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Detective Moe Finn. Bellmuse PD

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1 Detective Moe Finn. Bellmuse PD on Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:23 pm

Moe Finn
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Maurice (Moe) Finn
Age: 44
Birthday:February 3rd
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Face Claim:Ash, Animatrix (A Detective Story)

Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: smoking, Women, Alcohol, internal monologue, baseball, blues and jazz music. His Job
Dislikes:Thugs, children, Paperwork, fighting Grimm, His Job
Fears: His ex-wives, failing to close a case, losing his job, Settling down
Talent: Investigation
Weakness Armorsmithing
Overall Personality: Moe is the type of man to take matters into his own hands. An old school detective, he tends to act on hunches just as much as on straight evidence, though often can ignore procedure in more serious cases. Though he is smart enough to avoid getting caught. He’s not a completely by the book cop, but he also never truly crosses the line into being a dirty cop. He’s pessimistic to an extent but is more than willing to show respect to those who show they deserve it. He’s curious by nature, a fact that likely led him to his profession in the first place. while he often may find temporary peace Moe he’s the type of guy who can’t truly stay out of the action long, and even if taken off a case will still likely pursue it. This of course causes him to have issues settling down or living any sort of quiet life whether at work or home.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Sleeping Miasma. A thick smoke that cuts visibility. This isn’t simple smoke however and is capable of inflicting sleep as a status effect. He emits it through his mouth and has some level of control over it.
Item 1: A snubnosed revolver
Item 2: Trench coat.    A trench coat that acts as physical armor…Even Moe isn’t sure on the logistics of it. But it works.

History and Sample
Moe hadn’t always wanted to be a cop, he’d in fact dreamed of being a huntsman as a child, having enrolled in one of the academies outside of Bellmuse before his father, a dock worker was murdered under mysterious circumstances. The case itself had caused Moe to go into policework and had been a case he wouldn’t solve for years to come, after which the killer was caught alive. Moe had very nearly killed the man, but decided not to at the last minute, arresting him instead. He’s considered a bit of a workaholic and has become a cynic due to his years in the police force.  However, Moe grew up in Bellmuse, his grandfather having moved to the island when his father was a child, as a result, Moe has seen the many changes the island has gone through in the last several decades as the island grew, as well as the change as the population of Bellmuse became much larger.

He’s considered a veteran within the police force, and currently is a detective with the Bellmuse Police Department, investigating a variety of crimes largely depending on what is needed. Moe has never really been the type for the quiet life and has been married and divorced more than enough times to prove it. To the point it seems only he has any clue how many ex-wives he has running around. As well as having a habit of annoying his superiors within the police department at times, especially when he violates procedure or butts into the business of other cops. Moe has developed a bit of a reputation for working on his own within the police department, and despite being highly respected by younger members of the force, is well known for doing his own thing, whether following a hunch or making an arrest.
RP Sample:
The night was a cold one, Moe noted. Creak’s seemed noisy tonight, full of working stiffs like him just looking for escape from their problems. Wasn’t much trouble going on tonight. He wasn’t here on the job, no walking around looking for some shmuck that got on into the wrong argument or took it to far. He was just another stiff among the crowd.
That wasn’t true though, he was never off the job, even now he still noticed the things around him. Couple’a grifters pulling a con on some young suit who thought he knew everything. A poker game in the corner, one that he could already tell Marlow was cheating at, the card he got a glance of up the man’s sleeve giving it away. Didn’t matter this was his night off, nothing was gonna get him to give it up just to book some old boozehound over a couple hundred bucks. Besides, everyone knew Marlow cheated at cards, half the fun of it was the stories the guy told while playing.

The detective sighed when his scroll beeped. He hated the thing and knew that he probably should just let it keep goin’ off.  He let out a sigh seeing that it was the chief. Before answering it.

“Yeah this is Finn. Whatcha got for me?” He asked, a feeling in his gut telling him he wasn’t going to be drinking tonight after all, just as old Billy came around with his drink.

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2 Re: Detective Moe Finn. Bellmuse PD on Fri May 04, 2018 1:56 pm

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