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Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open)

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1 Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:16 pm

Misha Chromia
The shifting of the seas had finally stopped, and noises could be heard throughout the docks as the unloading of the cargo ship known as The Flockton had begun and was currently in full swing. The ship had docked earlier in the day and had to wait for an error in the paperwork to be cleared before unloading would begin, the error had taken several hours to fix, and now there was a rush to get the cargo stored in the large ship off and onto the shores of the island before nightfall, so that the crew could have the chance to relax for a few days before setting off on their next voyage.

To Locke, it seemed it was time for him to escape the confines of the storage crate he’d taken refuge in during the voyage. He had no clue where he’d ended up, not having checked the ship’s destination before stowing away, but that wasn’t important. The delinquent looked through a hole in the crate, verifying that the place looked clear before opening the crate, crawling out. This sneaking around crap wasn’t really his style, but it’d probably be best to get his bearings before he made any sort of scene.

Sneaking out of the more restricted area of the shipyard, secured to prevent people from stealing from the incoming cargo or the like, was less than easy, but he do it without needing to bash any faces in. It was kind of boring really, but he managed to get to a large chain-link fence. It would be very likely for someone to see him climbing over the fence, and anyone with even a bit of knowledge would know that the redheaded human probably wasn’t supposed to be there. The redheaded man jumped down from the fence, and landed on the concrete below, now in the more publicly accessible area of the shipyard. There were a few people around, but for the moment he seemed to have gotten out without a problem.

Now where the hell was he?

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2 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:07 pm

Pluton Cronus
"Oi Oi! You can't throw me out! I just got here! 'Sides, I'm here to fight. If I can't get up to the academy then I've gotta take out some sailors eh? Ain't they the second toughest folks on the island? Big folks able to pull ships, pull up big fish and spend their time in the elements! Bet they have to like... box shark Grimm. Throw anchors at em an' stuff, ya can't stop me from fightin- And with that Pluton was thrown out, bouncing once and grinding to a halt, just outside the entrance to Kompress Shipyard and Docks. Following that his bag, a large plastic box with two bands on them, his him in the centre of the chest as he began to rise. The two bouncers, perhaps sailors themselves, who had manhandled Pluton gave him one hard glare and turned away; heading back into the Shipyard.

As they turned he knocked his bag off himself, jumping to his feet without the use of his hands before raising his fists at his sides; hunching forward. "Oi! Yer cowards then eh? Must be some of the weakest folks in there eh? Eh?! Runnin' away like cowards eh?!" He lowered his arms, brows furrowed and picked up his bag; hoisting it over his shoulders. He cracked his neck to the left, lowering his oversized shades to hide his eyes and attempt to look much more intimidating... to little to no effect. The air around him was warm, he didn't know how many people were around him... or even if there were any, but he wanted to look cool and tough above all else. Being over two metres did made him naturally quite scary, he was incredibly muscular... but everything else about his person rejected that.

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3 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:48 am

Misha Chromia
The commotion drew Locke’s attention, as he noticed sailors throwing some guy out. He’d been wondering why it was so easy to sneak out of the shipyard, but apparently some moron was yelling about something and being a nuisance. The redheaded punk smirked at the fact the guy was looking for a fight. His voice was loud and obnoxious, the annoying punk was going to give him a headache with all that yelling.  Maybe he could get some answers out of him after he beat the guy down. But right now, Locke mostly just wanted to shut the guy up, and maybe he had some cash on him. That’d be useful too. The guy looked big enough to put up fight, but that was about it, and either way Locke figured he could probably take him. Though it didn't look like he had much either, but the sailors would probably turn a blind eye. The guy was a bit of a pest.

Those shades weren’t great, maybe he’d leave those? He’d figure out after. “So, you’re lookin’ for a fight, eh?” He said once he got close enough, adjusting his gloves slightly.  “Your yelling’s been getting on my nerves, and I’ve got some questions that need answers.” Hopefully this guy actually knew how to fight, Locke was tired of fighting weaklings.

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4 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:57 am

Pluton Cronus
Pluton, upon being approached and threatened by this weird red headed guy cocked a brow and (without missing a beat) asked; "So like... what's with those weird hair antenna fallin' over your face? Kinda looks like they'd just get the way of ya seeing... need me to step right or somethin?" Pluton shifted his bag on his back, reaching back he drew out a metal disk with pointed edges measuring fifty centimetres across and silver in colouration. They looked thick and heavy, as though they weren't designed for throwing let alone combat. It would be perhaps now, despite the sea water, that Locke would get his first proper smell of Pluton. The guy hadn't showered in days, he hadn't even been within spitting distance of a shower in weeks; he'd bathed only in the sea and in fountains.

