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The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi)

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1 The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sat May 19, 2018 8:39 pm

Gluton knew it was stupid. But once the idea had hit him, he just couldn't let it go. He just had to know: was there truly a limit on what his beloved beans could do? So it was that Gluton came to be staring into the vile smelling pot containing what would prove to be one of two things. It would either be his most shameful failure, or his greatest success.

Chili pruno. Gluton had meant for it to just be the beans but he must have added the rest by rote memory. With a shudder, he shut the lid on the pot and carried it away to the corner, where he would check on it in a few months time. In the meantime, Gluton would carry on with business as usual. When the time came he would either discreetly dispose of the contents, or unveil his masterpiece.

He had heard that a new janitor had been hired, so Gluton sent out to find a marker and some paper, so he could write a "do not touch" sign.

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2 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sat May 19, 2018 9:07 pm

The kitchens of Syne had often been a source of good smells in the past, so Rangi was a bit concerned when he got a whiff of whatever foul creation had been made in there. It was already past the meal times, so he knew that whatever it was couldn’t be anything meant for consumption, thankfully considering that he couldn’t imagine eating something that foul smelling. The Janitor pushed his cart through the kitchen, determined to take care of whatever the source of the smell was before he began cleaning the rest of the kitchens, as he wouldn’t be able to work with that stench.

It took a minute to find the pot, relegated to the corner, and the janitor glanced around for a moment as he looked around for where the cooking staff were. Apparently, it had been abandoned, so Rangi assumed it was better for everyone’s sake if he got rid of it. As such he simply dumped it into the trash can on his cart, frowning as he realized that he’d be stuck smelling the stuff for awhile until he could get rid of the bag. Whether it was for a future meal, or just some experiment went wrong, Rangi doubted anyone would really miss the strange concoction.

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3 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sun May 20, 2018 1:16 pm

It took Gluton a little bit to find the marker and paper. After knocking on a few doors and having them slammed on him, he had decided to just loot a classroom. He wrote his sign, and was going to put the marker back but decided to keep it just in case he ever needed it again. On his way back to the cafeteria he tried to push the whole thing out of his mind. It was part of his genius, he consoled himself. It was perfectly okay to dumb things in the name of genius. Artists did it all the time.

He opened the door to the cafeteria and froze in his tracks. The frickin janitor was here with his cart! And he was in the corner where the experiment... Had been. Damnit, he'd already dumped it! The marker clattered to the floor. If that didn't alert Rangi to Gluton's presence, his next actions would.

Hey you! Eat Chili!!

With that Gluton spewed chili out of his mouth to shoot across the room at the innocent janitor, modifying it's temperature as it flew to make it burning hot.

Hp 100/100 AP 185/200
1 attack, 20 AP semblance damage, if it hits roll for burn

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4 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sun May 20, 2018 2:34 pm

Rangi’s eyes went to the door when he heard something drop, seeing the cook standing there.  Huh, guess there was someone here, and Rangi didn’t really get the chance to say anything before he shouted out and attacked.  Rangi didn’t know much about the odd superpower, but he did know letting that hit something would make his job harder.  Rather than just dodging it, which would leave it to make a mess, the janitor kicked his cart upward knocking the trash bin on it upwards into the air.  He’d angled his attack so the open ended would be facing the angered chef.

The chili that had been shot his way was caught in the bin, rather than hitting the janitor that had been originally targeted, and Rangi wasn’t particularly a fan of being attacked, thus his next action was understandable.   “Nah, you can have this back though.” He responded, sounding almost bored by the attack as though it were just another thing on his todo list, rather than him being assaulted. He kicked the airborne bin again, this time sending it straight at his opponent, with the open end facing the Iron chef.  Rangi meanwhile grabbed his weapon off where it had been stashed on his cart, just out of sight so as not to worry anybody, but close enough for him to use.   He didn’t really get what was going on, but he couldn’t just leave the crazed chef after being attacked.
Rangi gave what looked like a lazy smile, though he hadn’t dropped his guard, it’d take more than that to take down someone with aura, but he really wasn’t worried, the carefree expression on his face indicating as such. He shifted his weight, suddenly becoming much lighter so as to be better able to maneuver.

HP 160/160   Aura: 140/140

Action taken,  blocked Chili using trash bin, sent trash bin flying at Gluton. One physical attack at 20 damage before defenses. activated semblance to buff speed.

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5 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sun May 20, 2018 3:58 pm

Gluton shifted his feet as well, as the chili flew, his armor unfolding to cover him, and his axe bursting from where it had sat at his hip as a soup ladle. He caught the axe as Rangi kicked up the bin, catching the chili. He nodded his approval at the display, when ranging then kicked the trash can at him. Gluton merely laughed, taking a step forward he said Right back at'tcha! waiting until the can got within five feet of him he thrust his left hand forward dramatically, causing the chili inside the can to rebel against it's motion. The can slowed to a halt less then a foot from the chefs nose, then shot right back at the janitor with just as much force. Gluton then used his still extended left arm to beckon the janitor to him, with an upturned palm he curled his fingers in twice rapidly.

