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Improvised Practice (Major Mission/closed)

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1Improvised Practice  (Major Mission/closed) Empty Improvised Practice (Major Mission/closed) on Tue May 22, 2018 11:30 pm

Knox Weller
Most outside of experienced hunters didn’t understand the need importance of understanding improvised weapons. While most huntsmen and huntresses had their own weapons, and those that did not often had alternate methods of fighting via dust or semblances, most didn’t understand that there were times these options weren’t successful. While one had access to their semblance in most cases there were times a person’s semblance wasn’t suitable for combat, often times for different reasons depending on the semblance. Similarly, there were times when a huntsman had to fight when they were not carrying their equipment, though this was fixed somewhat by the advantage of the lockers used by most academies as far as students and faculty of Syne were considered.’

As such, there had been some wondering at why the major mission regarding this issue had been made Rangi knew. Many had said such skills would be useless and were only a distraction from their actual training. After all they always had their weapons on them, and if not, they could always use the lockers to call upon such things. Rangi knew he’d heard the same things before regarding his own fighting style, which often depended on using his environment to his advantage in general. The fact of the matter was that it was an incorrect assessment, and he knew that well enough from experience.

Rangi’s own style of fighting often enough used objects and terrain around him to help him fight his opponents, as well as the fact he used his semblance to be able to fight on terrain others couldn’t, as well as his faunus trait. The fact was that this major mission had seemingly been catered for him, and he hadn’t really trained outside much lately, let alone with specific weapons. Still it made sense, as most huntsmen had to use improvised weapons at some point in their career for varying reasons. One of the main ones was actually specifically that not all weapons were good for all situations. Fighting up close with a ranged weapon that couldn’t transform for example, was difficult at the best of times, and often times it was simply better to use something else around them rather than trying the less than helpful method of trying to beat an opponent up with a bow or trying to fight their opponent with a hand gun. Similarly, there were times you didn’t have the room to use a conventional sword or the like, as one still needed room to maneuver properly to fight with any degree of efficiently.

Rangi himself knew first hand that there were times when dust or semblance fighting was also inadequate, as they had their own problems. One only could carry so much dust, and eventually they would have to run out of it at some point as there was simply no way to carry an infinite supply. Once that happened the only option was to use improvised weaponry, run, or fight unarmed. Semblance fighters had somewhat similar issues, in that eventually someone would run out of aura.

Then there were the environmental factors, since not everyone used ever type of dust, and not every type of art or every semblance was good for every situation. Rangi himself was a good example, because while he could, and often did use his semblance offensively, if he were on weaker terrain, or even just the second floor of a building in some cases it became risky to use. Early on there had been a few times where he’d attacked with his semblance only to find himself breaking through the floor he was standing on as it was unable to hold the sudden weight. Similarly, dust and semblance fighters could be somewhat destructive to the area around them, and often times there were situations where a particular dust or semblance was less than helpful. A good example was with fire dust, as in a building that was particularly flammable, or if something like a gas leak were to occur in a building it could be just as detrimental as the actions of their opponents. More so, in the case of the later example, as an explosion was often rather problematic to deal with, particularly when you yourself were to ignite it.

Rangi walked through the forest. Looking around, he picked up a few sticks, testing their wait before discarding them after a moment. In a situation he needed an improvised weapon he likely wouldn’t be able to be choosy, but a weapon that was likely to break without causing real damage was as bad as fighting unarmed. Worse, since he could actually fight unarmed effectively, even without relying on his semblance. Still there were situations doing so would be difficult, his fighting style wasn’t meant for tight spaces as much as it was for areas that could be easily maneuvered, at least by him.

Overall it was that he would likely have more a problem with reach than anything, and eventually he found a sturdy looking stick that appeared like it would be somewhat useful in a fight. Maneuvering it slightly in order to test its weight and balance, while it was heavy enough to do damage, the balance was unsurprisingly not very good. But as far as a weapon went it would probably be better than nothing.

He found a tree, and began practicing, the stick was long enough that it could be used as a staff, and that was how he decided to practice with it at first. Strike after strike he noted the damage done to the bark of the tree, the plants of Finnek were rather hardy, a necessity in the soil of the forest. As such he noted the stick as being rather solid, the strikes while not nearly as effective as a proper weapon still appeared they would be somewhat effective. Still the lack of balance on the weapon was noteworthy, and Rangi decided that he would have to try something different, switching his stance slightly and attempting to utilize the improvised weapon as a spear instead.

Such a thing wouldn’t be hard to make either, a simple matter of sharpening the point could create an effective spear that one could use to fight in a pinch, and the balance was less of an issue than a more finesse-based weapon like a staff, which often relied on deflection and blunt strikes as opposed to the piercing ones he was currently practicing. There was still a level of ineffectiveness, but Rangi could tell this would likely be better for fighting a Grimm than the previous method of wielding the weapon.

Additionally, there was the fact it provided him with some reach, something that would be lacking in unarmed fighting. The monkey faunus cringed as he made a particularly strong stab, actually piercing the tree somewhat and snapping the tree limb that he’d been practicing with as a makeshift weapon.

He guessed there was a reason that most didn’t rely on improvised weapons like that, there was a lot less quality control for the weapon than when you had a proper weapon made, and less choice involved. He could imagine that his homeland would have been an area where one would have issues, as the desert wasn’t exactly an easy place to survive and didn’t have an excess of tree limbs that could be used as temporary weapons. The janitor examined the broken tree limb, before dropping it, realizing he’d been out in the forest longer than he thought. He’d need to start working soon, since classes would probably be ending soon, and the academy didn’t clean itself.

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