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Frozen Feline (Completed Major Mission/Sakura)

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1 Frozen Feline (Completed Major Mission/Sakura) on Wed May 16, 2018 12:45 am

Rika Titania
Discipline was an important trait for a huntsman or huntress to have, as it often times could make the difference between winning and losing a fight. A disciplined fighter could fight in harsh conditions and against unsettling odds without panicking, and often were better at reacting on the battlefield as a whole.  Discipline was necessary for any large-scale battle or even for singular fighters not merely because it allows them to create and follow plans to better turn the tide of battle but because it allowed them to push themselves to constantly improve themselves to better meet their own requirements of any sort of battle.

Martial artists were well renowned to be rather disciplined fighters, holding themselves to a code of honor and ethics that they rigidly stuck to no matter what, and constantly pushing their bodies to the peak in order to better improve themselves and perhaps more importantly to improve the art which the martial artist practiced.  From dangerous mountains and unstable platforms to frozen tundras and wild forests many martial artists made it their own duty to find and train in some of the most dangerous environments they could find. The discipline of the martial artist and their determination often being one of the few things that allowed them to actively push through the conditions of their environment.

Rika Titania was not what people would consider disciplined in the traditional sense. She wasn’t a planner nor was she patient enough or diligent enough to follow plans to the letter, let alone form these plans. She didn’t give much regard for rules, often treating them more like guidelines rather than anything and having a penchant for causing mischief, whether she intended to do so or not. It in fact wouldn’t necessarily be inaccurate for one to say that Rika had a penchant for causing chaos wherever she went, despite being rather well meaning in the end.

In the end, nobody would ever describe the pigtailed cat faunus as anything even resembling disciplined, however in the end she was a martial artist above all other things, and no one could ever say she didn’t approach her training with the same determination others within her same passion did so given not only the lengths she went to, but the consistency of her training.   However, despite this there were still gaps in her training recently that she hopped to fix. Namely she wasn’t used to anything qualifying as an extreme environment, and her conditioning still needed a lot of work.

After all while honing skill was important, honing one’s body was equally so, and she was a bit worried she was getting too lazy about conditioning as a whole, considering that most of her recent training had been more focused on technique rather than improving her body’s base abilities, something that was invaluable considering the caliber of fighters she’d met since having come to the academy, even while some would not fit the category of impressive, others had shown to be ridiculously tough so far. This was what lead to her current activity, that being her doing pushups in a meat locker. It certainly wasn’t the fact that the pigtailed girl was locked inside, nope definitely not.

The truth was that Rika had ended up in here quite by accident, and as she’d left her dust and equipment in her locker she wasn’t able to get out, so why not simply train to pass the time. The story of what brought her to get locked in a meat locker connected to the kitchens of Syne academy was embarrassing to say the least, though Rika would never admit that she’d simply made the mistake in general. She’d snuck into the kitchens late at night in search of a snack, and a particularly tasty looking fish within the meat locker had tempted her into entering the thing, only for the door to end up closing behind her, and apparently there was no way to open the door from the inside of the thing. Little did she know there was in fact a release on the door, one that was even labeled as such. But the pigtailed girl didn’t pay enough attention to the door to notice it, and as she didn’t have her dust she couldn’t just break out of the thing the hard way, considering the thickness of the door.

As such training was really the only thing the pigtailed cat faunus could do to not succumb to the cold in general.   Rika had never really lived anywhere that was particularly cold after all, the bulk of her life prior to Syne being spent in forever fall, which as stated, never saw the chill of winter, and Rika had only left there to come to Bellmuse, which wasn’t near as cold as any environment comparable to the locker. She was freezing, and the pigtailed girl let out a shiver as she made the descent for what was the latest in what had to be hundreds of pushups. Her knuckles numb on the cold metal before she decided to move on to a different exercise.  She repositioned herself, and began to do sit-ups instead, frowning at her body’s complaints. She felt tired, really, really tired. The cold was wearing on her and cat faunus hadn’t been prepared for anywhere close to a cold environment as it was, thus making it wear on her even more. She only really continued through a few before stopping, thinking maybe it would be fine to nap a bit before sitting up, realizing that the lack of motion had only made her feel colder.

