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Flash in the Pan (Closed/Shadow Mission)

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1 Flash in the Pan (Closed/Shadow Mission) on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:17 am

Flash Driver
Helping others was a job Flash often did. He did work that ranged from waitering to helping old ladies across the street to digging holes to painting houses. Needless to say the droid was a jack of all trades, yet he made no fortune from his work. Being a machine, and having his requirement of electricity provided by the Academy, Flash had little he actually wanted to spend money on. He had no hair to clean or dye, he could only really give away his money... he could buy clothes but he was comfortable with his jacket, he couldn't wear shoes or trousers. He'd spend a little on his physical upkeep but in truth there was nothing about him that had ever needed significant fixing. Touch of paint here, new parts there, but nothing too huge.

So why did Flash Driver work so hard? Well, mostly it was for the boredom that came with being a machine. Flash didn't sleep. He didn't eat. The most he had to do was charge, and even for this action he was conscious. When you're constantly awake, constantly thinking, constantly moving, you've got to distract yourself somehow right? You can't keep a limited set of hobbies, otherwise you'd just get bored of them; especially in the case of a droid like Flash. Able to recall even the smallest detail of every book he'd read, every movie he'd watched and every sports game he had participated in. Things could get quite boring and so he needed the efforts of the fleshy ones, those bizarre creatures who did not experience the world as he did, to teach him about how to live like them as well as just give him something good to do.

The large droid, knocking on the hanging lip of a great folding metal door, entered the garage of one Peri Scone. She was a faunus of some description, what sort Flash had no idea, but it wasn't as though he cared for such things as much as some Fleshy ones did. She was working on a car when the huge droid arrived, alike most fleshy ones she was small and cute… then again, Flash hadn’t met a fleshy one he didn’t think of as being cute. Lowering himself he waited for her to appear from beneath the vehicle before extending a hand to shake.

“Hello, I am Flash Driver. I believe I am supposed to be assisting you today ^^ I am a tech student, hopefully my skills will be of used to you!”

The woman, raising a set of goggles from her eyes to her forehead, dragged an oily rag across her face. She looked the large droid up and down once before taking his hand, shaking it what looked to be firmly? (The droid wasn’t quite certain due to a lack of feeling). “I’ve not dealt with many of your type, at least I’ve not worked alongside them; more typically on them. You’re a rather more basic one than most aren’t you? Must make you easier to fix up.”

“Ah, yes ^^ I can fix myself, I only require one limb to be operational to do so!”

“Oh so you’ve gotten into some scraped to? I suppose you would being a hunter in training.” She turned to a toolbox, pulling out various tools… however quickly noting that they might be a size small for the droid. In response to this Flash quickly showed his own kit, a hulking and dented red metal box in which he kept all of his equipment. Nodding to him she turned back toward the car, it looked to be a much older model than one would find on the streets and quite beat up. While the windows were in tact (or had already been replaced) most every metal panel on the car was dented, the interior was a wreck and looking under the hood most of the internals would require replacement. He was honestly a little confused why she was even opting to fix this vehicle.

“I’ve got a customer that really likes these old beaters, fat cat with some stock in Schnee he’s been riding for years. I don’t care for them much myself but he likes them to be authentic, down to the very last detail. From the type of paint to any initial manufacturing errors. I know this model well but I could certainly use your help with the heavy lifting, I’ve just got the engine in so that’ll all need replaced. Interior to if you’re up for it.”

“Ah of course of course! That should be easy enough work for me, I’ll just rip it out and bung the other one in before tea. Should only take me what, one or two hours right?” Flash responded.

The woman blinked “Well… I guess this is what dealing with a ‘droid is like then? Is that like… a time calculated with some kind of software?”

Flash shook his head; “No just a gander, a guess if I’m quite honest, it might take less long or even longer. Who knows? Not me certainly. I’ll give it a shot though! I certainly won’t crash before it’s complete, won’t be a car-tastrophy.”

And so the two set to work, Peri Scone working beneath the car and replacing aspects of its undercarriage while Flash worked on the innards of the upper half. It took about as long as he had anticipated, perhaps just a little less time. Soon Peri was sitting back, enjoying a drink in the afterglow of her work, while Flash was slowly flipping his way through a comic book. When offered a swig of what was a dark brown liquid, almost black, from a corked bottle he did pour it down his grill out of politeness. He didn’t get the intended effect of the alcohol of course, but it made a cool draining noise as it worked its way down his person and into his cooling tank. Probably wouldn’t be much good for cooling but oh well.

His job complete he nodded deeply to Peri, handed her a number so that if he was needed he could be contacted and set off into the night.

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