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Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others)

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1 Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others) on Sat May 26, 2018 9:57 pm

Moe Finn
Moe was once again stuck patrolling for Grimm, though at least now he was able to multitask. The detective was here for more than just securing the area, still only halfway secured now. If Moe had to guess, the repair boys were mostly slacking, annoyingly enough. Still at least it kept him away from the paperwork, and the fact it coincided with an informant he was supposed to be meeting just helped. Of course, the informant in question was a mystery, Moe didn’t even know the name of the broad, let alone have a picture.  Simply having received an anonymous tipoff to meet in this area of the city just before he’d been drafted again for patrol duty for Grimm and what not.

He needed to pick up more smokes, he’d run out an hour ago, and was his annoyance had already made him feel as though he needed another one. Hell, maybe a drink too, considering how annoying the whole situation was.  He had cases to work on, and the longer they sat the more trouble they’d be to close, police work was funny like that.  Different cases had a shelf life to them, wait to long and the trail went cold, evidence deteriorated and leads dry up. Moe didn’t really trust anyone else to work his cases either, the one he had this informant about was a particularly dodgy one. Two guys end up dead, both former employees of the same company, executed.   Moe had a hunch, but no evidence to prove the perp was guilty yet. Guy apparently had some connections and had hired some kinda up and coming hitter to whack the guys for him. Not just some punk thug by the look of things neither.

The detective stopped when he saw a sewer grate there was something below, trying to get out, that much he could tell. The cracks in the asphalt around the grate made it looked like whatever it was wouldn’t be able to get out through just the manhole either, and it was about to break through by the look. The detective, reached to his coat, frowning at the development.  Some days he thought he just wasn’t getting paid enough for this, Grimm hunting wasn’t even his job.

The detective's hand went to a radio that had been given to him, even if these huntsmen were as worthless as the last ones he worked with, least he could let the shmucks keep the thing's attention while he dealt with it, if nothing else.

"This is Detective Moe Finn, I've got a situation on the intersection of Summit and Fourth." he radioed.

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2 Re: Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others) on Sat May 26, 2018 10:42 pm

Nyx T. Thanatos
As Nyx walked around Bellmuse, she began looking around for any signs of any detectives from the Bellmuse Police department. Altach-Nacha had some information they wanted to "pass on" to the Bellmuse PD regarding a case they were stalled on due to "certain circumstances". Despite of Nyx's rather abysmally low opinion on the academy, she had a decent amount of respect for the Bellmuse Police Department. It was this respect which led her to personally deliver the information from Altach-Nacha.

It didn't take long for Nyx to encounter a very familiar trench coat wearing detective who was in the process of patrolling for Grimm. Nyx instantly recognized the man as the detective that was part of the Beach Patrol she was on a few weeks back. The detective was extremely competent with his pistol which earned him some respect from Nyx. This was a relief to her as she wasn't willing to give the information to just anyone in the Bellmuse Police Department.

"Looks like we meet again, Detective. It looks like you are the one I am supposed to meet regarding "that case"." Nyx commented as she approached the man in a calm and nonchalant fashion with her sniper rifle slung over her shoulder.

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3 Re: Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others) on Sun May 27, 2018 11:24 pm

King Taijitu
Thisss wasss one unhappy sssnake. Sssnakesss? Not even it/they knew, to be perfectly honessst. They had one body, one killer inssstinct, one hatred for humanity; but two desssidedly different persssonalitiesss. But whether they were two ssseperate entitiesss, or whether their being the sssame organisssm made their sssituation more akin to that of a sssplit persssonality, wasss anyonesss guesss.

Tyrone and Becky(easssier by far to ssseperate their identitiesss for the purposssesss of posssting) had taken a wrong turn, and ended up crawling through milesss of sssewage. Becky took thisss opportunity to ssscold hisss light colored sssissster(what, you thought Grimm conformed to gender and racial ssstandardsss?) Yet again. Thisss time however Tyrone did not ressspond to the goading, her tongue flickering out of her mouth to tassste the air.

The underssstanding was of one Accord. Two humans, their thoughtsss deliciousssly dark. The Grimm threw themssself up, musssclesss bunching againssst the tunnel to propel them up with great forssse. After a few mommentsss of ssstruggle againssst the concrete, they were through. Concrete shrapnel flew. Becky led the way, the visssion of hisss red eyesss reflected in hisss fairer half. He lunged for a biting attack at the detective, while Tyrone ssslid out of the tunnel and ssswung her body at nyx, intending to crush her.

HP 150/150
2 attacksss, one at Moe and one at Nyx for 30 each before defenssse.

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4 Re: Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others) on Mon May 28, 2018 2:01 am

Moe Finn
Moe’s eyes didn’t leave the area of concrete where the cracks were forming for more than a second when he was addressed by someone, only seeing it was the huntress from the beach. Perfect, he’d been less than impressed with the group, and while she was far from the biggest screw-up of that bunch, the detective would rather not rely on someone from that group. The fact she was apparently his source only elevated that annoyance.

