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Semblance of a Clue. (Major Mission/closed)

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1 Semblance of a Clue. (Major Mission/closed) on Mon May 28, 2018 4:27 pm

Akio Marigold
Semblances were quite the topic within the world of remnant. A person’s semblance often was an extension of themselves, and even when not specifically a reflection of the person in question it often did determine how different huntsmen and huntresses worked or even things like what they specialized in. Some built their entire combat styles based specifically around their semblances and the possible combative uses of that semblance in order to fully utilize their semblance. Though this could cause issues for them when they run out of aura if their opponent were still standing at that point. Similarly, some semblances seemed almost custom built for certain professions or majors.

Puer as a medical student, felt he had to actually look into the interesting aspects of semblances, particularly the many different types that one could see. His own was rather straightforward, but overall not all that common. He drained strength and used it to heal, it was rather simple and direct. The fact it was also in some ways representative of himself admittedly was another fact. He was someone who wasn’t particularly strong, but he could heal others. Still the link between personality and semblance wasn’t ALWAYS present, and sometimes he wondered if such links were more coincidence, or simply somewhat representative of the person rather than being the deciding factor. He didn’t know and would bet nobody else did either considering the complexity of the topic. The short boy had decided to go to the library to read up on the topic, finding a book in the academic section that covered the topic rather thoroughly. The child-like boy found a table to sit at while he read the book, thinking on the topic and similarly it’s implications in combat and outside of it.

As far as semblance types themselves, there were quite a few that were rather common, and a few that were less so that he could think of. Semblances that buffed attributes like strength and speed were a good example, as they were rather common and had a base use. The fact that one could use them simply to supplement their fighting style or normal activities rather than having to build one around it was noteworthy as a plus he thought. At the same time, they were also rather inflexible not having nearly as many uses outside of combat. Strength could be helpful in a utility sense, but the short boy knew that even those possibilities were somewhat limited.

Still there were other semblances that were even more limited in terms of function, teleportation and some other utility-based semblances such as invisibility seemed mostly inflexible. Though Puer could think of a few creative ways these could be used to throw off opponents in somewhat creative ways that the book itself didn’t mention. Fighting someone who could teleport around could probably get annoying, though Puer himself wasn’t the type to get into a lot of fights. After all fighting wasn’t exactly easy when you were smaller and weaker than the majority of other people you may end up fighting. It was one thing to stop a criminal without unlocked aura from robbing a store or the like, something he’d had to do in the past.

Then there were other semblances such as his, healing that had a singular use, yet that use was useful enough or overall beneficial enough to almost make up for the issues with it. Though there were semblances that covered healing as well as other aspects that he could think of that might be objectively better in some ways. Still healing semblances were useful, especially for medics like himself whether they had multiple other uses or not. Of course, his seemed more meant specifically for combat, as he needed to drain someone’s strength in order to heal someone or even himself. Still in combat such things WOULD still be rather beneficial. As a weaker opponent was usually a good thing.

Puer finished the chapter of the book after, thinking more on the information on healing semblances. While there were many ways they could work ranging from being a simple side benefit of a different semblance to being able to heal complex injuries or simply sewing up wounds. Semblances that hindered one’s abilities were similar, with his strength sapping being a good personal example for Puer. They could work in interesting and different ways from directly hindering a target’s ability to move or defend themselves to simply having less than visible effects.

There were a variety of other ways a semblance could manifest as well, from being able to create gases and the like to easier to manipulate ones. Summoning semblances were particularly complex when one thought about them as they could easily have so many different variants, and the way the summon acted similarly seemed to depend from person to person. With some being more an extension of their users will and others seemingly having something of their own sentience and personality almost. Puer finally got to the attack semblances, which could similarly range greatly. Manipulation semblances were however particularly noteworthy ranging from the more mundane elements such as air, earth, or fire to more esoteric and specific manipulations. They could similarly have a variety of uses and the like, a fire semblance could be used a cauterize a wound for example, or an earth semblance could be used to reach somewhere one couldn’t normally by manipulating the ground under them.

Then there were the combat applications, since manipulation naturally allowed quite a bit of creativity when it came to combat, especially when it was manipulation of more solid elements like ice or earth. Similarly, they could easily be used for defense as well as attack, and often he’d heard of fighters who focused most of their training on ways to use their semblances, focusing on combat that way rather than mundane combat. Though Puer realized that left them unable to fight long term conflicts, after all it would only really work for single fights until the person exhausted themselves to the point of not being able to use their semblances.

There were less common or “normal” manipulation semblances as well, ranging from elements more like sand or mud to something more abnormal. While the more mundane semblances could be to an extent replicated with dust, there were manipulations which could be more abnormal. Puer himself had a good idea of one that seemed just out there, that being the academy’s head chef. He’d been in the man’s class before and had learned the guy’s semblance second hand from someone else after. Apparently, the guy could make and manipulate chili of all things. While he himself couldn’t think HOW that could be used for combat, he was sure the chef guy could find SOME kind of use for it.

There were other types of semblances, but many of the ones he’d read over so far were the more common ones, which was actually interesting to an extent, but Puer knew he didn’t really have time to go through that. The short boy was split between whether he should leave the book where he found it, or just check it out to continue his reading. But as he didn’t really have the time, and it looked like there was a line already, the childish huntsman decided against it.

The short boy had to get to class, and he didn’t really want to be carrying around more than he had to, with the book being rather heavy and him not really having a backpack or anything. The book was too big for the small bag he did carry on his hip so. There was also the fact that this was a major mission, and he had more or less covered the more common semblances that he could think of, though there were still a few he would like to learn more about that he heard about, but it was unlikely any were in that book. So, the short boy left the library empty handed, but satisfied enough for what little research he had conducted.

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