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Adam King (Ready)

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Adam King
Enrollment Form

Adam King (Ready) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRw6KpnR-QhJhcxxW0V3g82z4ElOwuOhAi8THhk532UnxyRi0osxw

Basic info
Name: Adam King
Age: 19
Birthday: October 11th
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus, non - specific spider, eight long spider legs on his back.
Height: 6'
Weight: 140 lbs
Face Claim: Miyuki Kazuya, Ace of Diamonds

Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: Comedy, music, himself, proving people wrong, dark blue.
Dislikes: Cats, boring/overly serious people, seafood, rude idiots.
Fears: Volcanoes, clowns, ferris wheels.
Talent: Musician
Weakness Tactician
Overall Personality: Most people wouldn't guess it, based on his appearance, but Adam King is surprisingly active and somewhat aggressive in nature.  He doesn't wear baggy clothes because of his laziness, and it's certainly not because he's self conscious.  He wears a hoodie and jeans because they're baggy enough to hide his extra limbs.  After all, hiding eight spider legs attached to your back isn't something you do with a t-shirt.  When Adam is meeting new people, he will usually pretend to be nicer than he is, just so he can get information about strangers easily.  It's much harder to get someone to tell you about them if you're yelling at them.  After figuring someone out, he'll either act nice to them, or just give off an uncaring, sometimes hostile feeling.  Anybody he doesn't appreciate is worthless, and thus he shouldn't waste any time trying to make them better.  People that Adam doesn't appreciate usually have one chance to get out of his sight, signalled by him starting to walk away and lose interest in what they have to say.  If they don't take this chance, they are usually subject to insults and sarcastic remarks.  After a while, he'll try and provoke his target into attacking him, so it's not his fault if something happens.  If they take their second chance and leave him alone, Adam usually checks in on them one last time, just to see if they had a bad day or something, but after that, never again.  He usually sticks around people if he can't predict what they're going to do or say, if they share an interest with him, he needs them for something, or he just likes them for any reason.

Despite his confidence, Adam's shy about his faunus trait.  Having eight extra limbs isn't very common, and he realizes it can be severely uncomfortable for other people to be around.  He'll only ever show his limbs for two reasons: When he's comfortable with someone knowing about them, and when he's threatening somebody.  He normally doesn't have to resort to threatening somebody, but it's gotten him out of a jam before, so he resorts to it every now and again.  Although he hides his limbs, he uses them all of the time.  All of his spider limbs are pressed up against his normal ones, meaning each of his normal body part has two spider parts right up against them.  He uses these positions to compensate for his lack of muscles, pushing his limbs quickly so he runs as fast as anyone else and pulling them back for similar reasons.  If asked, he will say that he is a faunus, but he'll leave his trait a mystery to any that can't figure it out, usually just to mess with them.

Another thing to note, Adam hates the idea of parents, leaders, bosses, etc.  He's not really an anarchist, but he doesn't like when people think they have authority over him.  He'll do as teachers tell him, as he values education more than he hates being ordered around, but if someone unimportant tells him to do something instead of asking him to do something, expect him to explode in your face if it continues.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Dark Blue
Semblance: Entities : Within ten meters of Adam, and within his line of sight, Adam can make limbs much like the ones on his back sprout out of the ground and walls around him.  These limbs can lunge at his target for 20 SP of DMG.  The limbs can also be used as a utility for whatever Adam sees fit, be it for making a creepy looking wall or lifting up an obstacle.
Item 1: Tier 1 Weapon : A bearded axe with a wooden handle that he found at an auction.  It reminded him of the vikings, so he figured, "why not?"
Item 2: Tier 1 Armor : There's leather padding on the inside of all of his clothes to prevent his extra limbs from cutting up his clothes, but it also makes it hurt less when people hit him. (In his hoodie and jeans)

History and Sample
Adam’s life was only easy in the beginning, when his parents had no use for him.  He never found out where he was born, and who his real mother was, but he could never forget the cruel life his fake parents gave him.  As soon as he could talk with people and understand complex instructions, his life devolved into labor and punishment.  His parents, who went by these fake names; King and Bambi, used him to get themselves out of debt.  The problem was, these two were idiots that worked for drug dealers and thugs, and nothing they paid them would ever get them out of that life.

They could never blame themselves for their shortcomings, but they had to blame someone, and Adam didn’t even know how to fight back yet.  Despite being yelled at and punished constantly for things that weren’t his fault, and being forced to do what his parents and the guys they worked with said, Adam never gave up.  He knew he was always better than them, and he’d leave one day.  For now, it was just a matter of time before he finally escaped this cruel life, although that time would last until he was sixteen.

Adam could only get away from his parents during the weekday, because they legally had to send him to school, and they didn’t want him taken away.  He should’ve called the cops, told them to take him away and arrest his parents, but how could he?  He was terrified of what they would do to him if they found out, and he had no idea how it would work.  Would he have to go home before the police showed up?  These thoughts constantly tortured his mind, but he found respite in books and lessons.  For every other kid, moments like theses were torture, but compared to life back home, reading a dictionary and listening to some sad excuse of a person teach kids was heaven.

Eventually, when he learned how to drive a car, Adam committed his first crime, one he still hasn’t forgiven himself for.  He stole a car from an innocent person to escape his parents, and used money from the purse in the car to pay for a trip to Bellmuse.  That lady didn’t deserve what he did to her, and he still wishes to this day that he could go back and try to find some other way.  Stealing a car from her meant that Adam became a criminal, just like his parents, the people he hated more than anything else in the world.

When Adam arrived at Bellmuse, he felt sick.  This was his first time this far away from home, and he still felt horrible about his crime.  Now wasn’t the time to dwell on that, he thought.  He’s a free human being now, and what better place to start a new life than here?  Well, maybe a bunch of places, but this place isn’t too bad.  Plus, after focusing so intently on lessons for his entire life, maybe his knowledge would pay off at that academy he heard about?  But first, he had to get a job.  And money.  And a place to stay. And...
RP Sample:
Adam could hardly contain himself as he finally stepped onto the academy campus for the first time.  A hunter!  Fighting Grimm for money, defending people, showing off his skills... The made him feel so excited, he could barely keep his spider legs from moving under his clothes.  He took a deep breath, calmed down, shifted his hoodie a bit, and headed toward the other students he saw ahead of him.  Adam stepped up to a group of students only to hear the last part of their conversation, which consisted of dumb complaints about not having a nice enough room.  Immediately, Adam wanted them dead.

"Seriously?  You get to go to a place as nice as this and you think the rooms suck?  Go home.  You're trash, and I'd hate to see garbage in a place as nice as this."

Adam continued his exploration of the school, anger making his spider limbs extend outwards a bit.  A quiet ripping sound reminded him to calm down.  Besides, he had much more to look forward to than he had things to worry about.  Those people behind him don't matter anymore, they're worthless, and now he can spend the rest of his time here never speaking to them, focusing on his studies instead.  He had more than enough potential to be a hunter, he was certain of it.

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