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Tattered wings [PvT / Open to Omniscient]

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1 Tattered wings [PvT / Open to Omniscient] on Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:51 am

It had been such a long time since she saw one of her original friends. Mathilde glanced down at her Scroll, reviewing Charlotte's response to her request. She had contacted two others, Nyx and Sammey. Though no response so far. Regardless, felt the need to talk. And what better way to talk than while on the prowl for Grimm? She had returned with a device that had located nothing less than a Griffon. Though reports she had access to from her connection to the police department on the island, she was informed that there was a lot of grimm activity in this certain area. And that the Griffon she located, was most likely the alpha.

A soft huff came from Mathilde as she looked at the camp. A natural clearing she tidied up and organized to make it way easier for Charlotte to actually move around. Several tents were scattered about to accomodate for the people she was expecting. Including a much larger one for Charlotte. As well as a tent centrally placed in the camp. The command post.

A small forward camp she had organized with some officers she knew and that were told to assist her. Though now it was lacking in members, when the camp was set up, her assistance took the first ship out. They'd return when the task was complete

A soft breath was pushed from her as she moved back into the command tent. Glancing at the monitor, with the small Grimm locating device connected to. It hadn't really moved the past days.

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2 Re: Tattered wings [PvT / Open to Omniscient] on Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:40 pm

Nyx had been extremely busy over the last week that she missed her "friend", Mathilde's scroll message. Over the last seven days, Nyx had been involved in a few hunts, assisted the police with a case, and encountered some rather "unusual" stuff. Personally, she needed a familiar face to talk to clear her head. Her friend, Sakura ,was currently extremely busy with her own thing, so she couldn't talk to her. Due to this, Nyx decided to visit Mathilde and talk to her.

As she approached Finnek Forest, Nyx sent Mathilde a message that stated "Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy with stuff over the last week. I am on my way to you. I have brought some wine and snacks with me."

After sending her message, Nyx entered Finnek Forest and began walking quietly towards the area where she thought that Mathilde had set up her camp. Nyx had her sniper rifle, a medical kit, and some other gear with her. As she walked through the forest, Nyx kept an extremely sharp eye out for the signs of the Command Tent that Mathilde had set up.

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3 Re: Tattered wings [PvT / Open to Omniscient] on Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:57 am

A set of crystal blue eyes looked upon the camp from overhead. A set of pointed wings flapping occasionally to maintain height, far above the blue forrest. Some sight seeing done, happy to be free but knowing food awaited him at roost. Twisting in the air the peregrine shot back across the forrest soaring over treetops until it found a second clearing, a brown glove perch and a seagull breast awaited him. Having finished a finger came up and began to gently scratch around his lower chin before raising and brining down the visor atop his eyes, in the darkness quickly becoming awash in calm; no temptation to fly away. The peregrine let out it's chuckle like chirping as the species commonly did.

Charlotte used her semblance and gently looped a string around the ringed right foot of her bird. Holding the hand the gloved hand before herself Charlotte continued to advance toward the designated location, having replied via scroll that she would certainly be in attendance but to certainly make preparations for her movements. Atop her back was a vast basket filled to burst with food and other amenities, a large blanket to sleep under and a ground roost for her partner as well as the nourishment the bird required.Being a species not native to Bellmuse she thought it wise to limit his wild consumption. She had not however informed them about her new pet, the broad winged peregrine she was now carrying. A pet that would allow her to be of some additional use in battles through its actions, if she could not heal her friends or they simply did not need healing. A pet that could fight grimm with the very speed she lacked, her perfect counterpart.

Finding the campsite, a quick scan finding it to her liking as it was a large enough clearing and a bigger tent clearly built for her. She could not however identify any of Mathilde or anyone else in the space. Raising the bird to her right, so she wasn't directly shouting at it, Charlotte called out; "Hello? Is anybody here?"

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4 Re: Tattered wings [PvT / Open to Omniscient] on Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:49 am

Her scroll chirped as a message came in from Nyx. One that read an apology, before informing Mathilde of Nyx incoming. That meant there were two of them present for the hunt. A soft breath left Mathilde as she started to write her own message.

