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Business as Usual (Private)

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1 Business as Usual (Private) on Tue May 22, 2018 9:53 pm

Jack sat in his dorm room for a while, anxiously.  When he got home earlier that day, a box was waiting at his door.  Inside, there was a telephone, the old kind that you had to plug into the wall, with a note that read, "We've taken care of everything else.  Set it up."  After getting the phone ready and waiting for a bit, the phone rang, and he picked it up immediately.  "Hello, this is Anne from the bakery!  Just making sure you received your delivery, and that you read the other side of the personalized message that it came with.  Have a nice day!"  Jack slowly turned back to the note and turned it over, revealing a location and a picture of a target to him.  A chill went down his spine, realizing that his old life was starting all over again, and he, just like last time, didn't have any choice but to do as he was told.

After putting on his tiger mask, he left the dorm room and the academy, headed to the town.  As he walked through the streets, he experienced the usual odd looks from people passing by, seeing a strange man in a mask.  It felt different this time, like they knew something about them that he didn't want them to know.  He felt vulnerable.  He checked the note to make sure he was in the right place and to make sure he knew who he was going for.  Jack sighed, entered an alleyway, and waited.

As he waited, he looked at his hands.  Both were gripping his bat incredibly tightly, and he was trembling quite a bit.  For once, he was actually nervous about how this was going to go down.  Jack hated this feeling.  He was usually so certain, so confident, but now?  Now he was forced back into a life that had him waking up in the middle of the night out of fear, walking into unfamiliar buildings and leaving before the cops showed up.  He knew that after tonight, he was going to have to get all his things out of his dorm room, and he'd have to leave the academy.  There was no way he wouldn't be caught if he stayed there.  He had to live somewhere else.

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