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Blind Faith (Open to 2 Not in An Oncoming Storm)

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From the depths of Finnek an old man was stumbling, his eyes overcome by white cataracts. A morning mist was bathing him, blowing through the blue tinted woods. He held out a cane before himself, tapping gently at the ground before him as he stepped, the rapid and sweeping nature with which he moved the staff suggested a fear of tripping on roots. He looked emaciated and poorly dressed, his skin scabbed in places and his mouth hung wide. The old man was wearing a heavy brown cloak and baggy trousers, a broad brimmed hat atop his head. He was approaching the entrance to the dust mine, staggering forward. As he met with the mine’s great gate, a metal wall which could be slid on the rare occasions it was open (both to the public and for extraction) he placed his knuckle to it; knocking on the cold metal. The storehouse opposite, which he had seemingly missed, was empty… it seemed as though the grounds were completely empty. He had somehow wandered by the metal fence with all its security cameras. The gate had been pushed open, it’s chains not unlocked but no longer present.

“Hello! I-Is anybody in there?! Hello, I think I’ve taken a wrong turn? Hello!? I’m blind you see! I don’t know where I am!” He was calling out to an empty cavern as though it were a cabin in the woods, knocking hard against the door… it didn’t look like the old man’s fist could take hitting it much longer; it was as though he couldn’t even tell the door was metal, rather than wood. The sun had risen, but was blocked out by clouds. Toward the other side of Bellmuse a storm was brewing. He continued to cry out, asking for help.

He was in the clearing before the mines, on the pathway which mine-tracks would be placed for dust to be collected from the mines. He began to push hard against the door, as if trying to open it, fumbling against it in a futile attempt to find a handle. The fog was slowly filtering into the enclosure; if someone didn’t act soon the old man might be forgotten.

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Viridian had been on his morning patrols and had been assigned to Finnek. Even though he'd only recently arrived, the island being on high alert meant that he had to do his part rather than get settled in. That was fine by him honestly, considering the relative tameness of the island's populace would have had him a bit antsy if he'd had nothing to do anyhow. His tongue clicked off the side of his cheek as he maneuvered through the underbrush of Finnek, probably having a better time of it than most people that had eyesight would. However, he was distracted by shouting coming from the mine as he passed by and let his ears pop out of his hair so that he could hear better. He could make out the rattling of a door and hurried to see what was going on there.

When he made it to the gate, the reverb would pick up a humanoid figure pounding up against the door that lead to the caverns. This area was meant to be secure so this didn't make much sense for someone to be here.

"Hey! The hell are ya doin' out here?! This area is under restricted access, and you need to leave!"

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The old man fell in surprise at the sound, iris-less eyes wide as he scanned left and right across the area. His hands pressed into the mud as he tried to rise, failing and staying flat on his backside. He looked up where he believed the sound had emanated from, a good twenty degrees right of Viridian's face. He blindly reached out with his muddy, scabbed, hand; not to grab but as though he were asking for help up. His hand was unbelievably boney, and examination of his face revealed it to be the same; he hardly had cheeks and his chin was especially prominent. The mist was rolling further and further in, not that either of the men could see it.

"Young man, young man are you there? Please don't shout at me, I'm blind you see; my ears are especially sensitive. Sudden sounds spook me more than they do you! Please be gentle with me! I've lost my way in this forest, I've been at the far flung north for many many years! I was monitoring sea lion populations when I went blind." The man seemed scared yet excited, his mouth hung wide and dry. He spoke in a hushed, panicked, shouting manner; perhaps only hushed due to the state of his mouth. "I've been wandering the forrest blind for months now I'm sure, I lost all my data when I was mauled by Grimm. I only survived because I passed out and with that my fear vanished. I was left to bleed, I've been eating only bark and grass!"

The man did smell quite awful, it was clear he hadn't spoken to anyone for many months; should Viridian attempt to cut him off he'd continue prattling on. Quite terrified, but a small smile on his face perhaps showed he was relieved to be around another person. Whether or not his hand was taken he'd continue to reach out, remaining on the ground.

