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Making Adjustments (Summon Upgrade)

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1 Making Adjustments (Summon Upgrade) on Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:46 pm

Hati: Quiet Form
3ft at the shoulder
Dog-like, resembling a pitch black borzoi hound, tall and wiry with a long neck and thin tail. Feathered on all of its body, though it resembles long shaggy fur at a distance or glance. Gold almost glowing eyes with no discernible pupil.

After so many times having his summon being mistaken for a Grimm, Gareth decided to figure out how to make his summon, Hati, look a bit less monster-ish. He wasn’t quite sure what to do about that, but he was in this quiet stretch of woods to figure that out.
The first couple attempts didn’t work so well, with no change in his summon.
Gareth focused a little bit harder, closing his eyes and raising a hand to focus again. Semblances were an extension of the aura, which was an extension of the self, right? So theoretically, making another (less intimidating) form was a matter of meditating, of sorts. Now, Gareth wasn’t entirely sure about what his true self or whatever would be, but he could focus on the summon and emphasize just a part of it instead. So Gareth picked the easiest part: the wolf. Well, the dog part of the wolf, really. Gareth wasn’t very familiar with wolves and making a wolf was also pretty intimidating.
Gareth took a breath and reactivated his semblance, putting as much will into reshaping Hati that he could figure out how to. He did it until he ran out of steam. Then he kept his eyes closed and waited, not ready to check just yet.
A silent (and cold) nose touched his hand.
Gareth opened his eyes and looked at his summon.
Hati was now a long-legged dog. It was pitch black and wiry with a long neck and thin tail. It was also fairly tall, around three feet at the shoulder and could almost look Gareth in the eyes with them both sitting down.
Its "fur" might have still been feathers, though, but Gareth couldn’t really tell. It wasn’t that noticeable. The part that was noticeable was the bright, almost glowing gold eyes with no discernible pupil.
Hati looked at him expectantly.
Gareth smiled and patted its head.
This felt a bit more real and durable than the other form too. It might take more than a hit or two, though it probably couldn’t do nearly as much damage being so much smaller and having fewer claws.
It wagged its tail.
So he had a dog now.
A weird, intimidating spirit dog. But a dog.

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