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Rika's Training Trip (Day Four) Major Mission

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1 Rika's Training Trip (Day Four) Major Mission on Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:22 pm

Rika Titania
Dust was one of the most fundamental resources within the world of Remnant. From Dust any number of things could be built to serve any number of functions. One of these functions was rather simple. It was possibly the most important strategic resource in the world for military endeavors, society itself could barely function without it. Combining dust types was as important of an endeavor as any other mandatory task for basic function of the world, as different dust forms could be used for varying different functions and uses. Making it a resource as varied as it was needed, versatile enough that virtually every industry could benefit from it in one way or another, or at the very least some of the many creations made with it.

Rika Titania wasn’t one to think of these far loftier factors of Dust, she had a different use for this versatile resource. At present the pigtailed faunus had only used dust almost singularly, never really having made the attempt to mix dust types in combat before, but the idea sounded like a promising one to the energetic redhead. The idea had come from a glance at the Major Missions board at Syne before she’d left. The pigtailed girl’s feelings on the matter were rather easy to understand if somebody knew her. The whole idea sounded far too awesome to Rika to be ignored, she could just imagine the cool super moves one could come up with if they had the time, but the added versatility from mixing the dusts effects would be more than potent enough for the pigtailed girl to have been excited about it.

Combining dust types in combat could also prove helpful, after all one could do all sorts of fun things with it if they thought about it, even ignoring the simple fact that switching between elements on the fly was probably disorienting for one’s opponent. Mixing even more possible effects with that, would only serve to make that fact even more true. One could easily use different dusts to attack in different ways, using one dust type to set up an attack with another. Not even considering attacks made purely by combining elements.

Rika had found a good place in the mountains to practice, not wanting to burn down any more areas of Finnek than she already had, as the pigtailed girl had enough sense to realize such a thing probably wasn’t good. She’d come up with a few ideas in the last few days that would be rather useful, and add some interesting attacks to her arsenal, of course while Rika wasn’t the type to avoid using a technique for the first time ever in combat, she thought this stuff was too cool not to try out, and she knew that it took time to actually incorporate a new element into a fighting style, let alone one with as much potential as this one, that could be applied in so many different ways and with so many different elements.

Even Rika understood it was best to practice such things beforehand, to better implement the new techniques when they were needed. Especially with how dangerous and volatile dust could be and given just the simple fact she didn’t know how well these ideas would work. The pigtailed girl had decided to make her own training dummies, and as such had spent a few hours setting up her training area beforehand in order to best try out the techniques. She normally was a fan of sparring rather than technique work using things like training dummies or the like, but some things were better meant for training dummies, particularly when they could easily cause injury or death.

The first technique idea wasn’t one of the cooler ones, but it would make a nice test run for some of her ideas. And it could still be used for some cool ideas. Rika palmed an earth dust crystal, channeling her aura into it to form a large boulder, with Rika using the thrust crystal she’d had in her other hand once the boulder grew big enough, launching the projectile through one of the training dummies. She winced a bit as it kept going, much farther and faster than she’d meant to send the large boulder, before losing track of it, maybe she shouldn’t have been shooting it at an incline? She shrugged it off a moment later, since it was probably fine. (The possibility it might go into some populated area, or even as far as hitting Syne academy itself never occurring to the redhead, nor the possibility it might hurt someone.)

Rika didn’t really think this idea itself was as interesting as it could be, but it did fill a hole in her fighting style in the form of giving her a suitable long range attack, something the pigtailed girl might need some day given that there were Grimm that could fly, and she didn’t like the idea of fighting something that could beat her by just getting far enough away to make it impossible for her to hit it. The dust combination could also be fun to play with later, but Rika’s current dummies weren’t really made specifically for her to create new techniques, unfortunately that would require much more work as she needed to think of the best ways to incorporate things into her fighting style. These were just to test the concept and see how well it would work.

Besides she still had another dust combination to try out, this one more obvious, and yet Rika already knew that if it worked correctly it could easily prove a fantastic addition to the combat style she was already developing around Dust. Most wouldn’t really think of combining ice and water dust, despite how simple an idea it was, but Rika figured it could easily prove helpful especially since she didn’t normally find much use for her water dust, preferring the other types such as earth or thrust more lately. It would give her more usability for one of her least used dust types and the ideas for attacks she already had thought of were useful.

The pigtailed girl prepared the dust crystals in advance noting that she would need to find a way to switch between dusts on the fly or simply access them easier. The hidden pockets in her bracers were an interesting idea, but she’d need to make adjustments to them. The pigtailed girl had a few ideas, but they’d have to wait for later. Right now, she still had to actually try it out the dust combination, and then she’d have to work it into her combat style so that she could properly utilize it in combat. Maybe she’d need to do a real test run before going back to Syne? The pigtailed girl once again decided to think more on that.

She focused her aura into the water crystal, running at the dummies arranged together with a smirk. She sent a small wave of water that crashed against the dummies, but didn’t stop there, channeling her own aura into the crystal in her other hand, The water around her inanimate opponents ended up freezing, trapping the dummies, but she wasn’t done yet either, suddenly sending a stream of water upwards instead, freezing it as the water began to break into droplets and causing a rain of icy needles to shower on the trapped dummies, the frozen water piercing through the dummies “flesh” easily enough. The pigtailed girl grinned at the results of her experimentation, something like that could be cool if used right, and there were plenty of other ways she could use the two dust types in a fight…now came the actually important part of the training however.

She’d already decided that the two dust combinations could be helpful, now it was about actually practicing how to use them in different ways and incorporating those into her existing combat style.

The pigtailed girl would spend the rest of the day training, only stopping when she’d used up all the dust she’d brought with her to the training area. She had left most of it at her camp, but she was still overall satisfied with the results at the end of the training session.

Tomorrow would come the real fun part of her training though, she needed to find something to test fight against to test out all the fun things she’d practiced. It would be great!

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