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Slimey Deeds (Detention Class, Open to Two)

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1 Slimey Deeds (Detention Class, Open to Two) on Sat May 19, 2018 8:32 pm

Knox Weller
Rangi looked out into the hallway where a major fight had been broken up by the School’s head of security a few days ago before sighing at the sight and shaking his head. These kids had done quite a bit of damage this time, and while they weren’t the kids he was dealing with today, he knew Gwyn wanted him to hold a detention class to clean up the mess. These weren’t always bad kids sent over to him, after all plenty of huntsmen in training had times where they simply made mistakes or ticked off the wrong teacher. Rangi himself had been the type to provoke more than a few fights during his time at the school and had sat through a few detentions with his predecessor.

Similarly, such classes were helpful, most huntsmen didn’t think about concepts like collateral damage into account at all. It was an important issue, and while he wasn’t an official teacher, it was an implied lesson he was supposed to teach. He never dealt with the studious students as much, usually only the troublemakers, but it wasn’t unheard of for a good kid to end up in detention because of some issue or another. Ranging from being late to the wrong class to picking fights.

Rangi had the janitor’s equipment out already sitting in the room next to the doorway, and including a mop, broom, and a few trashcans. He was leaning against a window, waiting for the students he was being sent to help. While this was punishment for them, it was still work for him. And while he was going to fill the few holes made, one of the fighters had apparently had a semblance that created some kind of slime. The mess was a bit impressive overall and Rangi was just glad he wouldn’t be cleaning it himself.

The man didn’t appear annoyed or angered over the mess, if anything he seemed somewhat cheerful, a lazy smile on his face as he looked out the window towards the sky leaning against the wall as he waited seemingly without a care. Now he just hoped Gwyn wouldn’t make him go looking for anyone.

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Iris Sterling
Iris wasn't sure which way to go to her next class. She'd read the map multiple times over, but she still managed to get lost, mostly because she kept darting around trying to get out the class-change crowds. She saw a teacher nearby and thought it'd be a good idea to ask for directions. As she walked closer she carefully avoided the slime that covered some of the nearby areas, until she found her way to the door.

As she walked inside the room she saw that it was indeed empty, save for the teacher there, with some cleaning equipment. Iris hated to bother anyone, but she also really needed to know how to get to her next class which started in about an hour. Was she going about it too early? Probably in most people's eyes, but Iris was the sort that liked to be prepared, well that and she was a bit restless today. She needed to work out the excess energy.

The man looked fairly laid-back, but Iris didn't want to be impolite and impose on him. She quietly took a seat and got her sketchbook out to begin drawing while she waited until he spoke to her.

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Knox Weller
Rangi looked up slightly when he spotted someone approaching him, a student, specifically a girl wearing armor.   That was the description he’d been given of one of the students that were supposed to be sent to him, which was good he supposed, as those that didn’t show up today would be tracked down by Gwyn and given a much harsher punishment than this.   It wasn’t abnormal for detention classes at Syne to have only one or two people show up even in extreme cases where a much larger number of students were assigned to it.

The girl herself definitely didn’t appear to be a career troublemaker, he didn’t really know why they had been sent here, while the details had been sent to him about why the students were there, he hadn’t really read them.   Most of it was typical stuff anyways, starting fights causing trouble or other rather minor infractions.  Considering that combat was part of the curriculum even fighting wasn’t all that major an offense so long as it was with another student and not a civilian, especially one without unlocked aura. Such things were much more serious and dealing with such students seemed like it’d be trouble.  

Really, he couldn’t see what this girl could have done, but it was apparent she was here for detention, why else would she simply be waiting there.  “Guess you might be the only one showing up.” He said lazily, not in any real hurry to get to work, his eyes still scanning over the halls for any sign of the rest of those that were meant to be his charges. He didn't really think they'd show up, but what could you really do with kids.

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Iris Sterling
The only one showing up? What did that mean?
Iris was even more confused now. Was this actually the room for her history class? It didn't look like a history classroom. Iris was starting to become a bit more concerned and ended up doodling a picture of herself looking for history class with a question mark.
Once she was done she raised the sketchbook up so the professor could see.

Iris wasn't even sure how she'd gotten here. After the in-between class crowds she lost track of her location within the school building. She hoped that this professor could help her, and wouldn't be too upset with her like others in the past had been. Iris could feel herself starting to get too close to those terrible memories and quickly shook her head to get herself out of that downward spiral.

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