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Counsel for the Uncounseled (Open to one at a time: PM/DM before joining)

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Aka Hanako
The birds were chirping today, and the sun.... Oh, the sun was so beautiful and heavy today, it looked like a wonderful day to be at the beach. Aka wondered if she would have time to hit the beach after her day was done, which honestly sounded like a dream to her from behind this window. She stared for a few more seconds, before being knocked from her daydreaming by a sneeze.

Right, she had to get back to her office and start working her way through the stack of paperwork in her arms. She sighed and walked down the hallway a bit farther toward her room. Her shift was almost done anyway, then she could take a bit of time to herself and 'relax' for a bit. It had been a while since she 'relaxed' so she was feeling quite proud of herself. Aka was daydreaming again, but snapped back to reality when her foot caught on something in the middle of the hall, leaving her prone with her papers sprawled across the floor right in front of her office.

Aka looked back to see what she had tripped on.

"Who the hell leaves a shield in the middle of the hallway? What kind of irresponsible..." her voice was just on the edge of a whispered shout. Aka stood up on her knees and began collecting the papers she had dropped in a huff. This was just plain ridiculous, all of this garbage was spread out everywhere for no reason at all.

Aka was annoyed for a moment, but suddenly she smiled as she collected the papers into a neat stack. This was far better than working in Atlas. Better to be picking up papers than managing idiots that you can't get killed, even if they deserve it.

Aka stood up, pursing her lips as she meandered her way into her office, flipping the 'Come In' sign as she passed. She set the paperwork down and sat at her desk, pulling the paper at the top over and clicking a pen to get working. In her other hand, however, she slipped her knife out of her sleeve and started to twirl it idly between her fingers, practicing her dexterity a bit for the first time in a while as she scrawled on the report.

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