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Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.)

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1 Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:41 pm

Athena Ligero
Boredom is a painful, torturous feeling that never seemed to leave Athena's brain for longer than a few hours, a day maybe, if she was lucky.  As of this moment, the boredom that has been plaguing her mind has been with her for about a week, and she felt as if she was going to snap under the pressure.  A week ago, she had mugged a wealthier looking guy with quite a wallet on him.  She didn't need any money at the time, she was just sort of helping out a less fortunate friend of hers.  That's a good enough reason to commit a crime, right?  Regardless, the cops were practically breathing down her neck at this point.

She had too much heat now.  That guy must have been important or something, she guessed, since the cops seemed to care for him very, very much.  Now, if Athena tried to entertain herself in her usual way, it wouldn't end with her walking away unscathed, and it might even end up with her in cuffs.  Thus, she walked about Bellmuse with dead eyes and a twitch on her trigger finger.  In her head, Athena begged for something to happen.  If she couldn't start something, she could just watch and entertain herself without getting involved.  It wouldn't be as fun as getting involved, but right now, she'd take what she could get.  It could be anything.  An ice cream truck could have a tire explode or something, and that would be enough, but nothing happening for too long was going to kill her, and Athena would very much like to be alive.

As Athena walked around, she wondered exactly how long she could last before she gave in and caused trouble.  There were so many options in town, but she couldn't choose a single one, and that thought was the most painful of all.  The cops didn't even have her in custody, but they were still keeping her from doing what she wanted at this moment.  Was there anything to do that could be fun and not harmful?  Or maybe something subtle?  Athena found a public bench and sat down as an idea formed in her head.  

As she sat there, Athena activated her semblance, forming a short wall on the sidewalk right in front of someone walking by, causing a lady to trip forward and drop her phone.  She was talking too loud anyway.  What about that guy?  One after another, victims to Athena's tricks fell over, bringing a very slight smile to her face.  This would have to do for now.

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2 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:07 pm

Gluton Lamesy
Gluton Lamesy was chewing ponderously on a stick of celery. Not that he would eat it, no; celery was little more than a seasoning in his eyes, and thusly not something to eat any more than one would consider eating pepper. No, he chewed when he was thinking or bored, and there was little better than the crunch of celery; pleasant to the ears as well as the Jaw. He had done little else in his few days at Syne besides cook- he had had to throw away everything that had been cooked already; redesign and cook a whole new menu.

No one had responded the his cooking contest/class yet, which disappointed but didn't really surprise him. It was hard to find someone that had an interest in food beyond the energy it was destined to become, especially in the world of Huntsmen. He had taken this trip on the town because he had needed to restock his supplies- which made him regret not keeping one or two of the previous kitchen staff as lackeys. Ah well. But he also figured he should take some time to unwind- which was mostly going to mean wandering around town until he couldn't keep himself from buying the supplies and returning to bellmuse. Which, with his growing boredom, looked to be pretty soon.

Then a yelp stirred him from his reverie, and he looked around for the source of the disturbance- there, someone had fallen over a short wall that even now was disappearing. He leaned back against the building behind him and watched, until another wall formed up. As soon as it did, his eyes flashed around. By the time the third person (that he noticed) tripped, he had found her- sitting partially in shadow, laughing ever-so-slightly at her little tricks. This caused Gluton to frown- pranks were meant for the laughter of all involved, not something to be done for cruel satisfaction.

He would teach this little trickster- and what better way than with a prank of his own? He crunched the celery thoughtfully as his frown loosened into a ponderous one. He didn't have any materials on him for a good prank, nor did he have any tricky semblance like hers. He ducked into the closest alley and searched for cardboard and wood, quickly strapping together- with the help of some chili-glue- something that resembled and concession stand. Using chili beans, he wrote Chili Stand! On it in big letters.

Of course, he would never sell his vile semblance chili. Even on a small outing like this, he had brought himself lunch- a pail of chili, which by anyone else's terms would serve at least 20 people. He popped into a nearby store, bought some bowls, and returned to drag his stand into the street, where the girl was still tripping people. He hoped that she would be interested enough to mosey over, else it would serve as a cover for him to wait until she got up to leave.

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3 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:59 pm

Athena Ligero
As Athena was tripping more people and wondering exactly what it was that made people in suits fall like toddlers, she couldn't help but notice a man pull a food stand to the street she was on.  But this wasn't just any food stand, it was a chili stand made out of garbage.  Yeah, this just emanated a feeling of safety and trust, here.  Of course, this didn't stop her from walking up to the thing and observing it closer.  Yep.  Garbage.  Cardboard and wood just screamed "quality."  Athena stepped up to the front of the stand and gave a smirk to the man behind it.

The guy was maybe a bit taller than her, but he looked relatively harmless.  Though, this was coming from someone who made a living by committing crimes, so maybe he looked dangerous to regular people?  Athena could never tell at this point.  "So, what are you on, man?  'Cause if you're not high right now, then you've got some balls to try and sell people food with... this."  This had to be interesting, right?  This guy was planning on doing something, and Athena had to witness it.

"So, what's in the chili?  Lookin' at someone like you, and the stand you've set up here, I'm gonna guess... people?"  As she said this, a small neon outline of a person appeared above her head, and she began making wafting motions towards her face.  "Hmmm, maybe a hint of household pet?"  A plus sign and an outline of a dog took shape next to the first outline, followed by a question mark.  She loved adding her semblance into her conversations.  She thought it really reflected her personality well.

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4 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:40 pm

Gluton Lamesy
People were giving his makeshift concession stand odd looks, but when they smelled the chili more than a few overcame their aversion and bought a bowl of his chili. He was a bit mournful because he was selling his lunch, but was making a tidy profit so he didn't mind terribly so. He worked to conceal a smile when Athena perked up and ambled over.

