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Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky)

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1 Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:35 am

Sakura A. Brynhildr
It was the early in the morning when the first rays of sunlight shone through the windows of the Medical Bay of Syne Academy. The Medical Bay was mostly empty. The only person present beside the On-Duty Nurse was Sakura. She had been staying by the bedside of the young man whom she helped in Finnek Forest. The young man had passed out after the fight with the Deathstalker, so Sakura carried the young man all the way back to the Medical Bay. Instead of leaving, Sakura decided to keep an eye on the young man until he woke up.

As she was waiting, Sakura soon fell asleep at the bedside of the young man with her head resting on the bed. The adrenaline in her system had worn off and exhaustion was starting to set in. Sakura was so exhausted that she slept through the night and into the morning. Even the nurse's attempts to wake Sakura up was futile, so she decided to let her sleep some more.

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2 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:32 am

Sky Richardson
Tranquility. That was the first sensation Sky felt upon rising out of the murky depths of unconsiousness. It was clearly the effect of the drugs in his system, however, because churning through his consciousness an instant later was the familiar depression. As if it were nipping at the heels of his peace, determined to drive it out. A sigh blew through his nostrils, then, and sensation returned: pain, dimmed to a faint and distant spark by the medications. A slight stiffness was more prevalent, wrappings placed by the nurse. Lastly, the sensation of lying on a cloud: though he had been asleep the whole time, his body certainly remembered sleeping for long enough to cause atrophy upon hard forest floor. He opened his eyes, then, to see blue, again. Not Finnek Blue. Sky blue. His blue.

A rythm beat softly upon his senses then, that was neither his heart or breath, but anothers. He turned his head to see Sakura with her head laying on the bed, seated as she was in the chair. It looked uncomfortable, but she did not seem to mind. Still, he was touched- she had brought him all the way here, and instead of saying job done she had decided to stay and keep watch. He had thought she was genuine in her concern, in the forest, but it was nice to have confirmation. A strand of hair had fallen over her face, and he watched it flutter for a moment before concern intruded. He was thirsty, and needed something to drink. However, if he got out of bed, that would almost certainly disturb Sakura's slumber. Thankfully, he wasn't too addled to miss the rope hanging beside his bed. He reached for it, and gave it two pulls.

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3 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Wed May 02, 2018 6:30 pm

Akio Marigold
Puer wasn’t typically the type to look around for work to do, but he’d somehow gotten saddled with helping out at the medical wing, with a teacher he didn’t know involved in the medical criteria essentially passing off the duty to him somehow. Even Puer wasn’t sure how that happened exactly, but here he was helping the On-Duty Nurse that was within the medical area of the academy. The academy naturally had a well-stocked medical area, since a large part of the school’s curriculum surrounded combat. As well as the simple fact that with so many superpowered people running around fighting each other all the time, both in and out of the academy. Added to the normal dangers of fighting against Grimm, a heavily stocked medical area was a must for a school like Syne.

At the moment the Nurse was taking care of something else, one of the few other patients there, who apparently didn’t need a real doctor in the condition they were in, when the system alerted Puer of a patient needing assistance he knew he had to go and help, since he was supposed to be helping, and there wasn’t much better to do after all while he was here. He knew the basics of the story of the patient, whom he recognized once he got to the bed, at least from when he’d come in. Though Puer hadn’t interacted with the girl who’d brought him in, and probably wasn’t even noticed.

“You’re awake.” He observed seeing the boy sitting up. Puer’s presence would probably be confusing to anyone, an apparent ten-year-old by all appearances, not only at a huntsman academy but in the medical wing of the place. “Don’t exert yourself, moron you’ve already passed out once.” He demanded, frowning at the patient. He knew that was one of the things that had led the guy to passing out anyways.

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4 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Thu May 03, 2018 3:06 am

Sky Richardson
If Sky was shocked to see Puer, a seeming kid, arrive, he did not show it. It could have easily been interpreted that way, however, because he blinked and did a double take; though it was from the snarky tone more than anything. You don't have my water. He said by way of response, though when he was called a  moron for something he hadn't done( though, admittedly, might have done, if not for Sakura's sleeping form.) He blew some steam, saying Think ya can get that for me, champ? that last word emphasized like the challenge it was.

Normally, Sky wasn't nearly so standoffish- he was actually often regarding as a pushover, at least until push came to actual shove. Not today, though. After waking up from a dirt nap to almost die to a Grimm, Sky really was not in the most amicable of moods. However, a stir from Sakura took all of his air out, and he looked at her as she groggily blinked at him a couple times. A hand slipped behind his head as he looked at her sheeoishly, saying Ah... Sorry, Sakura! Please forgive the rude awakening...

It remained to be seen if Puer would defuse as quickly.

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5 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Thu May 03, 2018 2:16 pm

Sakura A. Brynhildr
Sakura had been dreaming rather peacefully up until she heard two voices arguing about something. This caused Sakura to wake up. It took a few moments before Sakura was fully awake. In the meantime, she groggily blinked at the young man who was wide awake. The young man then apologized for waking her up.

