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Training Results. Hunt/Sky and anyone who wants to jump in.

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Rika Titania
Rika frowned as she lost sight of the Grimm she had been chasing.  The pigtailed girl had woken up early tonight determined to continue her training and knowing that there was one major issue with the training she’d done recently she needed to fix as soon as possible.   Mostly, this was that she simply hadn’t finished the practical aspect of it, and there were a lot of things she still needed to wait for an actual combat situation before she could try them, since planning only really helped in theory.

Besides training alone in the woods could only keep someone occupied for so long, and that problem only intensified for somebody as hyperactive as Rika.   That was why she was looking for some Grimm to fight in the first place, since just plain sitting around was starting to get real boring and all. The cheerful redhead wasn’t the type to attract many Grimm though, not really thinking much on depressing stuff or things like that. But There were enough of the creatures around the forest for the Pigtailed girl to have managed to find something, following the brief glimpse of black and red that she’d caught to where she is. Immediately she’d started to follow the Grimm, not thinking to use any sort of stealthy pursuit and opting instead for simply charging after the creature of darkness eagerly.  The chase had already taken her out of the forest, and the pigtailed girl worried she’d have to track down her pet afterwards before that worry gave way to impatience when she realized she had no clue where the Grimm went.

The cat faunus frowned, before deciding to give up any semblance of subtlety she hadn’t already given up. “Hey come out ya jerks, I know ya aint gone or nothin’!” She called out. The pigtailed girl shifted into a stance, drawing her whip with a single gesture that caused a loud crack to resound through the area. It was surprising how different It felt, as she hadn’t had time to try it out since the upgrade she’d gotten for it recently. Hermes appeared out of the brush behind her, looking lazy before seemingly sensing something. She’d almost forgotten he’d come with her, but apparently the kitten had already become attached to it’s redheaded master.  It stiffed notably for a moment, the lazy look changing immediately into a more serious one as the cat let out a hiss of warning.  Rika knew enough about animals to know he was sensing something out there, smirking before turning her attention to where the Cat was focused on.

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Sky Richardson
Ah, finnek mountains. It really was Sky's favourite place to muse over his thoughts; despite having recently woken up from a dirt nap here. He knew, somewhere in his mind, that if he was gonna be depressed, he really should start doing it in the city, or the academy, instead of in the wilderness, where he would attract all the grimms. But then again, there was hardly a better cure for depression, sky had found, than fighting. People, grimm, it didn't matter. Anything to get all that repressed rage and grief out.

At the moment, he was awash in a wave of sadness, and he was really just trying to sit with it. Ever the literal one, he was seated upon a rock in a small clearing. He was just trying to be present to the sadness, and accessories the source of it inside him. Keeping it locked up wouldn't do much good. He had to let it out, get it out of him instead of keeping it inside. He heard the crash of a grimm, a large one, making its way through the trees and foliage in a beeline straight to him.

Heaving a sigh, he stood up as it drew closer, then drew his swords and clacked them together with a piercing ring that would resound for some distance in these tranquil mountains. He buried his feet into the ground with a few small twists of his ankles, drawing his swords, bending his knees slightly. He loosened his muscles, all with his eyes still closed. Then, he opened them, as the Grimm drew near, shockingly bright blue eyes that glittered and crackled with an energy that betrayed his stillness.

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The Finnek Mountains was mostly quiet. The only sound that can be heard were the sounds of the footsteps of a lone Deathstalker. This particular Deathstalker was a rather large one. It was a veteran of many fights its eternal enemy; the Hunters/Huntresses. Currently, the lone Deathstalker was looking around for some prey to kill. It didn't take long before the Deathstalker sensed a lot of negative emotion nearby. The Deathstalker began searching the nearby area for the source of this negative emotion.

It didn't take long before the large Deathstalker located the source of the negative emotions that it had detected. All of this negative emotion was coming from a young man who was sitting on a rock which was located in a clearing. After seeing the human, the Deathstalker carefully approached while readying its tail for an attack. After getting close enough, the Deathstalker launched a stabbing attack with its stinger in the general direction of the human.

