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Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open)

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1Backalley Hunting  (Hunt, Open) Empty Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open) on Sat May 12, 2018 6:12 pm

Moe Finn
Detective Moe Finn sighed as he stepped into the alleyway. Naturally with the island on high alert any security breach was a priority especially within the city limits. Then the fact that the cameras in the area seemed to have failed in this area, some problem with the wiring or something else. He’d lead the details to the eggheads that were working on the problem, all he knew was the chief wanted some police presence in the area, as well as having requested some assistance from the academy in securing the area while the problem was being taken care of. A few minor Grimm incidents had already been reported, but most of those had already been dealt with.

As one of the few cops with unlocked aura, he’d been given the task of helping to deal with the situation, as another detective took over the case he’d already been working on. It was enough of a pain that some shmuck was running around likely botching his case, but now he had to go around looking for grimm all day. Flinching at shadows and walking backstreets to make sure nothing got past the main group of huntsmen in training patrolling farther towards the perimeter of the city.

Now though, the detective was doing a sweep of the effected area, annoyed at having to get involved at all in this. This was why they had that academy in the first place, damn chief trying to make a show for the papers. The detective made it halfway through the alleyway before he heard a sound from behind him, frowning at the sudden noise as he drew his revolver. He didn’t get paid enough for this. The detective thought, taking a long drag of his cigarette as his eyes swept the alleyway looking for the disturbance.

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2Backalley Hunting  (Hunt, Open) Empty Re: Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open) on Mon May 14, 2018 8:10 pm

This Beowulf was a bit different than most. The first difference was the most obvious one. Somehow, the Beowulf had managed to acquire a mohawk. As funny as it would be to think some odd stylist had made this Grimm a project, the strange do was actually just a freak occurrence cause by bedhead, longish fur, and the placement of its armour.

It was obvious that this Grimm was still a youngster for two reasons. One was that it's armor was still forming across it's body. But the second, also the second unique quality of this Beo, was that it strutted through the street with a cocky attitude not unlike some punk teenager, both regardless and resentful of its surroundings. He had approached the city as waves of confusion emanated from it, and had managed to slip in undetected.

This Grimm was old enough to not go charging at the nearest crowd of people it saw, however; and thus it had managed to accrue a bodycount as it ventured farther into the city. "Argh" was his name, because that was the only word he had heard.

Argh strutted down an alleyway where it saw a man in a trenchcoat. The man had a mottle of grey hair mixed in with his black hair, and in Argh's experience, this meant an easy target. He loped into a run down the alleway, and at the point where Moe turned he had leapt up to jump off the wall at him, slashing with both of his claws, and if he got close enough, his teeth.

HP 100/100
3 attacks, 2 claw attacks and one teeth, 15 per before defense

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3Backalley Hunting  (Hunt, Open) Empty Re: Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open) on Tue May 15, 2018 10:56 pm

Moe Finn
Moe turned just in time to see the creature bounding of the wall, and had he not already been aware of it’s presence, the damn thing probably would have hit him, as it was however the detective pushed off on his front leg to throw himself back far enough that the claws passed harmlessly through the air. Though one did nick his arm a little. The detective frowned, of course he was the one stuck dealing with this. Seemed the world just wanted to screw him over sometimes, and today was one’a those days.

When the creature made the attempt to bite him he met it by simply lifting his revolver, and would press it to the bottom of the thing’s chin just as it brought that ugly mug of its close, pulling the trigger. Even if the thing somhow avoided the attack, unlikely as that was, it was large enough to make a nice target, and the detective would hoped the sudden loud noise, if not the pain itself would stun the thing. Either way he’d take another shot slightly lower at the throat, as he jumped back to get a bit of breathing room. Taking a couple more shots aimed at the thing as he did so.

HP 175/180 AP 120/120

Actions: One shot at close range at the chin as the Beowulf tried to bite him, and then one in the throat. Two more shots aimed more for center mass/body.

4 shots total, 35 damage each before defense.