"There is no need to apologize. I am very glad to see that you are wide awake. You had passed out after the fight with the Deathstalker, so I carried you all the way back here." Sakura replied politely after yawning and stretching out her muscles. Sakura was extremely happy to see the young man wide awake. She had been extremely worried after seeing the young man passed out after the fight. Soon after, the nurse on duty then walked over to check up on the young man.

"Hello, Mister Richardson. I am glad to see you are wide awake. You are an extremely lucky person." The nurse commented as she walked over to the young man's bed and took notes on his current vitals. The nurse then smiled after writing down the young man's current vitals onto her medical charts. Soon after she continued talking.

"Miss Sakura carried you all the way back from Finnek Forest. She even decided to stay by your bedside until you wake up. You must be quite fortunate to have a devoted girlfriend like her." The Nurse commented with a smile.

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6 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Tue May 08, 2018 8:44 pm

Akio Marigold
Puer frowned, but knew he was technically on the job, and so had no real avenue to reject getting the water. “Just try not to do something stupid, I don’t want to have to treat you again because your too stupid to sit still.” He said frowning, he’d seen a few people try to act tough only to aggravate their injuries. This one crazy redheaded girl practically had bolted from the medical room when it was figured out she needed some immunization shots, apparently not being a fan of that idea, her cat’s tail having been the last they’d seen of her in the medical ward. The short boy left the two just as the pink haired girl awoke. Not bothering to think about how it must have seemed for someone not aware of his condition to see an apparent ten-year-old working in the medical ward.

The short boy would return while the nurse spoke, giving the boy the water just before the nurse mentioned his supposed “girlfriend.”

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7 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Wed May 09, 2018 2:32 am

Sakura A. Brynhildr
"Ehh. This must be mistaken, Miss. I am not his girlfriend." Sakura replied in an extremely confused yet polite fashion. Soon after, Sakura looked away while blushing deeply. The woman had mistaken her for the young man's girlfriend. This was quite understandable due to the fact that she brought the young man in and stayed by his bedside for the night. This was due to the obligation Sakura felt to stay by the young man's side until he woke up.

She was extremely glad to see that the young man was wide awake. However, the nurse's comment made Sakura feel extremely awkward to say the least. To Sakura, the idea of being someone's girlfriend hadn't crossed her mind at all as she was too focused on protecting people. This thought soon caused Sakura to blush even harder before turning her attention back to the young man.

"I am glad to see that you are awake. How are you feeling, today?" Sakura asked the young man in a relieved and concerned tone.

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8 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Wed May 09, 2018 1:38 pm

Sky Richardson
Sky was glad that Sakura wasn't upset and it showed as he closed his eyes and laughed. I can't thank you enough, Sakura! You saved my life out there and brought me all the way back. I was really touched to see you were still here though!

He didn't notice Puer leave, but he noticed the nurse when she spoke. He turned to her, smiling, and noted the boy was gone. I was really rude to him... he thought, frowning. He smiles and laughs as the nurse takes his vitals. Lucky, huh? Sometimes I feel like a really good punchin bag haha.

Puer returned with his water, and Sky smiled at him, but was unable to reply for just then the nurse spoke about Sakura being his girlfriend. Sky blushed deeply, glancing at Sakura then back at the nurse before saying I... ah...

Sakura herself spared his addled mind from formulating a reply, and he nodded weakly in agreement. The blush having faded but not quite disappears, he attempts to compose himself, looking at Puer and saying Hey, I'm sorry for being rude earlier, man. That's not like me.

Then Sakura spoke and he returned his attention to her. It might be apparent by this time that Sky had somewhat of a singular focus. He smiled at Sakura, nodding his agreement, then he turns his focus to assess his body so he could properly reply. Well the drugs are certainly taking the edge off, haha. I really pushed myself in that fight, so I don't think I'm going anywhere for a day, two tops.

He doesnt seem to care what the nurse or Puer for that matter would think of that assessment. He smiles, then the barest hint of a blush returns, not from Sakura herself but from the nurse who had brought that whole thing up. But I certainly would not expect you to wait with me that long.

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9 Re: Bedside Watch (Private w/ Puer and Sky) on Sat May 12, 2018 3:58 pm

Akio Marigold
Puer blinked at the two blushing, he could understand how the nurse had made the observation but hadn’t really thought much about it. It did seem to only make it seem more likely when the two both blushed the way they did. Puer wasn’t too worried about the guy’s behavior before, He’d already returned the favor somewhat, and as such didn’t feel like being all that petty about things right now considering that.

“It’s fine, I’ve seen worse.” He responded, and he had, after all it was rather easy to end up being bullied growing up when one stopped growing at ten, as people had homed in on him as an easy target. It had tapered off after some time longer, as those around him become too old for such things, while he stayed the same. When Sky commented he’d be out of commission, he nodded. “Yeah, and you’d better take it seriously, I’ve had enough trouble with people trying to sneak out before they’re fully healed.” The short boy said, frowning.

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