Then the pigtailed girl noted the beams. They weren’t anything too abnormal, just some steel beams meant to hang meat off of, and certainly nothing noteworthy, but Rika ended up climbing up one, figuring she’d be better off staying awake upside down rather than laying on the cold floor. The cold of the steel was shocking enough to elicit a squeal from Rika, not having expected it, but it was still better than the cold ground was. Besides she needed to continue training, as the cold wasn’t going away, and the only alternative was to panic about the whole, being locked in a meat locker thing. Rika had already done that, it had gotten boring, and the physical activity kept her warm so… There was also simply the fact that in a lot of ways inverted sit-ups were better for training, and being upside down made it harder for her body to shut down in a lot of ways, probably. Rika didn’t know, but then she wasn’t much of a nerd for silly things like that anyways.

The pigtailed girl worked out as long as she could, pushing her body to it’s limits before eventually she found it giving out somewhat, eventually needing to climb down go prevent herself from falling on her face, and letting out a loud yawn before slumping to the ground, cold and exhausted.  If someone were outside it was highly likely they would have heard the pigtailed girl, as the hours had come and gone by now, with the time likely being relatively early morning. Hopefully someone would have heard the cat faunus, because at the moment she was freezing!

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
It was around 9:00 AM in the morning when Sakura arrived in the kitchen of Syne Academy. Sakura had decided to volunteer in the kitchen of the academy. The kitchen was accepting volunteers to help out with task like food preparation, menu planning, and other task like that. Sakura had jumped on this opportunity as it would provide her some experience in the field related to her passions; Cooking and Baking.

Sakura was the very first person there as it was still somewhat early in the morning. The rest of the kitchen staff had not arrived yet. Currently, Sakura was free to explore the Kitchen and Food Preparation Area. Both area were quite huge and were packed full of equipment, ingredients, and all the necessities needed to feed the hungry students of the academy. Due to her interest in cooking, Sakura began examining all the cooking tools carefully before looking at the stock of high quality ingredients. As she look through the ingredients, Sakura began thinking up recipes she could cook for herself and her friends.

However, Sakura's train of thought was soon interrupted by a sound coming from one of the meat lockers. In response to this, Sakura soon approached the meat locker where the sound had came from. After looking around the area to confirm that she was alone, Sakura then opened the meat locker. An extremely shocked expression soon appeared on her face after she saw who was inside the meat locker. It was her best friend, Rika.

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Rika Titania
Rika had never felt so cold in her life, the cat faunus had begun shivering, with her being too exhausted to keep moving, the cold had set in fast, and when suddenly the door opened Rika didn’t hesitate for a moment to leap out, tackling whoever was standing at the door with before unknown energy. It was warmer out here, but she was cold, and as such she clung to the other person, who was apparently near the same height to warm up, grateful for the additional body heat before noticing the pink hair that the other person had.

Rika didn’t think much of the contact, not really understanding how it could be interpreted and as such was in no rush to get off the source of warmth right now. A grateful expression on her face as she continued hugging the other girl for warmth. The Freezer door left open and forgotten. “Sakura!” The cat faunus shivered out, before letting out a sigh of relief. “So warm.”

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Sakura A. Brynhildr
"Miss Rika. How long have you been in there?" Sakura asked in a shocked tone as Rika shoot out of the meat locker and glomped her from the front where she held on while saying "So warm". From this, Sakura guessed that her friend was stuck in the meat locker for quite a long while. Sakura decided not to ask why her friend was there as the fact that she was in a meat locker told her that she was looking for a fish or something to eat.

Sakura then took a look at her friend. Rika was shivering quite hard and her skin was an extremely pale color which told her that she was cold. Luckily for Rika, Sakura had the perfect cure for this. She quickly rummaged through her messenger back and pulled out a big glass bottle which held a batch of her Father's ultra top-secret Ginger Ale. This ginger ale had enough ginger flavor and real ginger in it that it would warm anyone up instantly. Sakura was by far the only person in her family beside her father who could drink this homemade ginger ale.

"Miss Rika. I got something that will warm you up extremely quickly." Sakura informed Rika in a kind and caring fashion as she pressed the glass bottle against her friend's cheek.

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