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Dust Monkey (Major Mission, closed.)

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1 Dust Monkey (Major Mission, closed.) on Sun May 20, 2018 8:14 pm

Experience was a funny thing for a huntsman, it could be one of the greatest resources available, with new methods of fighting the opponents they ran into coming up regularly as they learned more about those types of opponents, whether that was Grimm or even the odd humanoid fighter with unlocked aura since some semblance types WERE more common than others. Regardless one had to learn some clever tricks to make it anywhere as a huntsman in general, and as a huntsman gained experience they often came up with more tricks for their arsenal, as the more versatile they were the better.

Some tricks were relatively common, having a secondary form for one’s weapons for example, or tricks one could figure out to use their semblances were among two more common ones. Then there was what Rangi was currently working on finishing. Dust was a helpful tool for any huntsman’s arsenal and Rangi knew from experience exactly why considering all the uses of dust, and as someone with quite a bit of knowledge regarding mechanics and the like also knew it could be very useful in devices even outside of battle, as it was the resource used to power much of the technology used.

Rangi was actually a fairly experienced huntsman even despite his relatively young age, at least young compared to a couple other members of the faculty that he had seen, though others seemed within the same age group or even young surprisingly enough. Still the fact remained Rangi was an experienced fighter all things considered, enough so that he could have easily tried for a combat instructor position had he been inclined. Rangi had thought numerous types of Grimm, both on his own and as a part of a team, and as such had needed to learn how to fight properly. His own style had quite a few tricks to it too, especially given that his semblance had gave him quite a bit of versatility as far as combat style. While he preferred acrobatic methods of fighting and typically was the type to utilize his environment and semblance to his advantage. Despite this he could change or alter said style depending on circumstances, and did so often enough since his more agile, mobile style wasn’t well suited to all environments. Having a handful of tricks to bring to a fight in addition to that was only natural.

The trick he was currently working on was one of those he’d only picked up in the later years of his time at the academy, and even still he didn’t see too many students using it. Though that could always change with the major mission he’d seen on the board…While he would still be working on this regardless, it had certainly been a nice reminder for the custodian to make more of the bandages. Few really thought much about dust weaving as a whole in his experience often not using the technique due to either personal preference or ignorance in general of the technique. It didn’t help merchants often charged a bit to do it, and it was simply the type of skill that was better to know yourself considering the issues with having to renew it on occasion, after all you could only really get so much use out it before having to replace the dust previously fused with the article of clothing. There was also the simple fact that it required some prep-work, and practice to get right, after all one needed to have an idea of exactly what they were doing with the dust before they could really use it in this way, as well as to be strategic over what they infused it to.

In Rangi’s case, he didn’t really weave dust into most of his clothes normally, but rather used it in a different way. The monkey faunus had started using dust infused bandages that were wrapped around his arms, a trick that some may call somewhat sneaky, but he knew better than anyone it had its flaws. Some people might have found it odd he wrapped his arms in bandages to begin with, but he’d always simply played it off as merely a fashion choice or distracted from the subject.

One major issue with dust weaving was that one had to be conscious of the color regarding clothes. The clothes that one weaved dust into usually took on the color of the dust in question, and while walking around with bandaged arms for no reason might be seen as slightly odd, it overall wouldn’t really attract all that much attention. Walking around in multicolored bandages however would have been a different story and Rangi usually tried to avoid mixing multiple dust types into his bandages anyways.

Similarly, a great way to actually avoid a problem regarding the coloring, or the fact the bandages were infused with dust being realized by their appearance was the dust he used for them. Wind dust was already gray in color, and thus it wouldn’t really look out of place for the bandages unless someone was actively paying attention, or if they were familiar with the use of dust weaving.

Of course, a tool wasn’t always all that helpful if you didn’t know how to utilize it in general. Rangi knew how the bandages would function but would have to test them in order to make sure he’d made all the bandages properly in order to assume a malfunction didn’t happen when he was actually in a fight and needed to rely on the dust. After all it was only logical that one test their equipment before they needed to use it, as a failure equipment wise could easily result in the loss of his life.

Rangi left the prep area of the training ground, knowing that nobody used this area at this time, which was good since while the dust bandages were still helpful even when his opponents knew about them, he would rather keep the element of surprise if possible. After all there was a possibility that he could have to break up fights between students, and particularly headstrong opponents might decide to actually attack him despite him being a member of the school faculty.

The monkey faunus gave his weapon, a wooden sword-like club that had several shark teeth protruding from it. He found a training dummy and began swinging at it, training like normal at first before activating the dust mid swing, causing a powerful draft of wind to strike against the dummy and knock it away, he made focused on his other arm and pushed forward in a strike that stopped short, causing a powerful blast of wind to blast the dummy again towards the back wall of the room. Rangi walked over to the dummy and investigating the damage, the winds had done their jobs, and as far as a test went it had been successful.

Then Rangi looked at the bandages in question, which had come quite a bit looser than they should have. He’d have to remember to tie them better in the future, it wouldn’t do to be left without his dust because he’d failed to tie the bandages properly. The custodian looked over the scene, noting that he’d trained enough for now. He should probably clean this place up now.

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