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Rika hadn’t been planning to do anything without Sakura…at least not originally. The two of them had decided to go to the mines in a few days to find this “treasure” but…Rika Titania was not a patient person. As such the pigtailed faunus had found herself going there on her own just out of boredom more so than any desire to go behind her best friend’s back. She would have likely been running around the inside of the island’s dust mines largely unsupervised already had the fog not distracted her. She couldn’t see much in any direction, with the mist, and thus she only stopped when she heard voices, deciding to go that way. While the pigtailed girl didn’t know who the two were, they were both guys it sounded like, and they came into view after she got close enough to see them through the fog.

There was also the door to the mine, she remembered from the major mission she’d done there. She managed to hear most of the old dude’s story, blinking at it. “Hey old man, you want me ta take ya back to town er somethin’, ya really aint sposed to be here.” The pigtailed faunus yelled out, not having understood much’a that junk about loud sounds. The fact she herself technically hadn’t gotten any permission to be here was forgotton, she just knew this old guy needed help, and apparently couldn’t see stuff and it would probably be better for him to get to Springwood, the guy probably had someone worrying about him after all.

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Viridian could hear the person traipsing through the fog long before they even said anything and he deduced that it was a person fairly easily from the body type. The large deal of shouting, however was severely grating his poor ears, and he folded them back against his head to lessen the stinging. He walked over toward the man and grabbed him by the wrist to try to pull him up, gun in the opposite hand.

"Fine, I'll take ya back to Springwood on the condition that you please shut up!" The loudness and the commotion on his patrol was putting Viri in a bad mood, but he had a duty to help people, so he'd perform it to the letter. He didn't forget about the other either, speaking over his shoulder. "And you need to clear out of here. This space is restricted. Go home girl." He said as he tugged on the old man to stand him up.

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"Gaaaaah!" The man grasped his ears and curled up int the foetal position, flinching again and shrinking further still; pulling his hands over his head. Being pulled so suddenly to didn't help his fearful state. He pushed up against the mine's large metal door, a loud crash sounded and the man's eyes went from wide to clenched; mouth hanging wide and a small amount of blood on his lip. It was nothing serious, investigation would show he'd simply bit his tongue in shock, but it further shook the man's nerves.

"I-If I'm not supposed to be here then where am I? Am I on some kind of military base? D-Did I somehow end up on the academy? P-Please, one of you, tell me what's happening! Tell me where I am." He wasn't resisting the boy's grasp particularly, but he wasn't returning the effort of pulling himself up. "I-I said not to shout, my hearing is all that I have. Let me know before you're going to move me, I have no idea what you're doing."

All the while the fog seemed to get denser and denser, drawing closer and closer in. Rika would soon struggle to see the exit of the mine herself, white wisps thicker than any fog she had experienced prior; let alone on Bellmuse where fog was a rarity.

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Rika frowned at the cowboy dude’s attitude, not liking the way he was acting at all.  The pigtailed girl didn’t really get why he was acting like such a jerk, especially to some helpless old man. She frowned at the guy’s question, deciding to answer it first.  “You’re at the dust mine.” The cat faunus answered, trying to keep her voice down, since she knew now that it probably wouldn’t do to yell right now.

“Ya don’t gotta be a jerk about it.” The pigtailed girl responded, sticking out her tongue childishly when the weird cowboy dude told her to clear out, it was only then that she noticed the fog was getting worse, and her frown widened as she realized she’d never seen fog on the island in the first place. The pigtailed girl wasn’t an expert on weather or things like that, but she did realize quickly something important, verbalizing the though.

She had limited experience in fog in general, but it was weird for it to be this thick.  “jeez, can’t see nothin’ in this, weird.”

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The old man's shouting was only making the situation worse as it only irritated Viri further. "Shut up, if loud noises are so damn bad, then stop making them. You're not the only one with loudness issues here. If you'll quit being an idiot, then maybe we can talk and get this sorted out."