Other things would become more apparent at this closeness, like his unclean teeth and generally unclean clothes. How his medallion was spray painted metal, how his glasses looked to be self made. Needless to say, this dude looked incredibly homeless and it was only becoming more apparent. "If I wanted to pick on small fry then I'd go pick on small fry, I'm hardly interested in a tiny guy like you; can't see past his hair. Why don't'cha buzz off and find me someone worth fightin' eh?" Pluton was intentionally rilling the guy up, he wouldn't have drawn his weapon otherwise. If he was going to fight he wanted to fight properly, he wasn't interested in some punk kid throwing weak punches his way. He wanted to take this guy out, show him the strongest guy on the island. "Ya face to face with the best hunter in Bellmuse,I don't put on shows for kids like you."

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5 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:34 pm

Misha Chromia
Locke raised a brow at the comments regarding his hair, noticing the crappy looking disks he figured they might be alright for an improvised weapon, but as a main weapon…It almost seemed too easy to the street thug. Though it made sense when one looked at the rest of the guy’s clothes more closely, even the guy’s sunglasses looked like some kind of joke. When the guy’s scent reached him, the redhaired thug only got more annoyed. Then the guy started his taunting, and Locke’s annoyance reached it’s peak. “You talk tough.”

As he said this, Locke threw a punch towards the guy, aimed at the guy’s gut without giving much warning that the attack. Afterwards, regardless of if the attack hit Locke would narrow his eyes. This guy was a pest, and he was determined to crush him. “But I’m not about to back down to some worthless third-rate bum like you.” Locke would follow up the attack with another punch, though this was just as much an attack as it was a diversion to cover for a leg sweep meant to knock the guy off his feet that followed.

After all, the height advantage wouldn’t matter if the guy was already knocked to the ground and even if the maneuver failed, Locke’s own superhuman strength was more than enough to take down most people he fought, let alone some random street bum pretending to be a hunter. Even if the guy had unlocked aura, the thug would just have to break it.

HP 120/120 Aura: 180/180

Attacks: two armed attacks at 35 damage each before defenses and one unarmed at 25 without defenses meant to knock Pluton onto the ground.

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6 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:25 am

Pluton Cronus
"Don't just talk tough, I am tough. There's a big difference, brat's like you talk tough." While there was little warning to the man's punch Pluton was already holding his disk before himself, with a twist of the wrist and a push behind it he blocked the fist; the points from his tool digging into his palm but the damage certainly being reduced. The second punch was easy enough to respond to, expecting it Pluton stepped right to get around the punch but a leg sweep caught him off guard... however if he was gonna fall he was takin' this brat down with him. Having stepped forward and right his body had been leant forward, shifting his disk from being help as a shield to flat and rushing toward the man's chest as Pluton fell. He shot out his left arm, reaching to grab at his jacket in an attempt to secure the attack.

Regardless however he would then reach back with his right arm and slice from right to left, be it across the man's torso or down his legs, before rocking his head back (Glasses on his nose) and leaning far forward; attempting to headbut the closest available body part. Pluton had a pretty big forehead, and the attack with incredibly telegraphed, but Pluton had always wanted to headbut someone. It always looked so rad in movies... even if in practice it was a difficult and stupid method of attack. It was lucky he hadn't had his tongue between his teeth when attempting it. "Ya know, one who asks to fight is supposed to take the first punch. Real rude of ya, gonna have to beat ya twice as hard."

HP: 270/300 Aura: 10/10

One unarmed attack (30 damage before def) one armed attack (50 damage before def) one unarmed attack (30 damage before def)

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7 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:03 pm

Misha Chromia
“Let’s see you prove that, pal.” Locke answered before the fight progressed in response to the guy’s boast claiming he was tough. The fight progressed, and the guy managed to grab onto Locke, except that only would really work in the redhead’s favor, he stepped into the guy’s guard, throwing up an arm to strike the guy’s elbow and cutting off the weapon attack.

Afterwards Locke would move back as his opponent reeled back, seemingly preparing for…a headbutt? Really? The redhaired thug wasn’t going to let the opening go to waste, and he’d threw a punch that would stop short, before a gout of fire shot out to burn his opponent. Even if the guy pushed through the pain from the fire attack and continued his headbutt, he’d merely connect with Locke’s fist if he pushed through the attack, and if he tried to back up, the flames unhindered would still extend out for several meters. He’d use his left hand to pull, his opponent, assuming that the guy was still grabbing his jacket. The move was both an attack in it’s own right, though that really was secondary to its true purpose to throw his opponent further off balance and possibly pulling the guy into his fist if possible.

HP: 105/120 Aura: !60/180

Actions taken: Semblance attack. 20 damage on hit Roll for burn. Armed attack, 35 damage on impact. One unarmed attack, 25 damage.