100/100 hp 180/200 AP
Utility usage for ten AP
One attack at 25 before defense

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6 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sun May 20, 2018 5:57 pm

Had Rangi stayed still the can probably would have hit him on the return trip, however he was far from a stationary fighter, and as such had already begun moving to go the attack when the can was suddenly stopped. He didn’t turn back, nor would he try dodging to the side, but rather he had another simple solution.  With the relatively narrow area of the kitchen he couldn’t easily go around but going over was a different thing and so the janitor took to the air, jumping over the airborne can, his foot kicking off the edge of it to send him into a flip.  The can crashed back into the cart behind him as he flew through the air towards his opponent, kicking off one of the sandals he was wearing at his opponent, the other following a short distance after the first.  

“Not bad, this might get interesting.” The monkey faunus called as he finished his flip. Rangi landed directly in front of his opponent and pivoted on landing, using his momentum to fuel a leg sweep meant to knock his opponent off their feet, His weapon following right behind the sweep to complete the spin meant to strike his opponent should the avoid the attack, aimed to hit the cook’s torso.  Should his opponent still be standing, he’d end his attack with a strike from his fist aimed for Gluton’s chest.

HP 160/160 AP 120/140 (-10 for buff this post, plus the -10 I forgot last post.)

Actions taken:   Flipped over the bin and launched both sandals at Gluton.   Then finished the flip and continued attacking.    5 attacks taken, four unarmed   20 before defenses, one armed at 30 damage before defenses.

110 attack before defenses total damage.

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7 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sun May 20, 2018 10:31 pm

The Sandal attack, while cool, was also easy to dodge. It might have worked against a student, if they forgot that aura could be used to enhance seemingly harmless objects into actual attacks. It would have also worked well in the middle of the fight, to catch the opponent off guard. So while the manuever earned full points in style, it left something to be wanted in the effectiveness department. Not that Gluton was complaining, mind you.

Some might assume otherwise from his heavy armor and great axe, but Gluton wasn't exactly a stationary fighter, either. The chef took a quick step to the side to avoid the flying sandals. At the same time, He summoned his chili from the bin, modifying it to be super thick and sticky as it flew torwards the mans back. This left Gluton to contend with the mans attacks. He took the leg sweep, falling forward into the man. He actually jumped into it, and he held his axe close, actually pressing into his body, with the axe blade held in the rapidly closing space between. The chili should be hitting right about now, especially if the man leapt backwards to evade. The shift in paradigm meant that the weapon attack would not be able to strike effectively, unless the janitor dodged.. Of course, if he did, it would be an easy thing to shove his axe at him

Hp 95/100 aura 160/200
2 attacks made, axe attack, chili attack for 20 ap, if chili hits debuff speed by 1

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8 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Sun May 20, 2018 11:39 pm

Rangi’s plan didn’t necessarily work as well as he would have liked, but the fight had only just begun between the two of them, and Rangi wasn’t about to let himself be caught in a pincer maneuver the way this guy had tried to catch him in. He had already seen the guy’s ability to manipulate the chili at range, and as such while he didn’t see the guy use the power again, it seemed likely to happen. Going off that assumption, he couldn’t go forward or back, and the area was rather narrow, making it a good stratagem against most fighters.

Unfortunately for Gluton, Rangi wasn’t most fighters and he decided to use an avenue most wouldn’t, going up, specifically he jumped up onto the kitchen’s counter, and sure enough the chili passed the air he’d been occupying, though the Ax did manage a glancing hit on him while hhe was moving. Rangi grabbed one of the pots hanging from overhead. Whether the chili hit his opponent or not, he’d use his right hand to attempt hitting the guy in the face with it afterward, the flat of his Leiomano meant to hit the other side of his head.  Regardless of if the attacks hit, Rangi would then jump into the air, intending to use the guy as a springboard, either of his feet would hit the guy, the front on the top of his head and the other aimed at the shoulder.

The monkey faunus would try to jump over to the side of the guy opposite his cart, ready to continue the fight from there.  He’d try for a strike with his shark toothed club after landing, having spun around in midair to once again be facing his opponent.

HP  135/160 Aura 110/140

Five attacks: three unarmed (Pot attack and then kickoff with either foot)  20 damage before defenses.   Two weapon attacks at 30 damage without defenses.

Total of 120 damage without defenses.

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9 Re: The Great Chili Duel(Private /Rangi) on Thu May 24, 2018 3:54 pm

Suddenly, the man was gone, and there was only chili. Gluton's instincts tracked the man's motions and thrust his axe after him, and was rewarded with a strike. Gluton's left leg came forward to break his fall, and he ones he should have turned to watch the janitor. But... Chili. It demanded his attention, even if it was his vile semblance chili. His mouth yawned open to gulp it down, and then he twisted back to avoid the attack he knew was coming. he opened his mouth even as he moved, to spit forth a cone of boiling chili that would be difficult to Dodge, considering the attacks that even then glanced off of him.

Well, one did, the longer club like weapon glanced across his face, while the pot passed within a few inches of his face. The monkey man- for Gluton could see the evidence flying straight at him, then attempted to kick off of his face. Gripping his axe by one hand, he grabbed the man's ankle and swung him around, throwing him against the closest wall. He then readied his axe, ready to catch the man with it's blade if he came flying back, else to hop over the corner to launch an attack if the manuever stunned the man or even sent him through the wall.

HP 80/100 AP 145/200
2 attacks, 20 AP semblance damage, roll for burn if it hits; and one weapon strike at 35 before defense

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