Still at the moment it was the only thing he had, and the Grimm broke through a moment later, lashing out. “Heads up kid!” The detective yelled out, he jumped to the side to avoid the thing’s opening attack. His gun coming out a moment later. He let out two shots at the snake. He wasn’t paid enough for this crap, of course this had to happen when he was out of smokes too, damn snake. The detective recalled the girl was a sniper, and right now she probably would be having trouble considering that fact. Not much use for a sharpshooter at relatively close range after all, and the thing’s other head seemed keen to go after her.

Moe let another shot this one aimed at the other head of the taijitu. This was going to be a pain, but he had to distract both heads so the huntress could actually get to a good firing position. the detective turned his gun back on the other head, once again sending a shot at it. "Yeah yeah, how about you both try me on?"

He just hoped the kid would be smart enough to actually use this chance to possibly gave her, since even if his attacks didn't hit, gunshots made a hell of an attention grabber.

HP 180/180 AP120/120

Actions: Dodged attack, and then shot twice, shot the other head once. and then shot the first head again.

Four Attacks, 35 each before defenses. 140 total damage.

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5 Re: Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others) on Wed May 30, 2018 12:49 am

Nyx T. Thanatos
As Nyx approached the Detective, she quickly noted the look of annoyance on his face. This got her chuckling slightly. If she had to make a guess, the Detective was not amused to see her after everything that happened on the Beach Patrol. However, Nyx's combat instincts began kicking in as she approached while preparing to grab her sniper rifle. Soon after, a rather unusual two-headed King Taijitsu burst through the ground in between herself and the Detective.

"Jesus Christ. First, a three headed skeleton monster and now, two headed King Taijitsu. What's next?" Nyx cursed mentally as she dodge rolled away from the King Taijitsu's body swing attack. As she did so, Nyx heard gunshots from the Detective's revolver. The Detective had aggroed the snake onto him which gave Nyx the opportunity to move to the abandoned building which was located across the street from the intersection.

After moving to the second floor of the building, Nyx quickly got prone and got her sniper rifle ready. As she was doing this, Nyx activated her semblance before taking aim at the white head of the King Taijitsu. After taking some time to aim her shot, Nyx fired.

Current Status
HP: 100/100
AP: 190/200 (-10 AP used to activate her semblance)

Actions Taken
1. Dodge the King Taijitsu's attack
2. Dash to an abandoned building
3. Activated her semblance

Attacks Taken
1st Shot (Headshot on King Taijitsu) - 30 (Base) + 10 (Tier 1 Weapon) + 10 (Damage from Str Buff)

Total Damage Done
50 Total Damage (Defense not Included)

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6 Re: Sewer Snake (Hunt/Open to two others) on Thu May 31, 2018 8:35 am

Mathilde Harmaa
"Are you certain it is wise to drop from this distance, Miss Harmaa?!" The officer in the airship shouted at Mathilde. She rolled her shoulders momentarily and nodded simply. "I have my landing strategy," she stated coldly. Voice loud enough to remain clear over the humming engines.  She glanced down at the ensuing carnage and huffed softly. Being able to make out Nyx from above, though the other individual was unknown to her.

The police had been called in and Mathilde, who had been out for quite some time on a requested leave, had now gotten back to the island right in time for the call. While the officers explained her the fight was in process, she insisted she'd help out. As someone who'd always had been in a good light with the police as a trainee huntress, they had managed to gather an airship to fly her in close.

It had a bit of a poetic bitterness to it. An angel, that had fallen to earth. It was how her sisters described her.

With a soft breath, the android stepped out of the airship and accelerated in a freefall, right down to the two snakes. The grimm that were disrupting the peace of the city. Turning on her own axis, before flipping around to fall head first, Mathilde extended her hand. Her aim was to plunge it into the black snake, named Tyrone. Her sheer weight of four hundred kilos cushioned by the body and dealing quite some damage in the meantime. Needing but a split second, the android that had come from above turned on her feet, as if she was dancing. Bringing up the massive scythe in her hand to slice at the white taijitu, named Becky. Aiming to slice her head clean off with a leap.

Regardless whether she'd hit home, Mathilde hopped back. Putting some distance between herself and the two grim. Putting one leg behind her other and holding the scythe behind her back. Head of the polearm resting on the floor. Her free hand moved up, a flat palm. Greeting Nyx after a long time, no see.

Not only had a new challenger appeared. A familiar face had returned.
HP: 210 / 210
SP: 100 / 100

Attack for Tyrone: 25 damage, without defenses calculated. Drop attack.
Attack for Becky: 45 damage, without defenses calculated. Slice for beheading.

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