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The Cat

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1 The Cat on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:03 pm

Richard Lionheart
Black Cat

Gender: Male

Age: Elder

Cost: 5300 Lien

Hp: 60

Aura: 40

Dmg: 30

Defense: 20

Semblance: This cat can manifest a hole beneath itself, of a 2 metre radius, through which people in that area can fall. The cat itself remains on the outside of this hole, the area the hole was made having the ground turn completely black. People and objects who fell in the hole have been transferred to a pocket dimension, a ten metre hemisphere with a hole on the floor in the centre of the room; the only exit. Once a person jumps through the exit they arrive upside down in the real world, thus usual fall upon return.

Mao, Darker than Black; Cat form.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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