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8 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:19 am

Pluton Cronus
Being blasted by fire was... a new experience for Pluton. He'd fallen off of buildings, been pummelled into the earth, been shot, been stabbed and sliced and even once strangled to the point of unconsciousness. But never set on fire quite like this. Tumbling backward and to the right, embers flickering about his person but mostly smothered by his aura, there was however a mark on his chest; shirt burned away and a clear mark (A great red blotch on his lower right side) struggling to heal beneath his aura. In the wake of the flames he would toss his disk at the man, spinning rather out of control but regardless it was a large and heavy metal blade careening in his direction. Pluton, still lightly flaming, knew it was time to pull out his trump card.

"Oh? That's all you can do eh? Well then, I'll show you true power." Pluton took a deep breath in, he clenched his fists and brought them to his waist. He took a low and broad stance. Then began the screaming. Oh god the screaming. His eyes were clenched closed, his body appeared to be trembling, sweat poured down him and sizzled out the embers. It started small but a red dot, starting between his eyes, quickly encompassed his face... them it reached down his neck... soon it would be visible on his hands and supposedly across his entire body. It appeared to be atop the clothes, as though it were manifesting on his aura rather than skin. "I'm...g-gonna destroy you!"

He was taking short and sharp breaths, something was going to happen... but it was unclear quite what. Should Locke get within two metres the attack would occur, or rather... it wouldn't be strong enough to call an attack but it would certainly deal him some grave annoyance. Upon walking within two metres Pluton would explode, from every inch of his aura there would be a massive and sudden expansion; not a flaming force though it would be red in colouration it would push in all directions, Pluton himself would be battered by it, flip backward and land on his chest, but anyone and anything within the two metres would be dealt the harshness of the attack and knocked back a good five to ten metres pending how well they secured themselves. The blast however would not be strong enough to deal damage.


One armed attack, 50 damage before def.
Hp : 250 Aura: 0
Pluton is burned.

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9 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:20 pm

Misha Chromia
Locke gave the guy a neutral look as he tried to tough talk still, even though it was obvious he’d been burned by Locke’s last attack. His flames had managed to pierce the guy’s aura quite easily, though much of them had been smothered after a few moments, still it was obvious the attack was successful, and Locke next had to deal with the thrown disk, though that wasn’t too difficult as the thing wasn’t thrown very well, or at least it wasn’t weighted to be thrown, and as a result was rather easily avoided, lodging itself in a lamppost.

Locke was about to move in order to pummel the taller man, only to be pushed backwards by the sudden shockwave of force. It didn’t really do any damage, between his aura and natural toughness, as well as a notable lack of power from his opponent’s apparent semblance attack caused him to sustain very little actual damage, though he was still thrown bodily back a good distance. Similarly, the attack seemed to do more to his opponent than it actually had to him, and Locke wasn’t going to skip out on the advantage, running to catch his opponent with his guard down, jumping mid sprint and using his momentum to help fuel a flying punch meant to strike his downed opponent, or likely shatter the concrete below him. Regardless if the actual strike hit, the real danger would be in the result of his landing, where fire would shoot out in all direction for several meters, likely making his assault dangerous even if the punch were to miss. Additionally, the fire would likely cause damage to any objects unlucky to be nearby, including cars and a stack of pallets left outside the harbor, which would both undoubtedly be damaged by the flames.

Should his opponent remain on the ground, or even in a crouch Locke would kick the other man in the torso while he was down, not about to let his advantage go to waste as long as he had it.

HP: 105/120 Aura 145/180

Attacks made: one armed punch, 35 damage. Semblance attack AOE, 20 semblance damage. One unarmed attack 25 damage. +5 aura recovery.

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10 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:20 am

Pluton Cronus
Immediately following his crude landing Pluton's aura would crackle red, it had taken a lot out of it just to make that one attack. But by now Pluton had become used to this, he'd been flipped left and right and thrown from buildings by his own semblance, being knocked into performing a flip was nothing new. He'd play possum as the man approached, lying quite flat on the ground so as to look bested, but just as the man reached three steps away, Pluton would push off the ground in front of him and throw himself right; starting to roll in an attempt to gain distance. This would mean the initial punch missed, cracking the concrete beneath, but the flames would expand and catch him; burning the hobo once again but fortunately not burning through and leaving a mark like the last attack.

Scrambling to his feet Pluton would reach back and draw forth not one more disk but two, crossing his arms before himself he'd chuck the blades forward; the one coming from Pluton's right would be lower; racing toward Locke's right thigh (relative to pluton, left thigh relative to locke), while the blade thrown from the left was higher but had more of an angle to it; racing toward Locke's right pectoral muscle. "It'll take... a lot more... than you're stupid embers to take me down. I'm the strongest there is!" He'd draw another plate from his bag, collecting these when this dude ran scared was gonna be tough, Pluton's shoulders slumped and breaths grew heavy. He held the blade in his right hand, ready to attack or defend.

Two armed attacks, 45 damage before def.
Hp : 230 Aura: 0
Pluton is still burned.

