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Locke Redcliff

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Misha Chromia
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Basic info
Name:Locke Redcliff
Age: 24
Birthday: April 5
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180 IBS
Face Claim: Mikoto Suoh )[K] project
Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Civilian
Likes: fighting, food, fire, dogs, music, motorcycles, explosives,
Dislikes: Rules, Authority, Clowns, studying
Fears: The sea, losing a fight, Weakness
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Locke is in many ways a textbook delinquent.  He doesn’t follow or care much for rules or law, nor does he have any real respect for authority figures of convention.  He’s rude and uncensored, saying what is on his mind whether it is appropriate or not.  Locke is something of a thug, believing it to be perfectly fine to take what he wants simply due to his own strength, whether the previous owner agrees or not.  At the same time, he won’t seriously injure someone without reason or who didn’t deserve it.   He has a temper and coupled with his lack of care for concepts such as collateral damage can lead to his fights being quite destructive. Locke is protective towards people that he likes, be they friends or just an acquaintance that he’s warmed to. He’s also territorial, and headstrong, rarely backing down from a fight unless circumstances make it necessary.Abilities
Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Fire Manipulation  He can create and control fire, using it in various ways.
Item 1:Combat gloves, black gloves that seem to reinforce his strikes, allowing to strike harder, as well as ensuring he can strike at full strength without risking injury. T1 weapon.
Item 2:He has a jacket he stole which provides dust resistance. He’s never really cared enough to look into how it works.
History and Sample
Locke grew up in an orphanage in Mistral, an overcrowded and rather violent area within the main city of the kingdom. He never really learned much in the way of discipline and became quite a troublemaker in his youth early on, often starting fights with other boys and generally being a nuisance of himself.  Even as a young child, he’d been prone to starting fights, and the fights only got worse as he got older eventually getting kicked out due to a combination of overcrowding and his own attitude problems. Locke tried to live on the streets for a few weeks, his aura was unlocked in a rather intense fight that he’d provoked and left the city shortly after. He survived for awhile going from town to town, stealing what he needed to survive and generally causing trouble before eventually stowing away on a ship that brought him to Bellmuse on an impulse. He’s been traveling awhile, and has had a few confrontations with both Grimm and huntsmen alive. One of which caused a bounty to end up on his head in Vale, though he is less than concerned about that, and actually finds it somewhat amusing.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t just leave Bellmuse, as he didn’t have the money for an airship or boat and couldn’t simply walk off due to the country being an island. he simply gave up traveling around to bum around Bellmuse. Unfortunately, a fight caused him to burn down the apartment he was staying at, and at the moment he is homeless, surviving on the streets of Bellmuse. He’s had a few problems with law enforcement before, and as such is highly mistrustful of them, as well as simply not caring for their authority or any authority figure really. He has no interest at the moment of becoming a huntsman, nor is he particularly interested in finding an actual job.
RP Sample:
Locke looked back to see that he was still being followed. Yep,  apparently this guy was one of the world’s worst tails too.  The thug turned a corner into an alleyway, waiting a moment for his tail, a bland looking guy with a bandana to attempt following. He had stepped to the side leaning against the wall by some trashcans, where the guy wouldn’t see him until he stepped into the alleyway himself.

When the guy appeared, Locke would grab him by the collar, lifting the guy slightly off the ground. It was a shame they couldn’t even send someone worth fighting to tail.  “You know, I don’t really like being followed, any reason for it?”  The guy seemed to shrink back, staring as smoke seemed to begin coming from his hand.  The guy looked scared, and locke noticed the insignia on the guy’s bandana.  “So you’re one of those guys huh?”

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