Total damage: 140

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4Backalley Hunting  (Hunt, Open) Empty Re: Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open) on Wed May 16, 2018 3:35 pm

First assessment: this was no average old man.
Second assessment: ouch. That hurt. A lot.
Third: how dare this guy.

Such were the thoughts of this Beo as the man in the trenchcoat dodged his attacks and shot him in the throat! Argh shook with outrage, his moe-hawk quivering with the motions. This earned him another shot to the neck and to the chest. He snapped then, lunging to the side to avoid the fourth shot, then inwards, down and up to catch the inside of Moe's shoulder and hopefully throw him off his feet. He would slash twice with his claws during this manuever, and if Moe did get thrown, Argh would lunge straight for the throat with his teeth. Friggin old man, shooting him and whatnot. All he was doing was having a stroll on the town. Killing a few citizens, you know, living it up. Not like he was doing anything wrong.

HP 40/100
3 attacks, 15 per before defense

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Moe Finn
Three out of four, Moe had made three out of four shots, it wasn’t bad. Of course, with his luck it still hadn’t been enough to take out the damn thing completely. The detective now also had the chance to notice more details, that this Grimm was younger, and…a mohawk? Figured he would get the first punk Grimm to wander out of Finnek.

Moe moved to the side, causing the attempt to knock him to hit him, but in a way that only helped him to get out of the way of the creature’s claws. The creature’s movements pushing him more to the side and causing him to end up at it’s flank. this, and didn’t hesitate for a moment to raise his gun, pulling the trigger twice and firing the last two shots in his gun, before jumping back a short distance, He’d aimed at the spot right below the ear, where the armor stopped, but it wouldn’t be impossible for the creature to cause the shots to hit the armoring instead.

The detective would attempt to reload after, hoping the loud noise from his gun, going off right in the creature of Grimm’s ear effectively would at least stun it for the few seconds needed. He good thing he had a speed loader prepared. The detective would let shoot the creature twice more in the body as soon as it turned around, or if it already had. Aiming for the chest area.

HP  170/180   Aura 120/120

4 shots, 35 damage each.

140 damage possible

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6Backalley Hunting  (Hunt, Open) Empty Re: Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open) on Fri May 18, 2018 9:00 pm

Figures this would be how it ended, shot to death by a disgruntled middle aged man in some nondescript back alleyway. Things started to slow down for Argh as the cop dodged his attack, as if suddenly even time itself was moving through molasses. Argh just knew it was because of his mohawk that the cop felt the need to punish him.

The shots exploded right below his ear, one right after the other. This sent Argh spinning diagonally around his center of mass; from the force of his shots and the rest of his momentum. A bellow escaped from his lips as he flipped in the air and landed in a mess of limbs on the floor. His paw went to the side of his head as he roared again, a noise that seemed muted, due to his burst eardrum.

His body had already begun to disintegrate but this did not stop the cop from pumping two more rounds into his chest mercilessly. Police brutality, at its finest. Argh stared up into the mans cold dead eyes with pure hatred as his body continued to disentegrate, again bellowing in pain. His mohawk quivered and danced, and was the last part of him to remain. Oddly enough, it really did remain, lying on the ground as a memento to Argh, the Punk Beowulf.

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7Backalley Hunting  (Hunt, Open) Empty Re: Backalley Hunting (Hunt, Open) on Sat May 19, 2018 6:41 pm

Moe Finn
Moe took a final drag of his cigarette, watching as the Beowulf disappeared impassionately as he smoked. Slowly, he holstered his gun, noting there were no more grimm in the area. The creature had gotten rather far into the city considering the huntsmen patrolling the area, and he doubted this guy got here without running into any civilians. Still it did die, just like any man. Even the disappearing was somewhat human, just much faster when one really thought about it.

The detective let out a breath, allowing smoke to leave his mouth as his cigarette fell to the ground. This was getting annoying, and he wasn’t really the type to engage in philosophy or anything like this. There was no doubt in his mind that there would be paperwork involved either, damn bureaucrats seemed to love the stuff, and had a habit of pushing it at him of all people. The detective crushed the cigarette, as he turned away from the alleyway. Damn Grimm had left him to file a report now.

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