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11 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:56 pm

Misha Chromia
Locke lifted his fist from the cracked concrete, turning to his opponent just as the taller man scrambled to his feet after being struck by his flames. Locke didn’t know what this guy was made of, but he could take a beating that was for sure. He hadn’t even been holding back much, and while the guy hit hard in his own right, lack of any discernable skill made the fight still rather one sided in that regard.

The homeless thug wasn’t going to back down however, if anything his opponent’s apparent persistence only made it more interesting, and a smirk grew as he considered the other guy. “Well you’re fun to kick around at least.” The thug said just before his opponent made his first strike. Locke charged through it, leaning downward and to the left to avoid the second strike while also closing the distance between them. Locke would jab at his opponent, aiming near mid torso rather than higher for his first strike. The strike likely wouldn’t be the most effective, and could likely be blocked, however the right hook that followed, aimed directly at his opponent’s face was meant to be far more effective.

Flame exploded out from his fist and would extend 10 meters out. An attempt to block the hook would more than likely end up with his opponent getting hit by the fire, and even should it not, the flames would pass through a chain-link fence, lighting a fire within the warehouse next to them. The fire would make it impossible for their fight to continue unnoticed, even had such a thing been avoided already.

HP 75/120 AP 130/180

Actions taken. Two armed attacks at 35 damage before defenses. One semblance attack, 20 semblance damage. +5 aura recovery

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12 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:08 pm

Pluton Cronus
As Pluton's disk first cut aura he was glad, another clean shot on this guy... despite the pain he was going through. it seemed every action in this burned state was gonna suck. He took the gut punch, stumbling perhaps a little further back than his opponent anticipated; pulling the disk to his face in order to delect the punch... but he could do nothing about the exploding flames. He rolled left out of the heat, right arm set alight. He struggled to cling to his weapon, now red hot, quickly smothering the flames on the arm itself.

Naturally this event hadn't gone unnoticed by those in the docks and the surrounding area. Three cars with blue lights and sirens halted in the clearing the two had been fighting in, at least two officers in each car. Pluton didn't think he had a record already, in Bellmuse at least, but he wasn't about to risk it. "Guess we'll have to finish this another time eh weakling? You've been spared."

He flinched at the sound of sirens and recoiled at the blue light overcoming red, his shoulders hunched before he raced forward; rounding the red haired brat and heading straight for his disks, scrounging them as quickly as he could. In the wake of the flames, not wanting to lose one of his few possessions; he was unable to fight back against the punk. Disks in hand he began to run... back into the docks oddly enough. Once there, duking under and around shipping crates he came to the edge; a section with no boats. Without hesitation Pluton dove, embracing the cold depths head first.

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13 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:01 am

Misha Chromia
“Tch.” Locke glared at the fleeing opponent in annoyance, barely regarding the police that had shown up. Figured his opponent would get scared off by a few cops, Here he had been hoping for a better fight, and while the idea of roughing the cops up came to mind, it barely seemed worth the effort to the delinquent. There was also the fact he still had no clue where he was, while the police cars indicated he was somewhere called “Bellmuse” the name meant nothing to the redheaded delinquent. The idea of running was unappealing to the punk.

Still his opponent had already run off the wimp, and he doubted the cops around here would be any bigger challenge than those back home, or in any number of the places he’d passed through. Similarly he hadn’t done much that really would warrant much of a search, at least compared to other run-ins with police. Locke decided he’d just leave, but not like the wimpy guy he’d been fighting instead he stood there with his hands raised, feigning surrender while the police climbed out of their cars.

Just as the authorities approached the redhead however, flames would burst outward from him in all directions, not enough to do any real lasting harm, but enough so that it gave him the distraction he needed. “You guys aren’t even worth fighting.” He commented.

While the cops ducked for cover, Locke would dash through a nearby alleyway getting, taking a few extra turns before hiding out behind a dumpster. Far enough away that the cops likely wouldn’t even bother to look around thoroughly, even if they did Locke could probably take them down before they could reveal his hiding spot.

AP: 110/180

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14 Re: Smuggling Fire. (Arrival/open) on Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:16 am

Pluton Cronus
Having jumped into the water Pluton immediately made for shore, mounting the beach and setting off in a mad dash to put as much distance between him and his potential captors. He wasn't willing to suffer any more time in jail, he'd only been in holding cells a couple of times and while the food had been good he wasn't able to wander freely when he was cooped up like that. Bag on his back, water drenching the entirety of his being, he was lucky he was so poor otherwise he'd have had valuables to ruin in that great dive.

He trudged over wet sand, feeling the shear weight of the water on his person. Thinking he'd got far enough away he shed his coat, ringing it out as he continued to wander around the beach. He had just about caught his breath when he was felt himself starting to tire, yawning he would look for a bench on the far side of town to sleep under.


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