Deathstalker's Stats
HP: 220
Defense/Resistance: 4 Def/Res (20 Damage Resistance)

Attacks Done
1. Stab attack with its stinger - 60 Damage (Defense not Included)

Total Damage Done
60 Damage (Damage not included)

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Rika Titania
The pigtailed girl blinked at the distinctive sound of steel against steel, a sound her time in the training areas of Syne had made her more than familiar with. The fact her pet had settled down, likely having heard the Grimm she was chasing after going somewhere else.  She wasn’t patient enough to simply walk in or coordinate with the other hunter that was probably within the area.  Instead Rika decided to take a different route than simply running out to meet the battle on foot and prepared some dust crystals before turning to the general direction the sound came from. Aiming her hand, and crystal down and back a little before activating it while simultaneously jumping forward, the thrust dust launching her like a rocket into the air, where she quickly spotted the clearing and the huge Grimm within.

The pigtailed faunus smirked at her own cleverness, the thought of how she was now high in the air never occurring to her as she aimed herself at the deathstalker, using another crystal to send her flying down at it like a missile as she committed to a thrust-powered axe kick meant to hit the creature’s tail, possibly even the top area of its stinger. This fight was going to be fun!  The pigtailed girl thought as she landed, not hesitating for a moment before jabbing a crystal into the ground at the same time, causing spikes to erupt out from the ground below the deathstalker. Hopefully piercing the Grimm’s flesh, this guy was big, and probably wouldn’t be able to get all the way of the way in time.

The pigtailed girl’s landing hadn’t been subtle, and she’d crashed into the ground at a rather high speed, damage had only been prevented on the redhead herself because she’d activated her semblance, strengthening her body and allowing her to survive the impact relatively unscathed. The pigtailed cat faunus’ aura protecting her from the rest of the damage.

HP 150/150 Aura 170/170

Actions:   Launched self into battle literally, using thrust dust. Thrust dust powered axe-kick and earth dust attack. Activated semblance for a buff of +2 Def

Two T2 Dust attacks at 50 damage per attack,

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Sky Richardson
The deathstalker carefully approached Sky and he was content to let it approach. While he didn't observe it religiously, it was generally a good rule to follow to let your opponent make the first move. Which, it seemed ready to do, what with the way it was waving its tail about in that way scorpions have. What was it with deathstalkers? He had fought one with that Sakura girl, but this one was at least twice its size. He wondered, briefly, what the deathstalker felt, and for a moment, man and grimm stared into each other's eyes. He felt something broach his sadness then; empathy, kindness. Go Home, he thought to it. No one has to die today.

He thought that he sensed a glimmer of something in its eyes, then. But whether it was true remorse or just wishful thinking, he would never know. Because just then, something came streaking through the sky and landing a kick straight to the creatures tail. Any hopes for peace evaporated, then, and Sky stood for a moment, stunned. He didn't even see rika make her attempt to spike the Scorp with her earth dust. He moured what could have been. Then, reality returned to normal, and he shook his head. What was he thinking, this was a Grimm.

He used the time in which the deathstalkers attention was abruptly switched to the new threat to circle around a little bit to the side. His hair stood on end as he activated his semblance, and the slightest scent of ozone wafted through the air. Electric blue sparks of electricity coated his blades, Wind and Rain, as he dashed in at the deathstalker, attacking its unarmed legs with three slashes with his swords, and the semblance electricity which poured into it.

Hp 100/100
Ap 180/200
5 attacks, 4 with swords at 35 damage per before defense, 20 ap Semblance damage.

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The large Deathstalker's attack was soon interrupted by the rather sudden appearance of a huntress. Said huntress had appeared out of nowhere and had attacked it. The large Deathstalker felt a powerful strike hit its tail. Soon after, a surge of pain coursed through the Grimm's body. However, this was just the start of the pain that the large Deathstalker going to feel at this moment. A few moments after, spikes of earth shot up from the ground underneath the large Deathstalker, puncturing the unarmored parts of its abdomen. These two attacks stunned the large Deathstalker long enough for the other hunter to slash it legs repeatedly.

