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So This is Like... a Cult Right? (Closed/Shadow Mission)

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Pluton Cronus
For Pluton just signing up for a shadow mission had been difficult. It had meant a tactical infiltration of the Academy, approaching the board of shadow missions in the dead of night; making sure no one was watching. Naturally he had been unaware someone would be notified he had signed up, that he had put his name and details onto the board making it abundantly clear he wasn't a student. Luckly just about anyone could sign up for a shadow mission. As long as you weren't a murderer or some kind of serial abuser, as long as you had already served your sentence and didn't have an arrest warrant out, you were basically good.

As Pluton had been caught following each of his minor misdemeanours, charges having been paid, he'd received his mission; having successfully met with the professional hunter Chilly Beads. The two were getting along to... mild success.

"So... you're real tough eh? Bet ya not tougher than me, only a wimp would use a pistol. Got to get in there all close, throw some punches with those muscles. How're you gonna get any stronger usin' a gun eh? Yer not, that's how."


The pair had been walking higher and higher into the mountains, Pluton hadn't stopped flexing since meeting up with Chilly and his arms were getting quite sore... so were his pecks... and his buns. Perhaps flexing everything wasn't wise but the wannabe hunter didn't want to look weak, despite looming over Chilly and dwarfing him in terms of musculature, so he had to keep it up. Even if his legs were cramping and every step her risked falling. Chilly on the other hand looked completely relaxed, it was as though Pluton wasn't there let alone annoying him, he'd only said two words upon meeting Pluton; "Follow me," and had since then been silent... trudging first through Finnek and then toward the top of one of the islands lower peaks.

The tip was in sight, thick heather surrounded them and loose stones underfoot. Despite his flexing Pluton had kept up with Chilly rather well, not that he had been rushing rather his pace almost seemed slow to Pluton, and this had been no simple climb. They had approached the mountain from a rough side without a footpath, fought their ways through heather and even climbed a rock face to reach the top. As Chilly set foot on the top of the mountain he stopped, Pluton almost walking into him as a result. The white haired man frowned deeply, turning in all four cardinal directions. The tip of the mountain was rather small, only around a ten metre diameter; quite bizarre for a mountain. He reached down to his belt, closed his eyes and drew. Pluton, in response, jumped back in preparation to throw a disk... only to fall down the mountain; tumbling briefly and smacking his head. Needless to say the flexing had finally stopped. Chilli hadn't intended to startle the boy, though frankly he didn't care that he had. He shot his weapon in all four cardinal directions, taking a deep breath in before the first shot and out following the last.

Pluton slowly reared his head over the edge of the mountaintop, eyes being met By Chilli Bead's own; sat cross-legged at the centre of the peak. His gun was held in his right hand, still smoking, but not pointed to Pluton; rather pointing to his left and once the smoking stopped he holstered it once more.

His deep voice broke the silence. "Rituals are important. They let you clear your head. In this line of work it's good to have them, lucky clover or a rabbits paw... little something to brighten you up. Make you feel safe and lucky, happier you are the less likely Grimm are to attack you... so might as well get comfortable. One of the most important tools of the trade your belief, your fortitude lies in it."

Pluton blinked twice, scratching his head and his brows furrowed. "Are you like... asking me to join this weird cult that seems to be part of hunting?" Chilly tilted his head, Pluton sighed; "Like the whole aura religion thing, it had it unlocked but... it's not like I've been prayin' or sacrificin' goats but I've still got power. I didn't get like... a book of hymns or anything when I first exploded, is that weird? Like... the religion doesn't really seem to be real, you don't need to believe in aura bein' like... real for you to have it. You just need to get beat up by some girl in a bar and boom, you have the religion's power now. Next thing I know I'm making red spots appear, then explosions."

Chilly clicked his tongue; "You're not the most learned of gentlemen are you?"

Pluton's brow spiked, "I mean... I know about the religion, just not how it works. Or would you call it like... a cult instead?"

"Aura's not like chakras or praying... least, I don't take it that way. I was trying to teach you to ward of Grimm with belief. If you think you're going to do well then you'll get the jump on them, feeling positive means you can't feel negative." Chilly explained.

"So like... do I need to pray on Sundays, or do I just lie about? Are there like... weeks off, or is it more like a monthly thing. I've had aura for a while though... maybe yearly?" It was like talking to a brick wall.

Chilly sighed, sat silently for a good minute; Pluton still cowering bellow the summit's lip. "Just believe in yourself, that's all there really is to powering aura and maintaining semblance. If you believe in yourself you'll do fine, if you don't you'll have some trouble."

"Oh. Pffft, I'm the strongest there is. No way I'll ever have any trouble then, guess this whole meeting was kind of pointless then. Just believe in myself... that's all there is to it? I guess that makes sense... I'm gonna go. Got to like... eat, find a good bench for tonight."

Chilly simply nodded, watching over the citizen as he made his way down the hill. It hadn't been as intended, but his lesson had certainly worked.

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