This was really starting to piss him off. Viridian would keep trying to pull the man to his feet despite the situation. He just wanted to continue his patrol for real threats and these stupid civilians were getting in his way. It would be good to note that Viridian took no notice of the fog, blind as he was, but he could still hear that Rika hadn't gone anywhere. "You hard a' hearing? Get outta here so I can do my job and patrol the area for these stupid pirates. I just want to do my job and y'all are making it way harder than it needs to be." he called over his shoulder.

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The old man grew a frown; "Well perhaps if you'd stop pulling me and treat me rightly, like this young woman is, then we wouldn't be having this argument. Perhaps if you were calm in dealing with this long lost, blind, elderly man we wouldn't be having these issues. I think I am bleeding, yet you have not even mentioned it; let alone seen to it." He finally embraced the pulling and raised himself up, though his strength was clearly rather limited. Rather than look in the boy's direction he looked roughly in the direction of the girl, despite the fog now making it difficult for her to see him; "You say there's a fog rolling in dear, are you quite alright? Is it really that thick you can't see? This could be quite the problem."

"And this is the dust mine? It's much larger than I remember... its been so so long since I was last in civilisation. It used to just be a little cave, I don't think there was a big door on it like that one." A small thunk sounded behind the old man, just as he began to walk in the girl's direction. "If it is so foggy just take my hand dearie, we don't want any of us getting any more lost do we? My name is Pew, what is yours?" But Rika likely wouldn't be there to take his grasp. This fog was now insane, she would find herself no longer able to see her own hand before her face. Nothing but whiteness surrounded her, while sound still penetrated the fog sight had become totally impossible.

Eight arms emerged from the mud behind the student, clambered her body; two hands grabbing his legs, two wrapping around their waist, one over each shoulder and a third grasped the her long braid. Their reaching complete, the hand's triple jointed arms began to sink back into the blue grass behind them at great speed; still clinging tightly to her with the hand clung to her braid fully submerging, hair still in hand. The force behind them was great, the force if she met with the ground would surge up her back; yet, if she had been grabbed, her mouth had not been covered, she could freely call for help to the pair.

Attack From Fog:
The attack from the fog is dust based, dealing 55 dust based damage before defences.

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Rika smirked as the old man chastised the jerk, before frowning as the fog continued to get worse. She could still hear the old guy but couldn’t see anything at all at this point. It was kinda weird, and she found herself trying to find some kind of landmark in the fog despite herself. While she could still hear the old man, she couldn’t see the offered hand, and thus wasn’t able to take it.The cat faunus didn’t like this, the fog was annoying, and she felt weird about not being able to see anything, as though someone was watching them from out of sight, though she dismissed the thought immediately. After all nobody could see in this fog.

Then the hands came out of nowhere and Rika didn’t have any time to react before they were already grabbing her, pulling her down at the ground forcefully, with one even grabbing her by the braid.

“Let go’a me ya jerk!”

The pigtailed girl didn’t even have time to react before she was slammed to the ground, the impact causing a bit of pain as she was pinned as well. Her hair even seemed to have gotten pulled into the ground, jerk. The pigtailed girl tried to force her way out, but the rock limbs. She did mentally note the interesting attack idea, since it could come in handy at some point. The cat faunus struggled, trying to get out of the pin before remembering the dust in her bracer, and while her shoulders were being grabbed, her arms were still free.

She decided to activate a type she hadn’t used yet, directing the blast at the ground rather than trying to break up the hands individually. A directional explosion triggered, one that had it happened from mundane means might have injured the user at such close distance, but dust was weird like that, and her aura managed to repel any shrapnel that resulted in it. The explosion was probably loud enough to attract the attention of the two blind men even if the previous shouting didn’t, and Rika found herself climbing out of a crater of her own making. The rock hands gone or fallen to the ground.

The pigtailed faunus’s glowed for a moment, as the damage done from the sneak attack and subsequent explosion healed from her semblance. The attack had caught her by surprise, but now Rika was on guard.

HP 125/150 aura: 140/170

Actions: escaped pin and used semblance to heal.

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