After taking some time to recover, the Deathstalker turned toward the huntress who appeared out of nowhere. The Deathstalker then charged at the huntress with its tail ready to strike. In addition to this, it extended its left claw out in an attempt to grab the huntress. Once the Deathstalker had the huntress in its claws, it will sting her repeatedly.

Deathstalker's Current Status
HP: 80/220

Total Damage Taken
140 Total Damage - 60 Damage (Rika) and 80 Damage (Sky)

1. Stinger Strike (Rika) - 60 Damage (Defense not Included)
2. Grab (Rika) - - 60 Damage (Defense not Included)

Total Damage Done (If attacks hit)
120 Total Damage (Defense not Included)

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Rika Titania
Rika grinned at the success of her attacks, only barely noting that there was another fighter before the scorpion turned to her. “Hiya!” She exclaimed in a cheeky tone before jumping back to avoid the grab, veering, as she knew there was no way to completely get out of the thing’s range, however the dodge, and lower angle did give the cat faunus just what she needed, the chance to strike the unarmored underside of the claw. The pigtailed girl struck with an open-palmed strike, activating one of the dust crystals hidden in her bracer at the same time to add thrust power to her strike. Whether it hit or not, the force would still propel the pigtailed girl out of the claw’s reach while possibly making the claw get knocked into the deathstalker if the attack were successful.

The pigtailed girl grinned before putting her weapon away, satisfied with her getaway from the creature’s attacks. Then Rika began to sprint back towards the creature, her tail streaming out behind her as she dashed forward. Suddenly, just before she got back into the creature’s reach Rika changed her sprint into a slide, attempting to slide under the creature. This time Rika pulled a crystal out, rather than using the dust stored in her bracer. She would wait until she was right under the Deathstalker’s face, just passed the armor before sending a blast of thrust upwards into the Grimm’s front end, possibly propelling it upwards and hopefully overturning it entirely. The pigtailed girl used her other hand to slam an earth crystal into the ground, creating a pillar at a slight angle that would likely help the effort of flipping the Grimm over as she continued her sliding.

HP 150/150 Aura 150/170 (Forgot to subtract aura from last post, so I’ll just do it here instead -10 for this post, -10 from last one Hope that’s fine since it hasn’t really effected the contents of the posts or the fight yet….)

Actions, Avoided attack and possible making deathstalker whack itself. Attempting to flip the scorpio with thrust and earth,

Three dust type attacks. 2 thrust and one earth. 50 damage each not including defenses.

Total possible damage: 150 before defenses.

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Sky Richardson
Sky was shocked out of his battlefocus as the girl, who appeared to be some martial artist, called out to him before dodging the Grimms attack. He grinned at her, then gave her a little salute with Rain, which was held in his right hand, when he was sure she was looking.  She sure knew what she was doing, he noted idly as she fought the Grimm. She might even have a slight edge on him in natural speed. He then shook himself, what was he doing just standing idly by?Hi there!

He exclaimed as she attempted to slide under the Grimm, dashing forward himself to attack it. He slashed at one leg, then another, moving torwards the back, before he flooded his swords with electricity and stabbed the unarmored back of its tail with both swords, slashing downwards, the electricity flooding into it before he ripped his swords out in a cross slash. He jumped backwards, saying I'm Sky! What's your name?

100/100 HP
165/200 AP
4 attacks, 3 sword slashes at 35 per before defense, and 20 semblance damage

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The Deathstalker's attempt to attack the red-haired girl was soon interrupted by another Dust attack. This time it was the huntress had combined Earth Dust with another one. The result of this attack was that a surge of Earth to launch up from the ground under its face and flip it onto its back. This left the Deathstalker totally defenseless as it tried to right itself. However, the Deathstalker never had a chance to do this as the hunter launched a barrage of slashes on the Deathstalker. This combined assault was more than the Deathstalker could handle. Soon after, the Deathstalker stopped resisting before it went limp. Soon after, the Deathstalker soon disintegrated into black goop before returning to the abyss where it came from. Instead of taking its revenged for its brethren. It failed in its task and had brought disgrace to its kind. However, this battle was being watched by another Grimm who was waiting to strike on the hunter and huntress that killed one of its fellow Grimm.

