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Staying both Mentally and Physically healthy(Private/Aka)

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Ishi Omo
He had been given the job of teaching a co-op class with the counselor. That was rather odd, all things considered. Most of the time, he wasn't even told what to teach. That was up to him. However, he was told that he was to teach how to be physically active and healthy, which was his job. He knew how to be all of those, however it was sort of obvious that he didn't keep a level head. Obvious in that, he was just waking up twenty minutes before class, if the other teacher was there or not.

He was also hung over. Though, it should be noted, that he was still fit enough to be considered a high-tier human in terms of combat capability. What mainly held him back is his deep-held feelings about literally everything. Hell, he didn't even know the counselor was a woman. He just knew they were coming. That didn't stop him from laying awake, hung-over under his desk.

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Aka Hanako
Aka was speed walking down the hallway, humming happily and smiling with excitement as she made her way to the classroom that she was meant to be in. Some time ago, she had proposed this program for the betterment of the health of the student body for a very specific reason....

It would give her the opportunity to show the school that she was still able to be a teacher for the academy. Sure, it was a bit underhanded the way she was going about it, but still, she had to make the gears turn somehow. Yet, mixed with her excitement was a bit of nervousness, evident as she straightened her white collared shirt for what had to be the hundredth time.

If one looked closely, they could see glimpses of her tattoos as the sleeve of her shirt pulled back when she moved her arms, which although not too bad for Aka, she still thought about it quite a bit. She didn't even know who she was going to be partnered with for this, but she did see a nameplate beside the door frame.

'Dr. Ishi Omo'

Huh. A docter, eh? Fancy.

She took a breath as she moved her hair around, covering her false eye with her hair so it wouldn't be too noticeable, just barely remembering to hide it before she opened the door. Frankly, she was surprised to see that no one was in here yet as she scanned the room.

It looked like an ordinary lecture hall in all honesty, so there was no real purpose in doing anything special. She had a program for her part of the presentation worked out. She walked over to the desk and leaned against it, half sitting on it as she found that there was naught much else to do yet, besides wait.

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Ishi Omo
Ishi noticed a thing come in. Couldn't tell if it was a person from his place under the desk. Being under the desk made a lot of things harder, admittedly. Like standing up, existing. All things made harder by being hung-over under the desk. Nonetheless. He'd first slowly roll from under the desk, groaning in the process. He'd then rise slowly, using the wall as a way to steady himself. This hangover hurt him in a particular way this morning, his head feeling like a hammer hit it about ten minutes ago.

It was that, and seeing a girls back. Student?

"Hey, you're here early."

Those words were midly slurred, but they still got themselves out. It was a bit harder to get the words out. He dug into his pockets and pulled out a pill, a insta-cure for hangovers. He had been unable to get a clear enough head, as he was both sleepy and hungover, but things inhibiting his ability to do social things.

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Aka Hanako
Aka turned quickly over her shoulder, startled and confused by the sudden appearance of another without explanation. She stood away from the table and regarded him with a small amount of judgement and, still, confusion. She thought about it for a moment before deeming that this man must be the teacher, however worrisome that may be.

"I... I suppose so. I figured that getting here early would be best to make sure we're all on the same page here."
Aka ran her hand down her hair again, making sure that her eye was still covered before walking up to the desk, leaning over it and resting her elbows on it as she looked at the mess of papers on the desk and trying to make heads or tails of which one was the lecture notes.

She looked up as she saw him take some kind of a pill, and bit her lip lightly as she looked back down at the desk, suddenly antsy. "Umm.. I guess we should start with the basics then. Just a, um, a simple link between mental and physical well-being?"

Aka eventually gave up on trying to find which paper contained the mans notes and stood up straight, placing a hand on her hip and pacing past the desks and regarding them to make sure there was no mess left over from the last class that used them, in the event that the custodial staff may have missed something.

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Ishi Omo
The girl was looking through his notes, and that was the trick. He didn't have any notes! Did it all by the cuff of his shirt. Or something like that. His metaphors could use work, but that's when he didn't have a pounding headache and a sma- wait a second that's the other teacher. Hmm. Not student meant that possible person to go on a date with. And, since she's a counselor, she probably wasn't fit for teaching an actual teacher.

