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Plenty of Fish... (Shadow Mission/Closed)

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1 Plenty of Fish... (Shadow Mission/Closed) on Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:17 am

Pluton Cronus
Pluton had done it! He'd actually done it twice! He'd snuck into the academy and arranged yet another shadow mission, it was almost as if anyone could do that whenever they wanted; regardless of their relation to the school. Almost. The mission had told him to head to the docks and await a fisherman; a man by the name of Blueno Briggs. Unlike his prior shadow mission with Chilly Beads Pluton had heard of this man, specifically when he was working in Creak's Tavern to repay a debt and allow the geezer some free time. Pluton had been told of this man Briggs who could cheat at fishing and catch most anything by his own will, a failed academy student with the ability to manipulate water... yet who claimed his catches were down to mere luck and hard work like everyone else. Those weren't the rumours Pluton was interested in however, there was well... another one out there.

Arriving at the docks, chin jutting to sailors who he half recognised, Pluton searched for a ship... but was met a rather small boat; bigger than a rowboat for certain but smaller than a yacht or a typical fishing vessel. Sat in it was a man, muscles bulging as he heaved various ropes into the vessel; typing a long-line of hooks to the back of the ship and wiring two long fishing poles. His hair was held back in a bandana, a goatee on his face and deep blue eyes. There was a knife holstered on his back and-

Pluton looked away, staring out to sea though his eyes were unable to cut the morning fog. "Oi Oi, you must be Blueno then eh? I'm Pluton, guess I'm supposed to be shadowin' you or somethin' I guess." For once in his life Pluton felt foolish, he knocked his sunglasses down to help mask his face; despite the lowlight setting of the morning.

"Ah yes, Pluton, I have been waiting for you. Come, join me won't you?" A hand was extended in the corner or his vision, taking a deep breath he took it; stepping into the boat. He'd been on ships before, mostly illegally, so he was used to the sway of the waves. Despite that all of his actions felt rather clumsy today, certainly inelegant. "Welcome welcome, this is a motor-less ship so we will have to paddle. Means we'll not be going too far out to sea but we should have good luck today, I'm really feeling it." Blueno shot Pluton a thumbs up and a smile, he chin jutted in response; releasing his hand and taking a seat, trying to focus on the water or the sky or... anything else. This was too much for him; he was already regretting this quite a lot. It wouldn't be too long, they'd go out... no they'd go to sea, they'd fish and then they'd head back. Pluton would get his money and that would be the end of it, there'd be no more issues otherwise. Besides he'd-

"Hey Pluton, you listening? Grab those oars will you? Have you been rowing before? If not I'll show you, it's super easy. You look pretty strong so I'm sure you'll get the hang of it real fast."

Pluton grabbed the oars, his glasses were steaming and he could feel sweat on his hands and neck. "A...Alright, let's do this then."


Now at sea both men had extended their fishing rods over the ocean, the morning fog had cleared significantly and the waves weren't too rough; just lighting jostling the ship in roughly fifteen second intervals. No water had collected in the boat, but equally there was no fish; they'd been sitting in silence awaiting the arrival of fish... well almost silence. Blueno had been whistling songs, he was quite good at it but it wasn't making ignoring him any easier. Pluton had been beginning to believe the rumours were wrong, that it truly had been luck along which guided the man to fortunate fishing, when he heard a dull creaking beneath the boat. It shook in a manner unlike it had prior, there was a splash behind him and as he turned his jaw dropped. A fish the size of Pluton's torso was soaring through the air, it had a huge mouth and a plump belly; it crashed into the boat and very nearly forced it under; nearly throwing Pluton from the boat to.

Blueno just laughed, hoisting the fish up by the giant hook in it's mouth; "That's an alright bass if I say so myself. Got a good weight to it, pretty far above average. I think it's pregnant with eggs to... might get some good caviar out of it." He extended his arm out, raising his grasp on the line for Pluton to hold. He took it more gingerly than he would have anyone else, Blueno drew his knife and cut the line; the creature flopping into a bucket. "First catch should go to you, you're the guest after all. Besides I can catch fish like this real easy."

"I mean... you sure?"

Blueno smiled and nodded; "Of course, I'm the luckiest man on this sea. I can afford to give freely to my friends. Do not worry about it, I'm certain you'll be able to repay me in some way eventually. Or not, whatever. Tis what friends are for no?"

Pluton frowned, turning to the water. There would be silence at first, confusion from Blueno, but then a red light would begin emanating from Pluton's arms. A deep guteral roar began to sound, the fisherman becoming quite terrified, only for the wannabe hunter to plunge his hands into the water. There was silence for a moment, the red light seemed to glow beneath the surface, before water was flung in all directions; the boat rocking and filling with water... and then fish. Fish were falling from the sky, none of them quite as big as the bass but the explosion had upshot a shoal of fish. Pluton was unable to observe this however, being thrown back into the boat by the force; smacking his head on its rim and falling deeply unconscious...  only to be battered by falling fish as he slept.


When he finally reawakened he was on land. He was in a bead at Creak's, a bucket of fish at the bottom of his bed and a note on his bedside.

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