Deathstalker's Current Status
HP: -75/220 (Overkill)

Total Damage Taken
155 Total Damage - 90 Damage (Rika) + 65 Damage (Sky)

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Rika Titania
Rika smirked at her victory before frowning, realizing she didn’t really get to try out all the things she’d wanted to, she’d hoped that the fight would last longer, but the giant deathstalker had been surprisingly weak compared to what she’d expected. Her and the other hunter finished the thing off practically without a challenge. She still smirked realizing the moves she had tried had worked though, and hopefully she could find more Grimm to fight after this. The grinning pigtailed girl turned back to the guy, now identified as Sky. “I’m Rika, Nice ta meetcha!” She said, sticking out a hand to shake.

The cat faunus’s tail swishing as she suddenly turned. Unhidden and perfectly visible as always, since Rika never saw a reason to hide her faunus traits. “That was fun, wish that guy’d been tougher though.” She said, frowning at the defeated Grimm as it finished disappearing.

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Sky Richardson
Sky noted the frown curiously, smiling slightly in response to it. It wasn't often that a hunter was disappointed that a grimm died on them. Admittedly, it had been rather dissatisfying; from the size of the scorpion he had expected more. He smiles fully, sticking his calloused hand in hers and gripping firmly. Well met, Rika!

He noted her tail without so much as batting an eye, he paid as much attention to it as he did the color of her eyes. Curiously, but without judgement. He followed her eyes and nodded to what she said. Yeah I know what you mean,That was hardly even a challenge. Do be careful what you wish for. Myluck, we might just get more than we can chew.though, I don't know about that, you've got some nice moves might even be hard pressed to keep up with. What are you doing out here,anyways? I come out here to think

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A few moments after the Deathstalker had met its end, a lone Griffon soon found the location of its prey. Currently, the hunter and the huntress were focused on each other instead of focused upward at the sky. This provided the Griffon with the perfect opportunity to attack from the air. The sun was completely overhead since it was noon. After noticing this, the Griffon flew slightly to the east so that it was out of side of the humans on the ground.

Soon after this, the Griffon flew up higher so that it was shrouded by the clouds. This allowed it to fly over the area above the humans undetected. After doing this, the Griffon flew up higher before diving down at extremely high speeds at the red-head girl. By using the sun, the Griffon hoped that it would conceal it dive bomb attack on the huntress. The element of surprise was on the Griffon's side.

Griffon's Stats
HP: 130/130
Level: 2
Damage Resistance: 5 def/res (25 damage resistance)

Attacks Done
1. Dive Bomb (Rika)

Damage Done
20 Total Damage (Defense not included)

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Rika Titania
The pigtailed girl nodded in agreement with the sentiment. She was a bit disappointed but when Sky said they might get more than they could handle she just grinned. “Nah, I can take’em, really should spar sometime though, ya were pretty good with those things.” Rika looked out to the forest wondering if she’d be able to find another Grimm today before responding to the question. “Meh, wanted ta try some new moves out, didn’t really get to do much though.”

The pigtailed faunus didn’t even notice the griffon until it came close enough that she noticed the growing shadow, too late to really react to the attack and as such wouldn’t be able to fully get out of the way, the dive bomb knocking her to the side and while it didn’t hurt much, the redhead was understandably annoyed.

“Hey, no fair!” She yelled out. She tried to use her whip to attack the thing a few times hoping to catch it with at least one attack before it flew off.

Hp 145/150 aura 140/170 (last post had no aura in it, but she technically had her semblance on at the beginning of it just gonna subtract just in case, she doesnt have it on now though so.)

Three attacks: 30 damage per attack without defenses.

Total possibly: 90 damage.

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