Not to mention, the specific covering of her eye felt strange to him. That probably meant something or other, but Ishi was too hungover to make heads or tails of it. He watched the lady go about looking at the desks, and that she seemed to get antsy at the pill. He didn't know why. It's not like he ever gave her pills in the past. Either way, he felt like he should talk to her and get some sort of teamwork going together.

"That's probably a good idea. It's not that much a link though. I have a terrible mental head-space, yknow, since I get drunk and tend to fall asleep under my desk, but I'm still in good shape."

Nonetheless, Ishi would stay standing, shaking his head to get the cobwebs out.

"About the notes you seemed like you were looking for. You ain't going to find him."

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Aka Hanako
That would explain a lot now wouldn't it. Hmm...

Aka stopped evaluating the state of the classroom and looked at Ishi, almost appraisingly. "Being that use of drugs and alcohol occupy the realm of physical health as negative habits that should be avoided, then that makes a prime point, as it is because of that use that you lack that average clear-headedness that you should. However, it would be best to avoid the idea of staff engaging in those vices on school property, so we'll go ahead and make that anonymous, hmm?"

Aka made her way over to the board and wrote 'Ms. Hanako' in big letters before underlining it once sharply. She turned back around and walked to the door, propping it open with a door stop. "I'll assume that, like me, you planned ahead and memorized the key points that you wanted to make then...." Aka took the initiative and thought on the order of the program that she'd be running.

"Now, following the opening point which we discussed, I think it best to focus on the affects on combat performance should failure to meet standards be adhered to, and then follow with the points to be made about studious performance. They'll likely lose interest around the topic of academia, so we'll ensure that we drill a bit of fear of the consequence of poor performance to keep them in the moment and paying attention."

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Ishi Omo
She was so formal about things he already knew. Of course his use of drugs and such was negative, he was a doctor. He was an idiot nonetheless, but he knew what he was doing. He was running away from most things after all. He also knew that, from the small bit he'd heard from this woman yet, that she was the type to think about this from the 'must keep attention' standpoint. He knew that, it's why he had been able to teach so long.

"That's why I do a controlled simulation of a crisis before most classes. It wakes those who are sleeping up, scares those who are awake, and shows off how they act in a crisis. It's an all in one 'let's learn about you' exercise that doesn't pose any risk but to me, and it'd be pretty alright if I messed up and didn't wake up."

He shrugged and looked out at all the desks. Empty, as it was far before class. Something bothered him, other than the seeming competence of this woman. She seemed to take this too serious for a teacher, even if she wasn't an offical one. Well, that was Ishi's opinion, so it was to be held with a grain of salt. This is the very same man who hides under his desk when he doesn't want to be woken up before class. It's why he got really good at improving classes.

"I don't suppose you approve of scaring the kids like that, do you?"

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Aka Hanako
Aka was really getting annoyed by this guys complete and utter disregard for professionalism in the face of a work environment, not to mention the world of academia which they were supposed to be projecting in the first place. "I think it best that we keep the atmosphere as typical as possible, after all, this isn't exactly a primary level class. It would be best suited to this situation to make sure that the students are both attentive and comfortable on the off-chance that someone needs to share something important regarding the topic. This of course would be powerful, considering that the students will get the topic more ingrained if they hear a story from one of their fellow peers rather than the staff."

Aka organized the papers on the desk to make the class look at least somewhat sane. "Look, I'm gonna make this real clear. Your ineptitude is really disturbing to me right now, considering that this is my chance to prove to the school that I can still teach and get my position back as the head of Grimm Studies. I've done my homework on this topic..." Aka walked over to Ishi and got really close to him, granted there was a difference in height. She glared at him from beneath raven hair and whispered. "... So if this goes wrong, I know who's to blame. Trust me when I say that if you f&#% this up for me, I'm not going to be happy." She backed up and went to the board again.

She wrote down a list of words ranging from 'depression' to 'atrophy'.

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Ishi Omo
Ishi had been cool as a cucumber, all things considered. But, he was getting threatened in his own classroom, by someone who didn't even have the decency to stand on the desk to look him in the eye. She wasn't terrifying in the slightest, and wasn't even using new insults.

"Sure. Get me fired, or even kill me. I'll survive in the end."

Ishi stretched one last time, and actually took the effort to give a stare at Aka now, a disgruntled stare that made no effort to hide his contempt. The stare wasn't meant to scare or anything, not that it'd work on anyone trying to become a Grimm Studies teacher, but that didn't mean anything. The fact was, the stare made his emotions obvious.