He did not, however, conceal the frown that appeared when she insulted his setup. For your information, if the product is gold, it matters not if it's wrapped in trash. as if to punctuate his statement, a man who had been waiting behind athena pushed past her when he realized she wasn't buying.

It wasn't like Gluton had had a plan on how to prank athena besides "lure her over". But when she proceeded to insult his cooking, he lost it- an eye began to twitch and a small smile appeared on his face. He picked up two bowls and shook his head. In the pot is chef tier chili, made with the finest ingredients. But for you, madam, that simply won't do.

He raises an arm and puts a bowl under it, and shoots chili out of his armpit into the bowl until it was full, then raises the other bowl and opens his mouth and shoots chili out into that bowl. Then he offers both bowls to her, saying Chili ala armpit, and chili avec saliva.

Despite the potentially humorous side of his actions, his eyes were deadly serious. He didn't know how this would teach her about pranks, but he no longer care- she had insulted his reputation.

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5 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:11 pm

Athena Ligero
Athena nearly laughed right in the man's face after he seemingly vomited up chili into a bowl and offered it to her, a clear insult. Thing is, this definitely wasn't going to go over well with his customers, and Athena was hardly offended. This didn't harm her. He wasn't forcing her to eat it, it was just an insulting gesture, a proper response to her insulting him a moment ago. Now, it was her turn to attempt to ruin her victim's day, and she was definitely planning on going too far. Now then, what to do here...

She shifted her balance towards her right and used her semblance to make a bright blue neon ball about the size of a fist appear in between her victim and herself. The ball made a few cracking sounds before shattering violently, sending shards of neon light into the bowls in front of her. The light disappeared after they reached their target, keeping others from being harmed by it. Athena turned her attention to the people around her. "Alright, everybody! Get out of here if you value your life!" She pulled out her machine pistol and fired two rounds into the air.

There went her chances at staying under the cops' radar. Welp. Time to make the most out of her limited time here. Athena pointed her gun at the chili guy's chest, meeting his eyes with a glare. "You've got two options, man. Cry like a moron, or entertain me. I think you know which one we both want to go for here." She had no idea exactly how this was going to go down, but she had to make sure that one of them left this place in an ambulance.

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6 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:41 am

Nyx T. Thanatos
"I heard the sound of two gunshots nearby." Nyx thought quietly to herself as she walked through the city of Bellmuse. Nyx had just met up with a client who wanted some help with some "information gathering" work. The client was rather desperate for her services so he paid her twice her normal fee of $3 million dollars. Nyx accepted the money from the client. However, she planned to donate the extra $3 million to the local charities on Bellmuse Island.

After turning around the corner, Nyx caught a glimpse of a woman holding a gun at the man who working at the food cart out of the corner of her eye. Nyx scoffed at the sight as she thought that the woman was either "bold or crazy". Either way, Nyx could tell that the woman lacked a code that which she lived by. To Nyx, this made the woman a common criminal in her eyes. Currently, the woman was busy threatening the food cart owner.

Nyx took advantage of this and quietly and stealthily walked down the street across from the food cart. Soon after, Nyx then quietly took out her combat knife out of its sheath. It didn't take long before Nyx got close enough to grab the woman from behind using her left arm. Nyx then used positioned her left arm so that the woman's neck was stuck between her bicep and her forearm.

"You are quite a reckless one." Nyx commented as she pressed her combat knife against the woman's neck.

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7 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:04 am

Gluton Lamesy
The customers soon forgot their fear of eating chili vomit for fear of safety from the women with a gun and explosives. He didn't take his eyes off her, even when she detonated a bright blue ball of light, which somehow threw shards at his hands. He pulled his hands away to avoid getting pierced, but the bowls shattered and the pieces fell to the floor. The chili, however, did not- two balls of it floated in the air where the bowls had just been. At least she was courteous enough to send the crowd scattering- he hadn't expected that from a trickster like her who used her semblance for cheap laughs. When she levelled her gun at his chest, he merely smirked, and subtly shifted his feet, preparing to launch or dodge.

He just really wished that he could have eaten his lunch first- he hated fighting on an empty stomach. There was nothing to be done for it, though. He sighed, opened his mouth like he was going to speak and then, in the lull that followed... He released the chili-glue holding the stand together. It fell, raising a cloud of dust that he hadnt bothered brushing off when he had assembled the stand. As it fell around him he would launch around from side with his great axe, while superspicy chili blasted at her from the front, burning and hopefully blinding her.

Hp 100/100
Aura 180/200
Combat summary: frontal attack with semblance chili;  20 ap for 20 dmg; make sure to roll for blind.
3 seperate attacks from the side with great axe; 35 damage per before defense.

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8 Re: Entertainment Starved (Ask to join.) on Sun May 27, 2018 6:39 pm

Athena Ligero
Athena had already witnessed him throw up chili before, and she wasn't about to be hit by that again. As he smirked, she twirled her fingers on her left hand, making a small neon platform appear between her feet and the pavement. As soon as she saw him move suddenly, she used this platform to launch herself into up quickly. While she rose above her opponent, she started laughing loudly.
Once she was a decent enough distance up, she leaned over the platform to shout down at her new target. "I'm proud of you! Probably. You either have guts or you're just too dumb to know what I'm about to do to you. Regardless, this'll be fun!"

After speaking, Athena began her descent, surfing on the neon platform and firing multiple burst of bullets down at the chili man, one after another until she fired off four volleys. "Let me know when you're ready to apologize!" She taunted from above him.


Actions taken : Began flying above Gluton, fired off four attacks (30 damage each before defense)

HP : 180/180
SP : 115/120 (+5 from aura.)

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