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Relaxation 101(Open to 4)

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1 Relaxation 101(Open to 4) on Mon May 14, 2018 1:00 am

Dareios had been hosting small classes lately, and that trend would continue. However, this class was an important one. He had moved all the desks to the back wall, stacking them before laying out four mats. He made sure they were the best money could buy.

He had the lights turned down, bless the fact that they had dimmers. They weren't completely off, but a relaxing glow coated the room. This hopefully would make it easier to relax.

This class might have seem like a free hour, but this was an important skill that huntsman often lacked, that he noticed. The ability to actually relax, to rest. While others might say that it's a bad thing, Dareios would always say otherwise.

He had been a Huntsman for, gosh, it'd have to be 40 years now? If not more than that, and he had always held his pride in keeping calm.

He himself was clad in his typical robes and sandals. While not fit for battle, it was fit for relaxation. He had also made sure to send our a message to all the students who had signed up, that they should wear casual clothes. He had even added a please to the end of the messages, just to make sure they would. This might make him seem like a pushover to some, but he always felt like being the nice teacher was the way to go about it.

There was a tea-making station set up on the left side of the room, across from the door. Dareios had already made his. It was a nice cherry-flavored tea. It was on the cool side, as he tended to like his tea. It was in a smaller cup, as he liked his tea portions to be many small cups, in case he'd finish half of one. Then he wouldn't have to throw so much tea away.

Nonetheless, Iroh sat in the front of the classroom, clad in robe and a smile. He was ready for the children to come in.

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2 Re: Relaxation 101(Open to 4) on Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:14 pm

Akio Marigold
Puer didn’t really get why he was expected to take a stupid class like this, he supposed that it wasn’t as bad as some others, but the fact was that he didn’t get why they should waste time making a class in relaxing, weren’t they supposed to be learning how to be huntsmen. Still the administration had told him to attend this class so. The message from the teacher made the guy sound boring, a pushover as well, not at all what Puer imagined a seasoned huntsman would act.

The short boy showed up early, not the type to risk being late even if he tended to act childish at times, he taking a moment to be confused about the setup of the room, before shrugging the oddity of the room’s current layout. He went to one of the mats that had been laid out for students, not acknowledging the old man yet, he just wanted to get through this class and go find something fun to do, and the fact that it was still a bit early bugged the childish boy to no end. He’d already been in a bad mood, as he’d had another argument with his parents, one that had ended with him storming out of their home in springwood. The short boy frowned at the open air, taking a drink of his tea before opening his scroll and loading up a game on the device. Soon allowing his attention to solely focus on the game and ignoring the instructor for now.

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3 Re: Relaxation 101(Open to 4) on Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:05 pm

Dareios watched the one child come in, and decided to start doing anything that might start the class off. This was, in his case, to start talking. He was rather good at that. He took a sip of his drink, before starting his talk.

"I'm sure that you're curious why you're here. It's a fair question, to be sure."

He took another sip of his tea, before continuing.

"I can't be sure why they told you, but being relaxed at all times is very, very important. If people are in danger and in panic, one can't panic."

These were simple words but were likely to stir up feelings of some sort in anyone they were said to. Not to mention, the boy seemed engrossed into his scroll which was a minor bother, but nothing that Dareios would care enough about to stop. They could've just not come, but they did. He'd drag them in, slowly, anyway.

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4 Re: Relaxation 101(Open to 4) on Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:44 pm

Akio Marigold
Puer looked up from his game for a moment, when the instructor spoke. He really seemed like just any other old man, not looking like a fitting instructor at all really. Though he remembered the class had a weird name, relaxation of all things. A sound came from the game that indicated he’d lost, and Puer frowned at the game.

“Aw come on, that’s not fair!” he whined hitting the button to restart the game in annoyance. He did at least listen to the old man, though he thought that the classes idea was silly, if nothing else. The boy thought it over for a few minutes, and while his intellect told him that there was more to the words than one would think. After all he was a medic, and panicking meant one couldn’t act rationally. Still Puer couldn’t help speaking his immediate thoughts on the matter, remembering this wasn’t a medical class, while the boy, had he bothered to focus on the perspectives of other may have realized the flaws in this reasoning, his primary focus was instead on the game rather than any sort of academy work.

“That’s stupid.” He remarked idly, continuing to play the game. The short boy took only a moment to take a sip from the tea, noting that it was actually pretty good. The boy didn’t even notice he was the only student to have arrived yet, still expecting more to appear if possible.

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