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Rangi Diamond

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1 Rangi Diamond on Tue May 15, 2018 12:16 am

Knox Weller
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Rangi Diamond
Age: 26
Birthday: December 14
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus  (Monkey feet  can grip things etc the way monkeys do.)
Weight:Whatever he feels like it being.  (Default   130 IBS)
Face Claim: Sora Takeuchi Air Gear

Aura 160|140 HP

Major:Professor (Maintenance guy of Syne/Custodian/grounds keeper)
Likes: The sky, freedom, dreamers, ambitions, napping, working with his hands, sailing, sports, animals, fishing, card games.
Dislikes: Worrying, his own problems, inhibitions, stress, paperwork, cities, fire, Punishment. The indoors, Drinking, Chess
Fears: Imprisonment, Clowns, Talking about his Ex-girlfriend. being underground, Stifling the dreams of others, the death of others.
Talent: Engineering
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Rangi is a rather live and let live type of guy. He doesn’t hold a grudge, and he usually is rather levelheaded.   He’s the type of person who enjoys being free and has a fascination with the idea of flight as well as concepts like guerilla tactics. Rangi is somewhat carefree and rather patient when it comes down to it, he’s the type who doesn’t stress much about most things and is more than willing to wait and see how things play out rather than get involved himself unless it seems necessary.  Despite this he also has a habit of getting involved in others business, giving his own advice to people and occasionally eavesdropping on people.    He’s a curious person and likes to know what’s going on whether he is really involved in it or not.  He won’t stress about having to clean up after the occasional battle on school grounds, no matter how much damage he ends up having to fix afterwards.  Despite this he’s very protective, while he won’t get involved in a situation if there’s no risk of actual harm to others he’s more than willing to step in and assist people if lives are on the line. He’s typically rather cheerful, though this is more due to the fact he has a habit of bottling up any negative feelings, or avoiding more sensitive, emotional topics altogether. Preferring to deflect or avoid his own problems.  There is quite a bit of cunning under his carefree and cheerful behavior, and he is rather intelligent even though he seems to lack any real ambition outside his job.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Blue
Semblance: Weight control.   Rangi can control his own weight, He can make himself light as a feather or as heavy as a bus.  He can utilize this to damage others for 20 ap/dmg by using his own increased weight as a weapon in a sense such as by making himself much heavier just before an attack hits.

He can also buff himself, making himself faster and more agile by reducing his own weight, thus buffing his speed, or buffing his own durability in a sense by increasing it.     (Spd/Def buff)

Utility:  By reducing his own weight, he can stand on surfaces and platforms that may otherwise break under that of other people, such as thin ice or simply unstable platforms. He can also slow down falls to an extent but cannot fly under his own power.
Item 1: A Shark toothed club-like weapon of Bellmuse origin, that he bought when he first had attended the academy, the weapon appears to be made of wood, and is surprisingly durable despite this. It appears to be well used, with some slight battle damage and scratches in the wood.
weapon image:
Item 2: T1 Wind Dust.

History and Sample
Rangi grew up in the deserts of Vacuo, specifically having been born in what was essentially a group of wandering merchants, reportedly his parents having just abandoned him in the caravan’s camp one night. Growing up traveling through different towns and the like throughout his youth, sleeping largely in tents or other temporary structures and largely growing up under the open sky.  Growing up he had spent a lot of time learning to help maintain equipment needed to continue their travels, getting separated from the merchants during a sandstorm, living on his own for a time before making his way to Bellmuse to join Syne as one of its earliest students to attend, having transferred from another academy where he’d done the bulk of his study already. While it took time for the academy to really get off its feet he’d done relatively well in his classes, growing attached to the small country and learning to wield a weapon of Bellmuse design, having decided he preferred the island to his home country. He’d gone off with his team, including a long-term girlfriend that he’d met at the academy during his two years there. They operated within other islands like Bellmuse as well as the larger countries for some time before an unknown incident occurred.  
During this incident his girlfriend ended up getting killed by a powerful Grimm, and he was driven into a brief period of depression until returning to Bellmuse. After this, he stopped operating outside of Bellmuse for a time, only really hunting when he needed money for the most part. This changed shortly before he took a job at the academy. He’s typically known to be cheerful, with little of the tragedy revolving around his former girlfriend being known publicly, beyond rumors that he’d lost someone important.  He’s only really been working for the academy for a short time, and largely is known by most more by reputation with the exception of some of the more long term instructors who would have been present when he was a student. As a student he had been a tech major, making him qualified to make any repairs or resolve any technical problems the academy may require.  
RP Sample:
Rangi looked down at the courtyard. He’d climbed up on the roof to do some basic checks of the cameras, something Gwyn needed him to do as soon as possible. Only to find himself with little work to do as the apparent problem had been easily resolved.

Of course, this didn’t bother the monkey faunus, who decided to take the time to lay there on the tiling of one of the academy’s many rooftops, looking up at the cloudy sky.  The world below seeming almost inconsequential until a stream of fire passed by where the custodian was currently lounging.  Looking down revealed a fight having broken out down below, with both fighting without much care for the academy grounds.

Rangi rolled his eyes, smiling down at the scene and remembering getting into similar fights during his own time as a student.   “Kids.” He said shaking his head at the antics before jumping down to get a better view of the damages being caused up close. A carefree look still on his face as he watched the fight. He does on occasion help fellow staff with classes when it is required.

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