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Short Readings (Shadow Mission)

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1 Short Readings (Shadow Mission) on Mon May 28, 2018 3:53 pm

Akio Marigold
The Syne library was not your typical library, a fact mostly due to the simple fact that It was attached to a huntsman academy, as such those who usually visited it tended to be rather unusual individuals, as well as there being unusual staff members. Many of the school’s staff members could be described as quirky, unusual, or in some cases incompetent based off some of the things, perhaps simply due to the nature of their profession, that being a somewhat dangerous one that tended to attract those of abnormal character and demeanor regardless normally.

The librarian of the Academy’s library herself was an oddity, in that there wasn’t too many rumors about her, she seemed spirited, rather young as well but mostly she was a normal person by all accounts. It was because of this Puer hadn’t been too worried about signing up to shadow this person. He was a bit nervous about the idea, but he did enjoy reading, and what better way to make money than by working temporarily in the school’s library. Truly for Puer it had seemed like it would be an easy job to do, helping in the library, after all it was a noncombat role, and one that he didn’t expect any substantial amounts of strength to be required, most of it would require just learning how the library was organized. Rather than simply an alphabetical system, it was divided by subject matter, with the different majors acting as different sections to better allow students to find the subject they were looking for. Puer had found the librarian to be personable, even though she was a bit louder than he’d expect a librarian of all people to be. They’d introduced themselves and at the moment were simply waiting through one of the less busy periods of the class. A few students had popped in and out, but at the moment it was quiet.

As a result, the Librarian, Libra Airan, or at least that was what she’d introduced was now explaining where everything went, so that he could better help out when they eventually became busier. “Alright so the medical books are over here!” She pointed to a part on the map, her high-spirited exclamation carrying throughout the library. “Remember it’s all sorted alphabetically by subject too, just scan the barcode on the book and it’ll tell you where it goes though. Technology is handy like that.” Puer nodded as he looked at the scanner, apparently a device compatible with a scroll.

Things mostly continued on like this, with the woman explaining the different sections and how they were sorted, with the fiction section and those not relevant to the majors of the school relegated to an area away from most of the more relevant books. A system which probably was helpful for those looking for things to help them with classes. He figured that it was also probably a bit annoying for those who might read more often for pleasure, rather than simply to prepare for classes, but he knew Bellmuse had a public library that was much more mundane. He did at least understand why the academy library was setup the way it was, since there was after all a need for finding books on certain subjects more so than others.

Eventually the library began to get busier, and Puer had to start helping with the administrative work of actually helping people to check out books before a new problem arised.

“Puer, Can you bring these books back to the shelves? They all are going to the academic section, all you need to do is check the codes on the books.” The librarian practically yelled, causing Puer to frown once again but he couldn’t really decline, since she’d asked him nicely, and he WAS supposed to be helping out here anyways, besides he had already gotten a rough idea of the layout, having been looking over it for a bit now. The short boy luckily wouldn’t have to carry the books, though apparently there seemed to be an instructor conducting some kind of test or something considering the number of books that had been returned, or perhaps several tests. Then again maybe the academy students just read a lot more, which would make sense he supposed.

One didn’t go into a field that required an academic major without enjoying learning, and reading was often times fundamental to that he supposed, though not nearly the only way for one to get knowledge, heck one could look up information on their scrolls, though at the same time he did understand that books were themselves helpful. It was easy to get misinformed using other methods, and while classes could teach you some things, not all the teachers at Syne were completely competent, with some being downright terrible at their jobs.

The short boy found the academic wing of the area of the library easily, and the first few books had been easy enough to return, the sections themselves being relatively easy to find and close to each other. However, it didn’t take long before a certain problem faced Puer, and he found himself struggling, not sure what Ms. Libra had thought he would do about the issue of the higher shelves given his lack of height, and he didn’t see any type of stool anywhere nearby, though she had mentioned earlier that there was one.

The short boy went back to the checkout desk to find something to stand on, leaving the cart behind as he did so. He was distracted soon however by the librarian shouting at a couple of students for being too loud, she wasn’t particularly mean or tyrannical…But Puer had to wonder why someone that…energetic had chosen to become a librarian of all things. He shrugged off the incident before finding the stool, taking it back to the cart and using it complete his job.

A few more book were returned, and Puer kept the stool with him to allow him to use it more. Eventually the short boy once again was confronted with a problem, as a book going to a shelf higher than he could reach came up, even with the stool.
Maybe he wasn’t all that well suited to this after all.

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