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Major Missions (June-July)

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1 Major Missions (June-July) on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:02 pm


  • Cultural Research; Investigate Bellmuse mourning festival.

  • Everyday Dust; Investigate everyday dust uses and potential new uses.


  • Animal Tracking; Learn to understand and utilise animals for tracking or how to track animals.

  • Falling with Style; Practice landing strategies.


  • A Good Flame; Cook with dust.

  • Engineer Aid; Utilise dust to help the Engineer in their craft.


  • Water Safety; Help the lifeguard, be it to prevent loss of life or to resuscitate individuals.

  • A Deep Dive; Research upcoming medical treatments and their potential implications.


  • Woodwork; Craft something simple from items in the forrest, be it a shelter or a catapult or anything of that nature.

  • A Further Understanding; Deconstruct and reconstruct a piece of technology, be it an old dvd player to the likes of a car.


  • Attend Class: Simply go to a class of any sort, learn a thing or two!

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