Ishi, the famous womanizer, also had pride. Not much, mind you, but it got insulted when one tried to threaten him with him getting fire. She obviously didn't read up on him, or she'd know that wouldn't work.

"I wish them luck getting anyone else with as much experience as me, to step down from the massively high paying job that's being a doctor, to come to this academy to teach. I don't care if you're new or old, just don't place those petty insults."

Ishi, despite everything he had stated before and his constant passing out while drunk, was still a doctor that had great public credibility.  No one in the general public knew of his background, but knew of his stellar record. Sure, it'd take a hit. But he could likely live out the rest of his days in comfort in his mansions.

"I mean, other than that, it's not like you have much challenge. I'm sure you'll be instated soon, and then we'll be okay. Then I'll go back to doing what I do. That's teaching kids how to deal with a situation. Since you're obviously the pinnacle of physical health, I'll be the proof that drinking and depression can stop even the strongest males."

Ishi then went to find the chair he often sat in, and sat in it. He crossed his legs and sat back.

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Aka Hanako
Aka wasn't putting up with this today. She was the leader of the pack here, and she was gonna establish that plainly. She walked beside him and let the knife she always carried slide from her sleeve and barely caught it by her fingertips. She sung it up and let go, letting it twirl through the air above Ishi as a distraction before she wrapped her foot around a chair leg and kicked up to dump him out of the chair. Where he landed, the knife would fall and stab into the floor between his legs, very close to something dear to every man's heart. In that moment, she put a hand on her hip and loomed over him.

"It's funny how you thought I was talking about your job. The fact that it was your first worry tells me that you do care a bit about it, mostly because you'd spend the remainder of your life drinking yourself into a fat, lazy puddle without it. Next, it's nice to know that your semblance is tied to healing from that little blurb you mentioned. That means I can just keep hurting you without worrying next time you decide to be a smart-mouth. Last, I'm not gonna tolerate some rich boy calling me petty when he's willing to flex his wealth around to make up for the fact that his compensation complex is bigger than the thing he's actually compensating for, but at least now I know where to start cutting when the time comes."

Aka reached down and pulled her knife out from between Ishi's legs and slid it back into her sleeve. "If you don't want to contribute then leave, I'll take full credit. If you stay, then when I say jump..." She snapped her fingers. "Your head had better crack the ceiling. I didn't crawl through a river of corpses in an Atlesian blizzard to get disrespected by some useless man."

While he was still on the ground she looked down at him one last time. She rarely talked about her eye to people, but she was willing to make an exception to prove her point. She lifter the hair off of her eye, showing its discoloration before reaching up and pulling it out of her socket. "And if I'm a picture of physical health, then why do I have more cyber-junk in my head than you have stupid in your whole body hmm?" She dropped the eye onto his chest and walked over to the board to continue her writings with a bit less depth perception.

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Ishi Omo
He wasn't impressed with all her bolstering. 'River of corpses' oh, welcome to the club little lady. He wasn't impressed because she thought that threatening his manhood was a good threat.  She failed to realize that literally everything she said, he'd heard before in some fashion. If she did stab him, she'd get caught by the cameras, and it'd be an easy enough thing to make her lose her job.

Worse yet, she seemed to be someone who over-reacted. Sure, Ishi wasn't great. He also didn't get to physically threatening his co-worker after a mere 10 minutes of working with him. She got so angry after few words, that he was starting to think that she wasn't fit for being a teacher. He got up from the chair, yawning.

"Go ahead and prepare everything how you feel fit. I'll sit outside and greet the kids."

He grabbed the chair, put it on his back, and walked out of the room. He figured he might as well end the conflict there for now. He assumed she wouldn't mind. He was leaving afterall, and it just made it easier to pop the pills in his pocket to be fully awake. Her reactions to basically everything gave away that she cared too much about this, and was thus making many mistakes.

As he got out there, he'd sit down and relax. Surely she wouldn't follow him out here. If she did, she's wasting her time. Ishi was too thick-headed to listen to anything she had to say. Sure, she pulled out her eye. Sure, he kept the eye with him, in a coat pocket. It would be funny to see the kids reactions to it.

He'd just wait until all the kids got there, or she came out for her eye, to deal with her again.

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