the most part, but aware Sakura was acting different. “Went ta train in the mountains, forgot my scroll.”

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
"Miss Rika. Promise me next time that you will leave a note whenever you go anywhere for long periods. It would give me some peace of mind." Sakura added finally before smiling at her best friend. Soon after, Sakura then started petting Rika's head as a sign that she was not up set anymore. Soon after this, Sakura got down on one knee and began petting the cat that had jumped of Rika's head and sat down next to Yuki. She quickly noticed the the cat was similar to Rika in certain ways.

"If you don't mind, Miss Rika. May ask I you about your trip?" Sakura asked calmly as she gently played around with Yuki for a bit. She was curious to learn what her best did during the last week during her trip. Sakura was considering training outside of Syne Academy for a bit. She thought that this would be a great change of pace.

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Rika Titania
“Yeah yeah, ya worry too much, I’m fine.” Rika answered, not seeing why Sakura was so serious about this stuff, it wasn’t like she’d gotten hurt or anything. Besides it wasn’t she didn’t know what she was doing, after all she’d grown up in the woods, and knew enough to know how to survive out there. The pigtailed girl really didn’t understand why Sakura was so worried. Hermes looked over at Sakura, and the rabbit, keeping a sleepy look to it. The Cat padded over to the pinkette, looking at her expectantly before meowing for attention.

Rika could tell the cat wanted attention, rolling her eyes somewhat. He had already shown himself to be a lazy kitten, though Rika didn’t really think there was much of a problem with that. The kitten also seemed to seek out attention, though Rika was happy he seemed to have taken a liking to Sakura. She thought for a moment when she was asked about her trip, not sure how exactly to explain her progress in the art to someone like Sakura. “Was pretty good, think I met a friend’a yours out there…She had pastries.” Rika frowned as she tried to remember the girl’s name before giving up. “Think she had one’a them fancy guns that shoot far, whatcha call’em again?”

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
"You must be referring to Nyx, Miss Rika. She is the only person I know, besides you, that loves pastries." Sakura replied with smile as she began to show some attention to Rika's kitten. It had been meowing for a bit now attempting to get her attention. Sakura started off by petting the kitten's head before moving on to scratching behind the kitten's ear gently. As she was doing this, Sakura then replied to Rika's question.

"You must mean a sniper rifle, Rika. Nyx has always been a great shot ever since she was young." Sakura commented as she continued petting the kitten. By this time, Yuki had finished eating her snack. Soon after, she began hopping toward another one of the nearby gardens where she began exploring the garden excitedly.

"I am curious, Miss Rika. How made you decide to adopt a kitten?" Sakura asked curiously as she continued petting Rika's kitten. Sakura had not expected for Rika to adopt a pet due to her personality.

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Rika Titania
Rika frowned at the unfamiliar name, it didn’t sound like the one the girl had told her, but she shrugged it off after a few moments, figuring it probably wasn’t important. Hermes began to purr lightly as he was given attention, sitting down next to the rabbit maintaining it’s lazy demeanor, though he was clearly satisfied with the attention he was getting.  

Rika didn’t really get why somebody would want to use a gun like that, it seemed kinda boring to shoot at something from far away rather than enjoying a real fight, but she could at least respect if someone was good at something and didn’t really say anything on the subject. Getting distracted with watching Sakura’s rabbit wander off instead.

She turned back to the pinkette when the question was asked, leaning down and scratching behind Hermes ear in a way she’d learned the kitten really liked.  “Well ya know, found him runnin’ from Petunia and ya know, thought I might as well…. ‘sides…” The pigtailed girl looked both ways, feeling embarrassed for some reason over the second reason, since it really wasn’t something most would expect from her.  “He was too cute to just leave there, ya know.” It felt weird for her to say and there was a slight blush of embarrassment at the admission, Rika looking almost uncharacteristically bashful. Despite the fact the kitten was adorable in the way small animals typically were and had immediately taken a liking to the pigtailed girl. Or maybe just the food she’d been eating at the time…oh well. Cuteness just wasen't something Rika normally considered or thought about, so it was a bit embarassing to admit that it had played a large part in her choice to adopt the pet.

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