"No harm done, I will eagerly await your arrival. The beverage and snacks will serve as a celebration when we return from the hunt.

~Love, Mathilde"

She hit the send button, before casting a last glance over the monitor. Still just minimal movement, the Grimm didn't go out to hunt or defend it's territory. It just lingered around. The night before, it's movement was erratic and swift. So it had hunted something, at least. She'd be surprised if it did the same today. A griffon always had the capability to stock up on food and hunt more than it could consume.

A voice called out in the camp all of a sudden. Causing Mathilde to turn on her feet. Picking up the long white coat she always wore. Slapping the leather around her shoulders. Hiding her constricted form under the coat. Her eyes passed over to the scythe that was perched against the wall. But she had no need for it. She was greeting a friend after all.

Just a few seconds after Charlotte called out, Mathilde stepped out of the opening in the tent and raised her hands. "Charlotte," she stated. A gentle smile on her face. "I'm glad to see you here. I hope the camp wasn't too difficult to find?" She questioned. Moving forward to the arachnid faunus. "I trust you're in good health?"

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5 Re: Tattered wings [PvT / Open to Omniscient] on Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:28 am

"No no, not with my new friend here. Someone to talk to when I'm wandering, certainly keeps my attention." Charlotte deeply curtsied to Mathilde, before making her way toward the large tent she assumed to be hers. Rather than look within she, keeping her bird-arm incredibly still, turned behind herself and reached into the wicker basked; drawing forth what looked to be a piece of wood; shaped like a capital T but having a drill like point to it on the vertical limb. Lowering herself, almost lying on the ground with her spider half, she spun-dug the implement and secured it into the ground; pushing on it to be certain it was properly in place. With that done she took the roped attached to her bird, manifested from her semblance, and now affixed it to the structure. With the gentle pat the bird hopped off her arm and onto the wood; turning to face her. Charlotte would then, delicately, remove the bird's visor.

"This is Haroeris, he's a bit of an older bird but he's certainly strong. I kind of got him on a whim, he was in the pet shop with Petunia and well..." Charlotte gently reached to the bird's breast-feathers and gently smoothed them, she made sure to stay in the bird's view at all times as already the creature was looking rather stressed. How it had attached to Charlotte was rather strange, according to Petunia, it had a rather more... standoffish disposition around other people. It was hunched forward rather than standing straight, beak pointed in Mathilde's position; looking at any point ready to jump with wings raised. Charlotte, noticing this, quickly replaced the hood atop the bird's eyes; "He became rather attached to me, a little literally, and I to him. He was downed as an Adult and was in care before the facility that he was being kept in ran out of funding, the animals that could be sold then being so. Petunia had thought she might keep him for herself but they never truly clicked." Charlotte shed her basket, gently pushing it into her tent.


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Mathilde returned the curtsy with a soft nod, glancing at the command tent with a soft breath, before shaking her head momentarily. Torn between the decision to go back and see if the Grimm had moved, or accompany Charlotte. What a proper friend would do. Deciding the target hadn't moved from it's territory, she was sure it wouldn't now either.

She glanced over at the bird Charlotte was digging a wooden post in the floor for. Intruiged by the creature. She had seen several cases of falchoners, but it was interesting to see it this up close. "Haroeris," she mused with a soft smile. "Seems... Nice, to not wander alone through the woods."

She glanced at the bird, tilting her head as it seemed rather hostile towards her. Either a show of agression or dominance. Or mayhaps the show that he was ready to protect his master at all costs.

Commendable, but all it earned the bird was a disdainful look from Mathilde, before the hood was placed over his eyes. "Ah, I see. It's good to see the poor creature getting a second chance," she answered as a soft smile replaced the earlier look. Before she shook her head.

"Come, I've acquired something of interest," she stated, motioning for Charlotte to follow her to the command tent once done stashing her wicker basket.

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